The Journey so far…

Day 7 | Deskit – North Pullu – Khardung La Pass – South Pullu – Leh

We kept moving amidst the picturesque terrain passing by Khalsar village and decided to stop at Khardung Village about 34 KMs from the Khardung La top, to enquire about things up at Khardung La top. It was snowing even at Khardung La village and conditions were not favourable but there was no worry as such because we had a buffer day before the flight and enough acclimatization to stay good for long time as compared to direct ascent from Leh in initial days of the trip. We decided to have some momos, tea and soup as Rigzin had his favourite Thukpa and momos there. The shopkeeper told us that no vehicle had come so far from the other side of Khardung La and the pass is closed as it is snowing heavily at the top but road clearing operations is going to happen soon. If we go then we will be stopped and asked to wait at North Pullu but we decided to better wait at North Pullu and move ahead as soon as the traffic is allowed to pass through.

Khardung Village in Nubra Valley…
Dheeraj Sharma at Khardung Village in Nubra Valley
The Beautiful Landscape of Nubra Valley…
The Beautiful Landscape of Nubra Valley

As we approached towards North Pullu, the roads started showing signs of snow on them and as we go further closer it was snow over both sides of roads and over roads as well but nothing compared what we would be seeing in the later half of the day. We reached North Pullu only to see hundreds of tourists and local vehicles parked aside as traffic was not allowed even for the army trucks. It had stopped snowing up there and a party was doing the clearance operations. Initially we decided to explore around and captured few pictures but it was very cold and I wanted to keep my energy preserved as there was no hint what could surprise us for the rest of the snow filled adventure later in the day.

As Snow Starts to Appear…
Snow on roads towards Khardung La Pass
Amidst Whiteness…
Dheeraj Sharma on the way to Khardung La
Snow, Becoming Dominant… As We Move Towards Khardung La…
Snow on roads towards Khardung La Pass
North Pullu – In Snow…
Snow at North Pullu towards Khardung La Pass
North Pullu – In Snow…
Snow at North Pullu towards Khardung La Pass

We remained inside the car for about 90 minutes till 3.00 PM types before the high drama ended and traffic was allowed to move ahead towards Khardung La pass from Nubra Valley side just to let the stranded tourist and vehicles reach the other side. It was conveyed that no traffic will be allowed towards Nubra Valley from Leh today. Before I jump into the photo tour of rest of the journey, well there happened alot of drama at North Pullu between locals and army guys as army guys kept letting one of their truck move about 100 Mtrs with chains and then one officer comes and shouts to call that truck back to parking. It happened 3-4 times after which large number of locals gathered and surrounded the army police deployed there and argument started. All was happening because one of the high rank guy’s wife was having supper and lunch inside though they believed the clearance has been communicated by the gypsy that went about 40 minutes before for the recce. Thanks god they allowed because it was time too much of a time at such a staggering height of almost about 16000 Feet even for us who were acclimatizing for the last 6 nights. There were lot of people majorly tourist who were suffering from severe headache and were puking all over the place including many who returned to Nubra Valley to make themselves comfortable. AMS!!! It is deadly and we knew but thank god only a mild headache was coming in between.

Anyways, we moved ahead on those pristine white roads covered with snow all over them. Many of the vehicles were having chained tyres, almost all of them but Rigzin was pretty confident that he does not need them at all :confused: … We kept moving slowly and slowly deep into what looked like an ocean of snow all around Khardung La pass which was still very far away… After climbing about  4-5 KMs bang!! There was an army tempo coming from the other side which made every one to halt as there was no space to pass by two vehicles. This was the precise reason that every one wanted to out race other as soon as the traffic was opened because you cannot over take here and if the vehicle in front of you has a driver with bad skills in such conditions or with lack of tyres that have a firm grip on slippery roads, you are in big trouble. We were waiting them to pass by about 100-150 Mtrs before the blocked point and even after giving so many dipper and waving hands as soon as that army guy crossed those vehicles he raced into our car and just 10-12 feet started applying breaks but tempo kept skidding and the heart was in our mouth as we were shouting including Rigzin who was outside… Thank god that just 2-3 feet before the tempo came to stop!! Bloody Idiot!! Then some exchange of helping verbs and finally came to know that idiot was again drunk!!! It was too scary as there was nothing but a gorge behind us if he had hit it from the left corner. The skid was so powerful that it ended up that tempo towards right hand side 😯 …

