Deoriatal, at an altitude of 2,438 Mtrs, is a calm and serene lake famous for its mesmerizing reflections of Chaukhamba Range in the crystal clear water. In the night, the density of stars on offer in the sky is such large that it makes you forget everything else.

Let us check this complete travel guide for planning a trip to Deoria Tal lake in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.

An ultimate travel guide of Deoriatal Lake in Garhwal
An ultimate travel guide of Deoriatal Lake in Garhwal

Deoriatal, Uttarakhand

Ukhimath is located about 8-10 km from Kund. Ukhimath holds extreme importance in Uttarakhand because the deity of Kedarnath is shifted in winters here.

Being less visited by tourists owing to less stay options and hike involved, no wonder Deoriatal comes in the list of offbeat places in Uttarakhand.


Deoria Tal is located at a trekking distance of about 2 km from Sari Village and comes under Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Sari Village is located about 13 km ahead of Ukhimath.


The altitude of Deoria Tal is about 2,438 meters or 7,435 feet and offers some amazing views of the Himalayan mountains.

Views at Deoriatal

What is the best time to visit Deoria Tal

The best time to visit Deoriatal is from March to May and October to November. In winters, i.e., December – January, when the snowfall starts, the nights at Deoria Tal are extremely chilly and is only advisable if you are OK with surviving temperatures well below freezing point. Even June – July is hot when the sun is out but shades and night are a bit cooler though.

Monsoon season is generally not a suggested time period to visit the region of Chopta – Tunganath – Chandrashilla – Deori Tal due to landslides which are common in Garhwal.

Travel Tip: You can check out my list of places to play in snow or snowfall in Uttarakhand which are near Delhi.

In the winter season, you can easily get to see snowfall on the Deoriatal trek or around the Deoriatal lake. So, if you want to have some fun playing in snow then head out to Deoriatal – Chopta region in January to March.

Views at Deoria Tal

How to Reach Deoria Tal from Delhi

Let us look at different modes of travel to choose from when you plan a trip to the Deoriatal lake.

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Bhaniawala, Dehradun, 41 km from Haridwar. After reaching Haridwar, you need to carry the rest of the journey by road only. Haridwar to Chopta is about 225 km by road.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is at Haridwar. After reaching Haridwar, you need to carry the rest of the journey by road only. Haridwar to Chopta is about 225 km by road.

By Road

Please note that you can only travel from Delhi to Sari Village, which is the base village of Deoriatal trek. After reaching Sari village, you need to trek the remaining 2 km to reach the lake. You can pretty much do this trek as a beginner without any guide. There is a well-paved track to the top.

Below is the route that needs to be followed to reach Deoria Tal from Delhi –

Delhi – Haridwar (212 km) – Rishikesh – Dev Prayag – Srinagar – Rudra Prayag (take left towards Kedarnath) – Agustmuni – Syal Saur – Kund – Ukhimath – Sari Village (415 km) – Deoria Tal

One needs to drive about 12 km to Sari Village from Ukhimath, and from Sari Village, one can reach Deoriatal by a trek route of 2 km approx. There is no motorable road to Deoria Tal. The trek is a paved path from Sari Village up to Deoria Tal, although it is quite steep at some places.

There are many rest houses or shelters on the trek with benches to take some rest and restore your breath. Normally, it will take about 60-80 minutes to trek up to Deoriatal, and if you have good stamina, you can even complete it in 40-50 minutes :). Anyhow the descend is pretty fast for everyone. Having said all that, it is an easy trek in Uttarakhand.

Road Conditions from Delhi to Deoriatal

When I visited, overall, the road conditions were not that bad. In between Dev Prayag and Srinagar, the road is quite dusty and at some places in poor shape. It slightly improves after Srinagar and up to Rudraprayag with few bad sections.

After Rudraprayag, the road condition further improves up to Agustmuni. You can cruise as you like after Agustmuni as the roads are in the best of shape up to Chopta.

