Bhutan, a country we think of when we think of finding solace! The small Himalayan nation is full of beauty and wonder. Of course, heading on such trips, we often want to experience the whole place – it’s culture and history, the food and lifestyle, nature, and people – in one go.

How to travel in Bhutan by public Transport - Bus Time Table & Fares
How to travel in Bhutan by public Transport – Bus Time Table & Fares

For, there is so much of the world to see, and we are often very fickle – new experiences trump heading back to the same old place! Fortunately, truly experiencing a majority of the country is quite possible in a nation the size of Bhutan.

However, transportation is the only true facilitator of such a pipeline dream! Getting from region to region gets tricky here because there are limited flights and even trains that operate in this country.

But, fret not, we are here to make your trip to Bhutan the most comfortable and seamless, especially in terms of transport!

Mainstream Transportation of Bhutan – Buses

The country might lack in infrastructure of railways and airways. But, the bus connectivity makes up for it. It should be noted that since the country has a $200 minimum spend quota, only locals, and tourists excluded from the quota get to travel independently.

Reaching Bhutan from India

You can board buses operated by the Royal Bhutanese Government from Indian towns of Kolkata and Siliguri. For Kolkata, the bus leaves at 7:00 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to drop you off at Phuentsholing.

This entire journey takes an entire day – so rest up as much as you can. From Siliguri, the buses depart daily at 7:30 AM and 1:30 PM and cover the distance to Phuentsholing in ~6 hours.

Buddha Dordenma
Buddha Dordenma

Local Bus Service in Bhutan

A note of caution – the local buses tend to be uncomfortable. And, with the presence of the ever-curving Himalayan roads, the buses here have earned the nickname of vomit comets. However, private operators use more comfortable buses that cost higher than state-owned transportation.

Transport companies of Bhutan include Meto, Master, Khorlo, Pelyab, Sernye, Dhug, Bumpa, Dungkhar, Tamshing, Lhakhpa and Kuenphen. These companies operate 20, 30, and 50 seater buses.

The views are insanely beautiful, and the journeys will be the most memorable. Yes, there might be some inconvenience caused to you, thanks to the nation still being a developing country. But, trust me, it won’t mean for much once you get to the places you want to explore!

Southern and Central Bhutan Bus Service and Connectivity

If you have ever thought of rural perfection – then, Central Bhutan is it! Neatly cultivated fields, beautiful evergreen mountain backdrops, and postcard worth views – Central Bhutan has beauty up to its wazoo! Also, the cultural heartland of Bhutan houses some of the oldest and most significant temples as well as monasteries. There is a tonne to do here, including celebrating the finest Buddhist traditions.

Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten
Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten

However, central Bhutan sees limited tourism as compared to Western Bhutan. Nature lovers and adventure seekers will feel all the feels when here. From untouched trails to day hikes, from wildlife jungles and national parks to serenity – the place as it all!

The road infrastructure is well developed, especially from Central Bhutan. One may catch buses to almost all villages, towns, cities, and everything in between from here. The main headquarters for buses in the region are Phuentsholing and Gelephu.

Phuentsholing Bus Terminal

The closest city to India, the city has thrived from cross-border trade. As a major hub, Pheuntsholing connects you with all major towns including – Thimpu, Paro, Wangdue, Punakha, Samdrup Jongkhar, Tendu, Haa, Dagana, Tsirang, Bumthang, Gelephu, and Phobjikha.

In terms of private operators, you’ll see most buses operated by Meto, Khorli, and Dhug.


There are daily buses to and from Thimphu from Phuentsholing, taking a total time of around 7 hours. There are numerous buses throughout the day – so reaching Thimpu as per your desire will not be a concern.

While most buses are decent 20-seaters, the journey can get rough in a few places. It will cost you about BTN 180 for a one-way journey. From Thimpu, buses leave daily at 7:00 AM towards Phuentsholing.

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Again, there are daily buses to Paro from Phuentsholing. The frequency is less as compared to Thimpu, with only two 20-seater buses running daily at 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM. Reaching Paro will take you about 6 hours and cost BTN 200. Conversely, buses leave Paro towards Phuentsholing, daily at 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM as well.

The view of Bhutan from India
The view of Bhutan from India
Samdrup Jongkhar

On Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, buses leave for Samdrup Jongkhar at 6:30 AM taking 12 hours to reach the destination. Bumpa Transport also runs a 31-seater bus daily at 5:30 AM. From Samdrup Jongkhar, buses for Phuentsholing run every day at 6:00 AM.