Machines That Works in Mighty Conditions…
A JCB Dozer in Snow towards Khardung La Pass
As Whiteness Dominate – Snow All Around towards Khardung La…
Snow on roads towards Khardung La Pass
As Whiteness Dominate – Snow All Around towards Khardung La…
Snow on roads towards Khardung La Pass
Vehicles Lining Up to Khardung La Pass in Snow…
Vehicles Lining Up to Khardung La Pass in Snow
Vehicles Lining Up to Khardung La Pass in Snow…
Vehicles Lining Up to Khardung La Pass in Snow
Vehicles Lining Up to Khardung La Pass in Snow…
Vehicles Lining Up to Khardung La Pass in Snow
Idiot Coming Down…
Snow on roads towards Khardung La Pass
Idiot Coming Down… Almost Thrashing Us…
Snow on roads towards Khardung La Pass

After sometime as our senses came back we moved ahead and as we reached close to the avalanche prone section, the snow had started to prove its affect on the road by skidding the vehicle in front of us all around. No one can pass by, every time a turn comes the vehicle in front (2 vehicles in front) of us comes to halt after hitting the snow walls aside, making stop all the vehicle line behind us – hundreds of them!! No one was ready to push it every time it gets stuck Rigzin kept pushing the vehicle with other locals to let it ascend the snowy, slippery curves. It happened for about 5-6 times and each time people had to give several number of tries to get it through. The toughest one was just before the top (about a KM) when for about 30-35 minutes everyone kept trying to push that vehicle by jumping on top it but there was no traction at all and it refused to climb. Mind you all this was happening at a staggering height of 18000 Feet almost where body cannot with stand the exertion of standing and exhausting such amount of energy tells the story of the strength of these ladakhi people. Also, it was so white everywhere that lack of glares made watery eyes and was even difficult to get the pictures clicked as sun comes out to shine. Snow glare can make you crazy at night with painful eyes for several days not just one, so keep a pair handy with you but what for people like us with a pair already as vision 😀

Driving into Snow towards Khardung La Pass..
Driving into Snow towards Khardung La Pass
Icicles on the way to Khardung La Pass…
Icicles on the way to Khardung La Pass
Surrounded with Snow…
Snow on roads towards Khardung La Pass
Yet Another Time We Stuck… Towards Khardung La Pass…
Snow on roads towards Khardung La Pass
Ahh… What a Sight – An Ocean of Snow…
An Ocean of Snow - Khardung La Pass
Ahh… What a Sight – An Ocean of Snow…
An Ocean of Snow - Khardung La Pass

It was almost 2 Hrs we had started from North Pullu and this time at such height, the vehicles behind us had tourist who were suffering alot puking, severe headache, dizziness –AMS. Things were quite bad. Even at the last stoppage near the Khardung La top even I was feeling trouble with slow reaction time and slow reflexes. The vision was getting blurred as well 😯 as asked Himanshu to bring Rigzin back. Rigzin came back after getting that stuck vehicle out yet again but was completely out of of breath!! We gave him water and dry fruits to get a bit of the lost energy. He told us that everyone has warned him that if the vehicle gets stuck again then they will leave it aside somehow and let the whole traffic behind pass through them. But, thanks to God that he did not get stuck again and reached the top and now we were like it is safe!! I was certainly not well and Rigzin got us the local herbal masala black tea which army guys used to take at that altitude. As per locals, it does help you fight AMS a bit and lowering the signs. I had two cups and cold was such that it came out hot in cups and was totally cold in last few sips. It was the first time that I saw no tourist vehicle that stopped at Khardung La except us and all just rushed pass us to the other side as if they got out of some jail or trouble after a long time. Soon we clicked pictures in a rush too for Himanshu and Tejas and we went back in the car to get going as Army guys were also instructing us to go back soon.