Preferred Vehicles

Almost any vehicle (car/bike) in perfect running condition can take you to Sari Village from where the trek to Doeriatal starts.

More beautiful views

Suggested Itinerary for Deoriatal Trip

Let us look at one of the most popular itineraries that you can follow to visit these places in Garhwal.

Day 1 – Delhi to Syal Saur or Ukimath GMVN

I would suggest that on day one, you prefer to stay at Syal Saur, GMVN, Ph. 9536384724 (15 odd km before Ukhimath) right on the banks of River Mandakini. Unlike suggested below, if you plan to visit Deoria Tal on Day 2, then staying at Syal Saur will take a bit of time out from Day 2 as well and help you not get bored at Deoria Tal in the afternoon.

Not sure if they ever renovated Syal Saur GMVN after the 2013 flashfloods.

The evening and early morning views along with night stars are what you will be more interested in at Deoria Tal. But, in case you do not opt to stay here (which I won’t suggest), then do halt here for a cup of tea on the way back on Day 4 or even Day 1. You will get an excellent view of Kedarnath Peak over calmly running the Mandakini river.

Day 2 – Syal Saur to Chopta to Tunganath to Chandrashilla

This day, you can utilize to go towards Tungnath to see snow (if in winters) and capture beautiful sunset near Chopta meadow. You will also find lots of beautiful birds there, especially Magpie, en route Chopta. There will be lots of red-colored flowers around April – May; I guess Rotadendrum is the name.

In our case, we reached at 5 PM at Sari Village in the evening on Day 1 and hiked in the evening to stay overnight at Deoria Tal, which gave us a day extra to trek to Tunganath easily and at comfort. Hence, start early morning from Syal Saur by 7 AM, say, to complete the trek in that day. Stay overnight at Duggalbitta or Chopta or Ukhimath.

Day 3 – Chopta or Duggalbitta or Ukhimath to Sari Village to Deoria Tal

In the first half of the day, you can even go towards Ukhimath and visit the local temples. After having lunch, you move towards Sari Village and trek to Deoria Tal to enjoy the sunset. Keep that in mind; it will take about 1.5 Hrs to trek for a normal person to complete the trek. So, start at 3 PM so as not to miss the sunset reflections. Stay overnight at Deoria Tal.

The road only goes to Sari Village, and hence, you need to park the car at Sari Village. Call either of Bharat Puspwan: 09719875326, 09456108780, Umeid (09411737835), Mr. Hira Singh Negi (09410241543) or Mr. Surendra (09410367921, 08958329376) few days before so that he can book the room for you at Deoria Tal, FRH or arrange tents for you with proper bedding. He will be available for you near the BSNL tower at Sari Village. The FRH caretaker will also charge you some fees for entry to Deoria Tal, give him just the tip … he will be more than happy.

Day 4 – Deoria Tal To Sari Village to Delhi

Enjoy the early morning reflections of Chowkhamba range in Deoria Tal and have your breakfast. On the way back, check the local temple of Sari Village as well. After getting down, start the journey towards Delhi.

You can opt for dinner at Bikano or Moolchand Resorts or Cheetal, all near Mujjaffar Nagar. If you forget the diversion to Cheetal you may miss by running over a flyover, hence do not miss that turn from the highway, if you like Cheetal.

You can also check the itinerary which I prepared for myself and followed to some extent only, at the below link: Itinerary | Chopta – Tunganath – Chandrashilla – Deoria Tal

Complete view of surroundings

Where to stay at Deoria Tal

Syal Saur

I will always prefer to stay at Syal Saur, GMVN (Ph. 9536384724) whenever I will be visiting the region next time at least either on the first day or on the last day. It is right next to the Mandakini River and an awesome place to spend the evening. It got washed away in the floods of Kedarnath.


