The Journey so far-

Day 4 | 13th March, 2011 | Driving back from Ukhimath to Delhi

It was 6 AM in the morning and we all were ready to go back home. The snow trek to Tunganath and the reflections at Deoria Tal are going to be remembered for a very long time to come. We asked Umeid (cook) to prepare the breakfast and checked out the other Umeid too. He was also awake and over with the last night’s hangover :)… All of us quickly wrapped up the breakfast and after settling the final bill at Ukhimath, GMVN, bid adieus to the place and lovely people whom we met. We had to drop Umeid at Kund from where he will get the bus or shared taxi to his home town. Since, the roads were empty about 7 AM so we made quick progress to Kund. We dropped Umeid and shared some warm good bye words to see him off. He was really good and we too enjoyed with him.

Last sunset of the trip… A beautiful Sunset near Haridwar

While coming to Ukhimath we missed the Syal Saur for a cup of tea on the banks of Mandakini river. But, this time we were not going to miss the place and entered the Tourist Village at Syal Saur. Tourist Village is nothing but Rest House, GMVN at Syal Saur right on the banks of Mandakini river. We ordered cup of tea each and went down to the river banks to enjoy the water. The views from the Syal Saur were extremely nice and we were regretting that we did not stay there. The place was very calm and peaceful, idle if you’re looking to relax a bit. It was certain that next time we will surely spend a day at this place named Syal Saur. After about half an hour of fun, it was time to call off the day and kick-off our run to home, New Delhi.

Early morning Kedar Peak views… Views of Kedarnath from Ukhimath

Mandakini River… Views of Mandakini River near Ukhimath

Going home and smiles are back… Dheeraj Sharma and his friends near Ukhimath

Dheeraj Sharma and his friends near Ukhimath

Enjoying Mandakini River at Syal Saur… Views of Syal Saur near Ukhimath

Views of Syal Saur near Ukhimath

Views of Syal Saur near Ukhimath

Dheeraj Sharma and his friends at Syal Saur near Ukhimath

Dheeraj Sharma and his friends at Syal Saur near Ukhimath

Views of Syal Saur near Ukhimath

Views of Syal Saur near Ukhimath

Views of Syal Saur near Ukhimath

Almost touching it… Dheeraj Sharma at Syal Saur near Ukhimath

The roads till Agustmuni are amazing and after that slowly deteriorates towards Rudra Prayag. As we crossed traffic mess in Rudra Prayag and further Khankra Bend, there was a major landslide which put our drive to a halt. The rocks were still falling as the efforts were made to clear the road and about 50 minutes were wasted standing there. The heat was turning our heads now and almost required AC to be switched ON as we approached Srinagar. Rudra Prayag to Srinagar is good road only in patches with majority in below average shape. We had to take fuel from Srinagar which was too much hot for the woolens we were wearing. Time to get rid of the woolens and continue with the drive. There was nothing but an excitement to reach back home 🙂 …

Roads enroute… Roads near Rudra Prayag

The Alaknanda River… Views of Alaknanda River near Rudra Prayag

Views of Alaknanda River near Rudra Prayag

Landslide… Landslide near Rudra Prayag

Board says it all… Landslide zone near Rudra Prayag

Jai Shiv Shankar… Statue of Lord Shiva near Dev Prayag

After Dev Prayag, the roads improved considerably and we made much quicker progress until Haridwar. Owing to weekend Shivpuri and Rishikesh were packed with the people coming from NCR types to enjoy the thrill of rafting, after all it was season time 😀 … About 5.30 PM we crossed Haridwar and decided to stop for the lunch at Bikanerwala/Bikano or Moolchand Resort at Mujjaffar Nagar. Well, the traffic was too much after Haridwar which slowed us considerably and ultimately we stopped for dinner at Bikanerwala / Bikano. Well, the food was really good and of course we enjoyed it a lot being hungry for almost 12 Hrs. The Wold Cup match between India v/s South Africa was ON and we enjoyed for about an hour with food there. Around 8 PM, started the long run towards Delhi first by cruising through the newly laid roads between Meerut and Mujjaffar Nagar and then getting stuck in the traffic jam at Ghaziabad. Finally, we reached Delhi disappointingly as India lost the match in the last over 🙁 … but anyways they won the work cup though :D… I dropped both Himanshu and Neeraj, picked my wife from the in-laws home to finally end the trip at my home around 12.30 AM 🙂 …

I hope you liked the triplog and its pictures too.


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  2. dear we are also planning to visit chopta during the coming long weekend and sincerely hope that your article will be quite handy during our visit

  3. Well, can’t get closer to nature than this. This was a fascinating write up. Thanks for enlightening us with these hidden treasures. got me curios about Syal Saur

    • Thanks alot Rohit, yeah, that Syal Saur is a MUST go place to spend some quality time with family and friends or to enjoy solitude just aside Mandakini river.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  4. Rupertt Wind on

    That is so fabulous, The places looks breathtakingly beautiful and your words brim with adventure.

    • Thanks alot Rupertt, glad to see you here. Thanks for liking the log and pictures!! Place itself is so beautiful!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  5. Wow, the pictures look beautiful! I've traveled a lot in India, but sadly never in my own state. I shall ask you for travel advice the next time I'm back home in Dehradun 🙂

    • Hey Shivya,

      It is great to see you over here… Thanks a lot and a warm welcome :). Yes, of course your very own state do offer some magnificent views and I must say is a backpackers delight with wide variety of treks to explore the ancient culture and nature in its raw form. The best part is that it is a place where you feel so close to god that you rarely feel in any other part I have been in India. Though we always make plans to visit one or the other place but most of the time land up in Himachal the very last moment. 🙂 But, as we start to trek more or perhaps as we are finished with Himachal and Ladakh, may be we divert our full attention towards beauty of Uttarakhand. And, you are most welcome anytime for any Travel advice what you seek. I would be more than happy and glad to share all info. I have about the place 🙂

      Hope to see around here more frequently. Happy Traveling!! 🙂

      Dheeraj Sharma