Buried Under Snow – Khardung La Pass…
Buried Under Snow - Khardung La Pass
Buried Under Snow – Khardung La Pass…
Buried Under Snow - Khardung La Pass
Buried Under Snow – Khardung La Pass…
Buried Under Snow - Khardung La Pass
Buried Under Snow – Khardung La Pass…
Buried Under Snow - Khardung La Pass
Buried Under Snow – Khardung La Pass…
Buried Under Snow - Khardung La Pass
A Supper in Snow at Khardung La Pass…
Dheeraj Sharma having a Supper in Snow at Khardung La Pass
A Supper in Snow at Khardung La Pass…
Dheeraj Sharma having a Supper in Snow at Khardung La Pass
The Souvenier Shop – Under Snow at Khardung La Pass…
The Souvenier Shop - Under Snow at Khardung La Pass
The Nubra Valley – As Seen From Khardung La Pass…
The Nubra Valley - As Seen From Khardung La Pass

The descend started but came to halt behind a long line of vehicles who raced pass us at the top. Reason was one local Nubra Valley guy was coming from the other side in his Santro even when it was not allowed (not sure how he managed to pass through South Pullu guys, could be part of local arrangements). On one side I was praising him for his talent to drive a car like Santro at such a terrain and that too in such conditions but on the other hand I was cursing him because still I was not feeling well and we had not even descended 150-200 Mtrs 😥 … The more I will stay at such height, the more ill I will get – I knew it!! But, somehow the guys at front managed to pass through it as he waited for all of us to move pass him. It was a big sign of relief and after descending about 15-20 minutes more, I was completely back to normal and you can see how even 600-700 Mtrs of altitude can make a serious difference with respect to Acclimatization and AMS. We kept enjoying the heavenly views from as we descended and Stok range was visible between the clouds looked ominous.

The Descend – Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow…
Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow - Khardung La Pass
The Descend – Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow…
Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow - Khardung La Pass
The Descend – Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow…
Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow - Khardung La Pass
The Descend – Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow…
Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow - Khardung La Pass
The Descend – Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow…
Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow - Khardung La Pass
The Descend – Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow…
Nothing Less Than An Ocean of Snow - Khardung La Pass
The India Gate – But In Ladakh Near Khardung La Pass …
The India Gate - But In Ladakh Near Khardung La Pass
The India Gate – But In Ladakh Near Khardung La Pass …
Dheeraj Sharma with friends at India Gate but in Ladakh Near Khardung La Pass
The Blue And The White …
Snow towards Khardung La Pass
A Window To Heaven – Stok Range …
Stok Range as seen from ascent of Khardung La Pass
The Other Side of Khardung La Pass…
Snow towards Khardung La Pass
As Sun Starts to Set Over Khardung La Pass…
A Snowy Sunset at Khardung La Pass

At about 7:15 PM we reached Leh and were completely thrilled what we witnessed in the later half of the day. Snow, snow and snow – It was everywhere as if an ocean!!! Rigzin took us to a new guest house this time, Paul Guest House where we liked the room and just for Rs 500 with extra bedding it was completely worth being so close to market. After getting fresh we decided to walk in the market and came to know that Srinagar – Leh Highway has been opened for the season and supplies has arrived in Leh that day. Good news it was for everyone there and only they can feel the importance after being cut-off from rest of the country for about 6 months. Tonight we decided to change the restaurant and try a new one and entered Hotel Dreamland Restaurant. The service was bad and slow but food was food enough to eat. However, nothing beats Lamayuru and Gesmo 😀 … As we were having dinner a foreigner came shivering and was sitting in front of heater to get her senses back, asking the hotel guys to call up the doctor and her condition was not good at all. She went to go over Khardung La pass where we were stuck but from Leh side and finally after being stuck for about 3 Hrs or so, came back to Leh. The only difference between us and her was that she landed in Leh just two days before and was not properly acclimatized to get stuck for so long at such an altitude. We had our dinner and she was feeling a bit fine in a while with blanket over her (I hope she remained fine throughout whole night). As we moved out, it was snowing a bit with rain in between and we rushed to our hotel to have a good night sleep after deciding that we will be renting bike and riding to Sham Valley on our own next day!!