Nearest GMVN is at Ukhimath for winters, 25-27 km before Chopta from where the trek to Tunganath and Chandrashilla starts. Contact or phone number for Ukhimath, GMVN is 9568006692. The caretaker is Umeid. Ask him to give rooms at discounted rates. 550 was the price for double-bedroom, and you can always ask him regarding further discounts by letting him know upfront that you won’t need any GMVN bill ;)…

Travel Tip: Did you know that you can also club a visit to Auli when visiting the Chopta region?

Sari Village and Deoria Tal

For stay options at Deoria Tal contact either of Bharat Puspwan: 09719875326, 09456108780, Umeid (09411737835), Mr. Hira Singh Negi (09410241543) or Mr. Surendra (09410367921, 08958329376) for camps or tents. He may even book the rooms of FRH at Deoria Tal for you as well.

A very nice person who runs his Dhabha there, and he cooks well too at such a place. You can pay him whatever you feel like; it will be a great help for the old fellow. We paid him Rs 500 per person for a night stay in the tents which included breakfast and dinner with tea and coffee and mineral water bottles.

There are two tents that have proper beds in them, so you need not sleep in the sleeping bags. There are a lot of quilts available to beat the cold.

You can even plan to stay at Sari Village, but there are only limited options available. Hence, I will suggest that either stay at Deoria Tal or go to Ukhimath or Chopta / Duggalbitta for a stay.

Duggalbitta, Chopta, and Tunganath

Check accommodation option for Duggalbitta, Chopta, and Tunganath at the following link: Delhi to Tunganath Temple and Chandrashilla, Uttarakhand | Travel Guide

Special Notes

There is no electricity at Duggalbitta, Chopta, Tunganath and Deoria Tal. But, Sari Village does have electricity.

Camping at Deoriatal Lake

Where to eat

I am not sure of any famous food joint at the place, and you will either be eating in the hotel or some dhabha in the day while you are on excursions, as we did on our trip. There are two Dhabhas at Deoria Tal.

You should always carry your water bottle and refill it as many times as you need water. It will not only keep you hydrated always, but you will also help in saving the Himalayas from plastic garbage. Remember, every tiny step counts and your step in this direction can help save the Himalayas too !! 🙂 🙂

Phone Signals at Deoriatal

Phone facility and electricity is not available at Deoria Tal. Mobile signals for Airtel and Vodafone were not much at Deoria Tal, but BSNL and IDEA were working fine. You may find a bit poor connectivity in between at Deoria Tal.

Petrol Pumps Nearby

Nearest Petrol Pump is at Kund about 7-8 km before Ukhimath. I will suggest that you top-up the fuel either at Srinagar or Rudra Prayag.

ATMs Availability

Although there is a number of ATMs on the route as well and we used Chandrapuri ATM which comes after Agustmuni and before Syal Saur. Chandrapuri ATM is the closest ATM because I guess there is no ATM present at Ukhimath.

Travel Tip: Do not forget to check this list of things to carry on a trip to Uttarakhand.

Important Places around Deoria Tal with Distances

  • Syal Saur to Ukhimath is 17-18 km approx. Syal Saur comes first even before Kund when going towards Ukhimath from Delhi.
  • Kund is the bifurcation point where left turn goes to Guptkashi – Gauri Kund – Kedarnath and the straight or slightly right turn goes to Ukhimath – Sari Village – Chopta.
  • Kund to Guptkashi is about 25 km. Further, 22 km is Gauri Kund, where the road ends. From Gauri Kund, a 14 km trek starts for Kedarnath.
  • Ukhimath to Sari Village is 13-14 km approx. You need to go straight from Ukhimath, and you will find a board on the right side stating directions to Deoria Tal. Here, you need to take a U-Turn towards left for Sari village – Deoria Tal. If you do not take the U-Turn and follow the road coming from Ukhimath, then you go towards Duggalbitta – Chopta.
  • Sari Village to Chopta is 32 km approx and Duggalbitta is 4 – 5 km before Chopta.
  • Overall Delhi to Syal Saur/Ukhimath/Sari Village/Duggalbitta/Chopta is almost alike, with an overall span of about 50 km. Hence, from any place, you can travel to Delhi in one day without much time difference.
  • You can get in touch with two good local guides Bharat Puspwan: 09719875326, 09456108780, and Umeid (09411737835), maybe if you need they can be of much help with everything, and you can directly get in touch without involving any travel agent. Both Bharat and Umeid are good people at heart and friendly company on the trek. Bharat is working as a guide for almost for more than 14 years. You can also check with another local guide Surendra Singh Negi at 8958329376. You can also check with Umendra Singh Negi at +918958647802 and +919456534062, who runs a dhabha at Deoria Tal and camps as well. You can also contact Rakesh Singh Negi at 08475011425 9411534715. He has a guest house in Sari village and a dome tent with toilets at Deoriatal.

Do not forget to carry these must-have things for a trekking trip.

Local Sightseeing near Deoriatal

There are locale temples of Usha and Anirudh, Shiva and Parvati at Ukhimath which are worth visiting too.

Chopta, Tunganath Temple, and Chandrashilla are nearby Deoria Tal, which can you can include in the trip. For more details check the Travel Guide for these places at the following link:

That is where you can eat, camps in the background

Personal Travelogues


It is a great place to go if you like to see the raw beauty of Himalayas and camp there. Just visit and witness the enchanting views of Chowkhamba range at dusk and dawn, you won’t regret at all. Please share your views or experience or suggestions etc. as I would wait for your comments.

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If you know your friends or family are planning a trip to Deoriatal, do share this article with them to help them make a memorable Deoriatal trip.


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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  2. Prashant@17 on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    Hope you are doing great.
    As per the new rules/ban by honourable HC of uttrakhand is there any way to cover tungnath-chandrashilla trk starting from sari village via deoriatal-rohini bughyal-chopta to tungnath temple in oct’2018.
    We are 5 people and we had plans to do so but because of this HC order everything falls apart.
    So please let me know if there is any way to do the same.
    Is this ban effect the accommodation provided by Mr.Hira singh negi and Mr. surendra at deoriatal??

    Thank you
    Prashant chauhan

    • Just replied to your question. HC order for banning trekking is revoked or cleared with directions but ban is still in affect on camping in Bhugyals. At Deoriatal it is not stopped. The camps are pitched no behind the dhabhas and not near the lake.

  3. Ashutosh Negi on

    My name is ASHUTOSH NEGI. I’m a local Guide from Sari Village.
    If any Travellers are coming to Deoriatal. Contact 8937985464, 9410505374

    Deoriya Tal is situated on the Chopta – Ukhimath road about 3 kms, from roadside at Sari Village and is at an altitude of 2438 mts. This lake has captivating surroundings with forests all around. The reflection of the mighty Chaukhamba peak in the lake creates beautiful effect. The road is motorable upto Sari, 10 kms from Ukhimath and from there one has to trek about 3 kms.

    Providing all kinds of facilities for trekking And camping,
    Tents and foods.

  4. Bharat singh on

    Hi my self Bharat Singh
    I am from sari village
    I get trakking at deoriatal. Chopra & panchkedar ttrakking
    I have my own lodge & Restarts tents are also available here
    We also provide local good nature guide etco
    Please give us a chance.I
    My Fon number 8476920531 9458913001


    We are planing for deoriatal in the 1st week of OCT’17 with family…..At that time is TENT STAYING facility availabe in TAL?????To whom I have to contact please guide.

  6. Pooja Singh on

    Hi Dheeraj, Thank you so much for promp reply, I can see a bus from delhi to gopeshwar, could you please suggest where should I get down.

    • You can get down at Gopeshwar and then you can get shared taxis for Tunganath – Baniyakund from there or local buses. This is about an hour longer than other route going from Ukimath. So, if you get any bus to Ukimath or Guptkashi, take that. For Guptkashi bus you need to get down at Kund.