The Journey ahead…


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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  2. Wonderful article. Your day-by-day depictions makes me feel and imagine the scene as I go through the post. Amazing.

    • Thank you so much Rekha, I am so glad you liked it and this article made you travel to this wonderful place. Let me know in case you have any question, happy to answer !!

  3. Palak @ Delhi Agra Tour on

    NIce pics all. It’s very nice pictures. Ladakh is very pleasant and snow galore place. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  4. amazing blog Dheeraj. I took the itenary for spiti last year from your blog and also the taxi driver. It was really helpful for a first timer like me to the himalayas.

    I am plannign to visit manali-leh this august and would like to know if there would be snow on the manali-leh highway or enroute khardungla or Changla in August??

    What would be the best time to travel on manali-leh route if one wants to witness the snow capped mountains.

    • That’s really good to know Pavan !!

      In August, only remains of snow will be present in Ladakh if at all, not worthy of feeling like snow. Up to mid July from June is the time to travel to view snow-capped peaks and snow in Ladakh

  5. Naman Gupta on

    Hi Dheeraj, You are doing a great job yar.
    Can you let me know if I reach manali in morning around 9 then get rohtaang pass permit (online or offline) and leave for jispa the same day, is this feasible at all.

    • You need to get Beyond Rohtang Pass permit which you can arrange only online even a day or two before if you have the vehicle. Manali to Jispa is around 6-7 Hrs drive depending on breaks you take and jam or landslides/road blocks. So, you can easily reach by evening. However, taking rest in Manali or Solang is considered wise to give body some feeling of altitude and adjust to it.

  6. me my husband and my 7 years old child is planning to visit leh (khargungla pass) on 13th june. can we be able to see snow over there. and what type of clothes we should carry. specially for my child. normal roti sabzi food is available there or not.

    • Yes Meenal, there will be good amount fo snow present in June. You must have heavy woollens and heavy woolen jacket. Yes, North Indian food is available almost all over Ladakh.

  7. Yogesh Sudan Purohit on

    HI Dheeraj,
    Fascinating Visuals
    Pure Treat

    Thanks a ton for help you are providing to your
    Fun and Adventure loving Fellow Indians

    My Friend and I are Planning to visit Leh, nubra valley , all the “La’s” & “So’s”in short EVERYTHING, around 15th june .
    Two individuals on my Royal Enfield Electra 350, from manali to srinagar.

    Do we get to see snow at this time of the year?,
    when i say snow i mean the kind of snow you guys witnessed.

    what hardships would we encounter in mid June?

    Some one told me that getting separate bikes for ourselves would be much better ?

    Do’s and Don’ts

    Thanks a lot
    Yogesh Purohit

    • Hi Yogesh,

      1. Yes, you will get snow at Manali – Leh Highway and other high mountain passes in Ladakh. The kind of snow you see in this article is from April within Ladakh but Baralacha La pass will have good snow in first week of June if you prepone your plan a bit.

      2. Mad tourist rush in Manali and Ladakh, difficulty in getting permits in Manali to cross rohtang pass due to mad rush, bad roads as the roads just opens during that time, sometime slippery conditions too

      3. Yes, riding alone is more comfortable.

  8. Hi Dheeraj ,

    I’m planning for leh by the Mid-September / Start-October . Will I be able to experience atleast some snow cover / some time playing in snow . Does Rhotang pass have any snow activities ..

  9. Abhishek Shringi on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I have also planned my trip on same time 23rd april to 29th april. your blog helped me a lot to book taxi in cheap price.
    1) can you please tell me during this time can i get guest house/hotels easily without prior booking.
    2) can i get veg. food during this time.
    3) And is it okay to stay near pagong lake or i need to make a day trip and return to leh because driver told me i wont get accommodation during this time near pagong

    • Hi Abhishek

      1. Yes, you will get them without prior booking, the driver you would have got in touch should be able to help.
      2. Yes, you will get veg food
      3. NO PLEASE DO NOT stay at Pangong Tso. Most likely it will be frozen only and best is to stay at Tangste only not ahead of it by any means.