  7. Pooja Singh on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We(me & my hubby) are planning to visit deoriatal, chopta, tungnath, chadrashila in may last week. We would be travelling by bus , I can see on uttarakhand goverment transportation website a bus from delhi to sonprayag. Would you advise us to take this bus and get down at kund ?
    Any other suggestions from your side for public tranportation , need your help.

    • Hi Pooja,

      Yes, you can take that bus, just ensure it follows that route and may not be taking some other route. Also, you can check buses to Ukimath or Chamoli – Gopeshwar too. You can come down in that direct in such cases too. However, Kund or Ukimath will be much better.

      • Pooja Singh on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        I have one extra day in my itinerary that is last day, how can I utilize that day I am really confused, help me.
        Below is my itinerary:
        Day 1- Reaching devoria tal in afternoon overnight stay.
        Day 2- Treck from devoria tal to Chopta via Rohini Bugyal, overnight Chopta.
        Day 3- chopta to tungnath and chandrashila, overnight at tungnath.
        Day 4 – Back to chopta– What should we can explore in chopta on this day?
        Day 5- Have full day as need to leave for delhi in late evening , need you suggestion.

        If you like to do some correction in this you can suggest, I would be thankful for that 🙂

        • Hi Pooja,

          Well, what you can do is that you can move to another lovely place b by the name Khirsu about 80 KMs from Chopta or you can also explore Kartick Swami Temple hike too.


  8. Debashis Ghosh on

    Good afternoon Dheerajji. Is there any place to stay for 2 nights near Haridwar (on bus route)?

    Debashis Ghosh

    • Debashis, you mean to spend some time and come back to Haridwar? Well, there are few places like you can surely go and stay at Chopta/Deoriatal circuit. Then, you can also make a trip to Harsil for two nights. I am not sure how close you would want it to be to Haridwar.

      • Debashis Ghosh on

        Dheeraj ji
        I want to be close to Haridwar, about 2 -3 hours journey. I will arrive Haridwar on 31st May and my return ticket is on 6th June. I just will rest in Haridwar and some other near about place. I am a handicapped person, so I want to avoid break journey.


        • Debashis Ghosh on

          Thanks a lot Dheeraj ji. With your suggestion I planned the tour of Lansdowne via Khirsu. But on the way we liked Khirsu very much and stayed there for 2 nights instead of Lansdowne. We had a fantastic tour. Thanks a lot.

        • Debashis Ghosh on

          Dheeraj ji now I am planning to visit Badrinath in October. We will arrive Dehradun on 14th October around 10 a.m. and start immediately towards Badrinath. We have to return Haridwar by 17th October as we have train on 18th. Will you please advise us how we can spend those days to enjoy maximum scenic beauty? I am waiting for your advices.

        • Hi Debashish,

          I will suggest something like below:

          14th: Reach Joshimath by late evening and take rest
          15th: Visit Badrinath temple and come back to relax
          16th: Visit Auli and relax in Joshimath
          17th: Resturn back to Haridwar



  10. Amrit Parimoo on

    Hi sir,

    I am planning to go to deoria tal and was wondering it this trip can be made on a personal car. how are the hotel/ rest house as I would be accompanied by female passengers as well.

    • Yes Amrit, you can surely make a trip to Deoriatal in your own car. There is no hotel up there but a rest house in which there is no light. You can get in touch with Bharat or others who can help you book the FRH for you.

  11. Rakesh Singh negi on

    Hello I am rakesh negi from sari I have done basic and advanse mountneering course and lote of trek as satopanth kunwari roopkund and panchkedar etc and we have camp in deoriatal Dom tent or bed tent with toilet and bathroom and we have guest house in sari I requested sir you can print my no this site 08475011425 9411534715

  12. Can you pls suggest if it will be safe to travel by road from Delhi to chopta in June first week given the road condition

  13. Bipin Agarwal on

    Sir, Hari Om. I am planning for trek to Tungnath and Madmaheshwar in 3rd week of Sept. Pl. guide and suggest me with all details. Also do accept my FB friendship. Dhanyavaad. Bipin.

  14. Vishaal Sharma on

    Dear Mr. Sharma,

    You website and the articles and travelogues are pretty informative. Thank you for the bundles of information and useful tips given here. I’m planning a trip to Deoriatal in December last week in hopes of finding some snow (I’ve never seen Snowfall!)

    Anyway, I’d like to thank you for all the help you’re providing on an open forum.

    However, I can’t help but point out that while going through the website, reading any article is a pain with this “Share on social media tool bar” floating around on the left hand side. The initial text of the article gets hidden. Please fix this!

    But good job overall.

      • Vishaal Sharma on

        I’m using Chrome on my office PC.
        I don’t think you’d require the OS but it is XP.

        • That is quite strange, it works fine for me on chrome and all browsers over PCs/Macbook. Not sure what you are refering to in that case,

  15. We 9 males age around 59-60 yrs from Kolkata are also scheduled to visit Badrinath-Chopta-Tunganath–Chandrasila-Ukhimath-Deoria Tal-Trigunanarayan and surrounding places during Sept 26-Oct 02. Your informative write-up will surely help us.
    Shall remain thankful for any particular information/ caution for us, Thanks

    • Pradip ji, I will say in case you follow the tips in the article that shall be god enough. Try and make a relaxing time rather rushing more towards places.

      • Bharat bhatt on

        नमस्ते सर good morning सर में सारी देवरियाताल का रहने वाला हूँ सर मेंरा नाम भरत भट्ट हैं सर मैं भी कैम्पिंग का काम करना चाहता हूँ सर मेरा फोन नम्बर 08476920531 और 09456515032 सर इस बैबसाईट में नम्बर डालने के लिए कितना खर्चा आता हैं सर मुझे इसकी जानकारी देने का कष्ट करे धन्यवाद

  16. Debasish Chatterjee on

    Hi There !!

    I am a young man of 62, (God help me if I can ever understand who is old and who is not) planning to travel all by myself to Himachal. Will be travelling by train to reach haridwar from Kolkata, West Bengal, with my ruksack and cameras. Once I reach destination Haridwar, I’ll hit the trail on any available transport thats available to me. I plan to go in December ’15 and visit Auli, Chopta and all such places as my mood swings.

    Who am I ? I’m a man, aged 62, height 5′ 9″, weight 85 kgs, impulsive smoker, and a single malt whiskey lover, can walk, talk, mingle with the locals, have low blood pressure, wear spects, vision +ve.

    Since you guys are kinda expert in this region can you suggest me an itinirary?

    • Debasish ji, good to connect and overwhelmed with your spirit and great to know 🙂 🙂 … Well how many days do you have in hand?

      • Debasish Chatterjee on

        Thanks Dheeraj Ji, for your quick response. You guys really mean business, I must say. Days are not a hindrance. Planning to start on 22nd of Dec & back on the 2nd of Jan 2016. Approx 10-12 days. Plan to stay at GMVN hotels. If you can please plan my trip that will be a great help.

        • Hi Debashish,

          You can plan something like below:

          Day 1 | Reach Hardiwar, move to Rishikesh and rest for the day
          Day 2 | Rishkesh to Ukimath, then to Sari Village and trek up to Deoriatal
          Day 3 | Stay at Deoriatal
          Day 4 | Deorital to Chopta
          Day 5 | Chopta – Gopeshwar – Joshimath, subject to road from Gopeshwar is open else you need to go back to Rudraprayag and take a bus from there
          Day 6 | Move to Auli and rest for a day or two
          Day 7 | Auli to Rishikesh
          Day 8 | Return

          Add the days in between as per convenience to you and rest you need. GMVNs will be good to go but Deorial tal will have camps in cold and Chopta might have basic guest houses.