  10. Hi Dheeraj,

    We will be in Ladakh by this 28th, are there any chances for us to get snow during our trip ?

      • Hi Dheeraj ,

        SOrry to ask same question over and over ..but many people are confusing me .i am planning to travel to Ladakh in the last week of september ..some says we can see snow , some says no plz tell me…

        • It depends, if there is a fresh snowfall during that time you will be able to see snow, those who are lucky to be there during that time have seen it including me BUT if you are 2-3 days here and there of the snowfall it melts in no time and there is no trace of snow then. It does not continuously snow in September and now a days winters generally sets in late.

  11. Soumyadip Guha on

    Hello Dhiraj,

    Can you please tell me if Khardungla and pangong lake accessible in April 1st week?

  12. m going this month august 20th to ladhak.. I wish to experience snow… is it possible

  13. sarabjeet singh on

    Wonderful article Dheeraj. I am planning visit to Ladakh from 16 to 23 June this year with my wife and two kids aged 12 (twins). Last year we stayed at keylong (HP) and went upto Baralacha in October, 2014 to have some experience of the kind. Can you please suggest potency and timing of consuming diamox i.e. how much hours before arrival at Leh and also while proceeding towards Khardungla and Changla , required. More so for one of my kid who had a little bit of AMS problem at Baralacha. Is there any better remedy or prevention also? if yes, oblige by suggesting the same.

  14. Dear Dheeraj
    As i mentioned to u earlier… we r 2 couples along with a kiddo about 3 years. Hired innova from manali to dharamshala via leh n srinagar.
    U have already given me d itinerary but now i am looking forward to ur advice on stay for all these places. Our trip is finally from 18th to 28th june. Just looking for a decent place to stay as its once in a life time kind of trip.
    Also keeping in mind we gotta kid.

    • Addy, are you planning to have prior bookings from here as you guys traveling with family? If yes, you can check with or as most of the readers in the past couple of years have had very good feedback about them and their transparent policies.

      Otherwise, if you planning on your own then you can check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate (cheap budget hotels as well) in the series of articles starting on the link here

  15. Hi Deeraj,

    I have been to Rothang La Pass and had no breathing issue in perspective to (AMS), will I face the similar condition at Khardung La Pass or it will be challenging.

    Travelling Date : 1st April 2015-5th April 2015.

    • Sourabh, Rohtang PAss and Khardung La Pass can never be compared 🙂 🙂 … There is a huge difference in their altitudes and it requires many nights of acclimatization to handle the altitude of Khardung La as such. You did not have much trouble at Rohtang Pass because you did not sleep up there and tree line is there mostly. However, at Khardung La there is no tree line, in fact even in Leh there is thin air and it is difficult to breathe up there as compared to Rohtang Pass even though Leh is at lower altitude than Rohtang Pass. Regarding going over to Khardung La, best is that when you travel to Nubra Valley go over and when you come back then only spend some time at Khardung La. Also, do not spend more than 10-15 minutes up there at Khardung La.

  16. hey planning to visit khardungla in dec14 in between 25-30th. kindly confirm if the roads are open to public during this period. any permissions required to visit khardungla? temp/weather no problem et all! want to experience snow fall.

  17. wow!! i cant stop myself from going there…..can i visit khardung la in janaury….else could you tell me the best time to visit….

    • Yes Vishal, you can visit Khardung La all year round barring few days of heavy snowfall when traffic is not allowed. Otherwise, Khardung La remains open all year. It will not be best time but you can visit if you can survive the harsh cold of Ladakh in January.

  18. Rajal Thacker on

    Tooo Confused…
    Panning Honeymoon at leh ladakh in month of September 2015.Should i prefer leh ladakh in sep after that flood in kashmir??? Expecting snow at high passes in september…is it possible???
    For honey moon leh in sep beter than darjeeling-sikim-gangtok or not???
    Please help me i am too confused about it.

    • Rajal, Ladakh is not a honeymoon place rather an adventure tourist place. In any case you are making in 2015, by which most of the scars will be erased of Kashmir floods. Kashmir floods had no impact on Ladakh. In September, very bleak chance of getting snow anywhere in mountains in the reaches by road.