      • We 9 males age around 59-60 yrs from Kolkata are also scheduled to visit Badrinath-Chopta-Tunganath–Chandrasila-Ukhimath-Deoria Tal-Trigunanarayan and surrounding places during Sept 26-Oct 02. Your informative write-up will surely help us.
        Shall remain thankful for any particular information/ caution for us, Thanks

        Thank u very much for yr immediate reply. Shall get in touch with u if any need be…..

  17. Hi Dheeraj,

    Awesome description. Great help 🙂
    We are a group of 4-5 friends planning to visit Deorital-Tungnath-Chandrashila from Delhi (24/02 to 02/03)
    Can you please suggest your views on following itineray?
    Day-1 Overnight train/bus Rishikesh
    Day-2 Rishikesh-Sari
    Day-3 Sari-Deoria Tal- Chopta
    Day-4 Chopta-tungnath-chandrashila-tungnath-chopta trek
    Day-5 suggest a place to nearby to stay near a stream/river bank (Sayal saur seems good) and possibly a view
    Day-6 back to rishikesh- overnight train/bus to Delhi

    If possible could you please provide with details of any car service, we would like to have a car+driver accompany us all the trip. We would also be on budget, so could you please please please approximate cost for us.
    Final question, weather forecast shows rain possibility during 25/2 to 02/03 , so would it be too bad to trip during this time?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Vivek,

      You plan seems good. On Day 2, start climbing to Deoriatal only and stay up there only. No need to stay at Sari Village. On Day 5, better come back to Rishikesh and spend a day, do rafting and other activities. May be stay somewhere ahead of Kaudilya for peaceful camps and budget ones too.

      Regarding taxi driver, may be you can check with Bharat Pushpwan the guide listed above if he can help with reliable drivers.

      Hmmm weather changes up there in hours, take a note of situation around those days to keep a tab. In case it says heavy rains, better avoid else you might get a chance to see good snowfall at that time.


  18. ramesh babu s on

    hello, Badrinadh closing on 27th november
    so i planned my trip to that date, also interested to panch kedar(madmaheswar,rudranadh,tuganadhkalpeswar). panch badri(Dyan badri,bhavishya badri,virdan badri,yegdan badri) I hope Pancha badri are all in enroute. I went on Bike to kadarnadh two years back. so remain four kedar is posible in last week of this november ? one more thing planning on Enfield Bike. So please advise me ….

    • Ramesh ji, I will suggest you get in touch with Bharat +91-9719875326 for all the required information on Panch Kedars. Last I know Tunganath got closed couple of days back.

  19. is it a good idea to plan a trip in mid aug? planning to pitch a tent at the taal.. is it allowed? and we have 2 night stay plan. any other place which we can cover with deoria tal?

    • Aditya, it will be monsoon time and not really a good idea to visit that region. AFAIK, camping can be done there and is allowed. You need to pay the wild life land use fees at the hut where a forest guard sits.

  20. Srikumar Balial on

    Hello Mr.Dheeraj Sharma,
    Excellent description.I would like to know how will be the weather in ‘Chopta-Tunganath-Sarigram-Deoria Tal’ in October 2013.I would like to go on 2nd week of this month.Is it ok to take a 3 years little girl and 60 years lady with us(Family member)?
    Thank you very much,

    • Srikumar, yes I think it should be fine. Weather will be a bit cold, so go with woolens. Also, if required check with Umeid, guide if you need any assistance there.

  21. hello sir
    i am going to ukhimath,chopata,on 15th November from delhi by my bike.could u suggest me which route is better via rishikesh or via kotdwar?.i have talked to hirasing ji for my coming trip to it possible to reach ukhimath till 6 PM.i will leave dilli at morning 6AM.

    • Sorry for the late reply owing to festivals could not take on all the comments 🙁 … Have a great trip brother.

      Dheeraj Sharma