  19. Siddhartha Joshi on

    Superb pictures mate! I would do anything to be there right now!!

      • mitul Shah on

        Dear Sir,

        Would like to visit during july 30 to August 4 2014 this year with my two kids age 4 & 2 years. I have been getting rumours that kids are not suitable due to less oxygen for leh and ladakh area… and lot of ppl die due to less oxygen and height syndrome.. Request your advise that will plan trip with my two kids or not advisable.

  20. Hey Dheeraj,
    Beautiful pictures! I am planning to visit Leh by second week of June. I was wondering if we would catch some snow near Khardung La at that time of the year.

  21. Please let me know do we get snow in August.I am going on 18th Aug . Please advise.Also if yes where?

    • Very rare chances and that will be remains somewhere around high passes like Baralacha La, or may be Khardung Lan or Chang La too. Bur only remains of snow.

  22. Hi….I am planning to go from 25th August to 1st September to Leh , will I get snow that time .If yes where.Please advise.

  23. luv u guys this is a perfect depiction of what this route is. except for the fact what time of the year u traveled……

  24. Lalit Upadhyay on

    Hi Dheeraj
    First of all great work.
    I am travelling from delhi to ladakh via Srinagar and then driving down via Manali.
    What are the driving care i need to take and what would be the snow availaibilty at the time of my travel.
    I am starting on may 24th and going by Toyota Fortuner.
    please advice.

  25. also kindly let me know when did u visit leh ladakh. also pl chalk out an itenerary for me.

  26. first of all, nice reading about yr journey. I will be going with my wife & daughter in my Ford Ikon 1.4 TDCI (15.6.13 to 30.6.13). is that time of the year ok. kindly advise.

    • Hello Prashant,

      You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Leh – Ladakh followed by many travelers including me at the link here for 14-15 days: Most Common Itinerary for Leh – Ladakh.

      For accommodation, check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate and cheap budget hotels as well in the series of articles starting on the link here

      Dheeraj Sharma

      PS: Sorry for the delayed response, I was traveling to Spiti Valley for past 10 days.

  27. pallav jain on

    i am planning a trip to leh fron 4th july to 11th july, 2013. The only question i have is will i be able to see snow at all in july….

  28. hey can u tell me DAT snow on This 24th of April..and tel me the temprture plzz try..

    • Neel, you can expect similar snow presence as you see above at Khardung La. Also, the temperatures in Ladakh will range from 1-2 degree Celsius to 10 degrees and at some place sub-zero too.

  29. we have visited khardungla on 26 may of last year and we have found same snow …we stuck on changla …we were on bikes and they were sleeping…

  30. hey brow m gng dis april 23 -1st may so wil get snow der in ladakh…r nt???

    • Neel, towards the passes you will surely get to see snow in that period. The pictures of snow you are watching above in the article is from the same period but of last year 🙂

    • Im planning to go alone in 19~22 April. Will i be able to go to Khardung la and back in leh in one day by that time? is it not too risky?

      • Hi Noel,

        Well, you can see the pictures above and these are from last week of April – 2012 only. But, making a day trip and back to Leh should be OK I feel. Just try to spend as less time as possible. Maximum of 15 minutes is the general warning on a hoarding if I remember correctly 🙂

        Dheeraj Sharma

  31. ayaz mohammed on

    we are going in mid sept . . can we expect this kind of snow in khardung la or any other part in leh ??. .or when we can found snow in mid sept in leh . ???

    • Aayz, nopes. You will not get this much snow at that time of the year. May be if it snows heavily at the time youelse no snow will be there.

  32. Sushil K Pingua on

    Hello Dheeraj,

    I would like to know if the
    Leh -> KhardungLa -> Nubra Valley road is open in winter ?
    I will most probably be there in Leh by the end of Jan’13 from the Srinagar-Kargil Road.
    Thanks for giving us an awesome front to Ladakh 🙂


    • Hello Sushil,

      Yes, Leh – Khardung La – nubra Valley remains open all round the year barring few days of continuous heavy snowfall. However, Srinagar – Kargil road will be closed by then, so not sure if you will be able to do it by road.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know incase you need any further details or have any queries.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  33. Great work Dheeraj

    I think this is the most useful guide and stunnic pics to enthusiastic people to move for khardungla pass.

    Thanks dear for sharing to the world.

  34. Unless one-way traffic discipline is followed rigorously, it can be hellish to drive on snowy roads. I recall in the year 2004, I climbed up to Chang la is similar snowy conditions, and then descending from there towards Tangtse, I ran into a convoy of some 30-40 army trucks who virtually pushed me off the road, and I had to bury my car in 2-3 feet snow till they passed by, after which we pushed it out

    • Yes, HVK sir, this was too much pain/risk considering that amount of snow present on roads and that too on such phenomenal height. Not sure how mad these guys are and do they even consider safety of others. Just one vehicle was enough to make us stop for more than 20 minutes and I can imagine about 30-40 being passing by…


  35. Dheeraji, stunning visuals.

    I salute your grit and determination, love of the mountains.It must be all consuming , till you achieve, kind of passion!

    Maybe you need to publish all these mind boggling experiences into a book?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care.

    • Hello Pattu,

      Thank You so much yet again for loving this log and enjoying all the posts and especially keep encouraging me with comments. Ever since I started traveling in Himalayas I am more than happier I was in life… The love and passion for traveling there again and again has changed alot of things and now is almost a part of my life.

      And yes, may be I wish, one day I will write a book with all such info. and travel stories… But, that’s just a dream 🙂

      Dheeraj Sharma

  36. Amit Agarwal on

    Dheeraj your pics and narration are really awesome! I wish I were there every time I read your post..I dream of visiting Laddakh some day:)

    • Thanks a lot Amit. It is so good to read your comment first up in the morning. I hope your dream comes true very soon as Ladakh is one of the places which shall be visited not just once but many times in our life 😉 …


  37. Hi Dheeraj,

    The pictures are breathtaking…At what time of the season did you visit Khardungla…I had gone in July and there was not this much snow…Also we did a bike trek from Leh side….Want to ride from the Nubra side next time…

    • Hi Mitesh,

      Thank you so much for liking the pictures. These are taken on a trip from 22nd April to 1st May 2012. Yes, by July snow gets melted and this amount of snow is visible only early in the season. Surely,do try it from Nubra Valley side as the vistas up there on Northern Portal of Khardung La are just breathtaking

      Dheeraj Sharma

  38. Moin A. K. on

    wow… can only imagine in heaven. Excellent photos. looking forward to go to heaven

    • Thanks alot Moin. I am sure you will have a rocking trip to Ladakh too. The place has its own unique beauty each month as you travel there. All the very best for your trip.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  39. hi Dheeraj, uer journey seems a lot exciting…i had gone there this month only and only mild snowfall was there…looking at your pics, i feel jealous and relieved both, jealous coz we couldnt see so much snow there and relieved coz we dint havy any AMS problems fortunately, may be coz of the good weather in August…but however, journey to this part of the India, i feel has to be taken once in a lifetime…breathtaking place.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Every other month in Ladakh, things do change and almost every month is as beautiful and unique in its sense while traveling to Ladakh. Yes, as you spend more time at such altitude things are very much prone to AMS as many people were suffering from it and which is the darker side of this high altitude terrain. Cold conditions makes it worse too and yes, you are right August pleasant weather do have helped you for the same.

      Thanks alot for liking the pictures and story here.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  40. Hitesh Puri on

    These are just magnificent views… Awesome pictures takes… Loving it.. Cant stop myself from going there… Can i know the exact date when were these pictures taken??

    • Hi Hitesh,

      Thanks alot brother. Yes, this was one of the great experience I also had in my Travel. The whole journey was just amazing. Well, this trip is from April 2012 (April 22 – May 1st).

      Dheeraj Sharma

  41. May i know the dates in which you did this trip.. The scenes are amzing.. I cant wait to go there.. Is this the climate now there?

    • Thanks alot Venkat. Well, this trip is from April 2012 (April 22 – May 1st). You will not find snow there at this time of the year.

      Dheeraj Sharma