1Meto TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters8.00 AM2.00 PM
2Meto TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters12.00 PM6.00 PM
3Meto TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters1.00 PM7.00 PM
4Meto TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters4.30 PM10:30 PM
5Meto TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters2.30 PM8.30 PM
6Meto TransportParoDaily20,seaters8.30 AM2.30 PM
7Meto TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters1.30 PM7.30 PM
8Meto TransportWangdueDaily20,seaters7:00 AM4.00 PM
9Meto TransportPunkhaThu/Sat20,seaters7.30 AM4.00 PM
10Meto TransportKamichuDaily20,Seater6,30 AM4,30 PM
11Meto TransportPunatshangchuDaily20,seaters6.30 AM4.30 PM
12Meto TransportKolkataThu/Sunday33,seaters3.00 PM10.00 PM
13Meto TransportSamdrup JongkharMon/Wed/Sat50,seaters6.30 AM6.00.PM
14Meto TransportSiliguriDaiy round trip31,seaters8.00 AM1.00.PM
15Master TransportT/YangtsheWednesday only30,seater5.00 AM6.00 PM
16Khorlo TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters11.00 AM6.00 PM
17Khorlo TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters4.00 PM10.00 PM
18Khorlo TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters7.30 AM1.30 PM
10Khorlo TransportSiliguriDaily23,seaters7.30 AM12.30 PM
20Khorlo TransportSiliguriDaily53,seaters7.00 AM12
21Khorlo TransportSiliguriDaily31,seaters8.00 AM1.00 PM
22Khorlo TransportSiliguriDaily53,seaters3.00 PM8,00 PM
23Khorlo TransportSamtseDaily53,seaters8.00 AM10.00 AM
24Khorlo TransportSamtseDaily53,seaters2.30 PM4.30 PM
25Khorlo TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters3.00 PM9.00 PM
26Khorlo TransportTsirangDaily20,seaters6.30 AM5.30 PM
27Khorlo TransportsipsueAlternative31,seaters3.00 PM7.30 PM
28Khorlo TransportTenduAlternative31,seaters10.30 AM3.30 PM
29Khorlo TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters8.30 AM2.30 PM
30Khorlo TransportSinchukhaDaily Round Trip20,seaters3.00 PM6.00 PM
31Khorlo TransportLhamizingkhadaily round trip33,seaters2.00 PM5.00 PM
32Khorlo TransportSipsuedaily round trip31,seaters8.30 PM12.30n
33Khorlo TransportTenduAlternative38,seaters10.30 AM4.00 PM
34Pelyab TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters9.00 AM3.00 PM
35Sernye TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters7.00 AM1.00 PM
36Sernye TransportTrongsaTue/Thu/Sat20,seaters6.00 AM7,30 PM
37Sernye TransportHaaMon,Thu&Sat23,seaters7.30 AM3.30 PM
38Sernye TransportDaganaTue/Thu/Sat20,seaters6.30 PM6.30 PM
39Dhug TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters10.00 AM4.00 PM
40Dhug TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters11.30 Noon5.30 PM
41Dhug TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters12.30 PM6.30 PM
42Dhug TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters10.30 AM4.30 PM
43Dhug TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters2.00 PM8.00 PM
44Dhug TransportParoDaily20,seaters9.00 AM2.30 PM
45Bumpa TransportThimphuDaily20,seaters9.30 AM3.30 PM
46Bumpa TransportGelephuMon/Wed/Sat31,seaters5.30 PM4.00 PM
47Bumpa TransportNganglamAlternative day31,seaters5.30 AM6.00 PM
48Bumpa TransportSamdrup JongkharDaily31,seaters5.30 AM6.00 PM
49Dungkhar TransportTsirangDaily20,seaters6.30 AM5.30 PM
50Dungkhar TransportGelephuAlternate day58,seaters5.30 AM4.30 PM
51Tamshing TransportGelephuAlternate day58,seaters5.30 AM4.30 PM
52Dungkhar TransportBumthangMon/Thr28,seater6.00 AM8.00 PM
53Lhakpa TransportPhobjikhaTuesday25,seaters7.30 AM5.30 PM
54Kuenphen TransportChuckhaDaily round Trip25,seaters3,00 PM6,30 PM

Gelephu Bus Terminal

While the connectivity is not as extensive from Gelephu, you’ll still be able to connect with all the major towns, such as Phuentsholing, Tsirang, Thimphu, Bumthang, Punakha, Samdrup Jongkhar, Wangdue etc.

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Paro Airport in Bhutan
Paro Airport in Bhutan

Buses leave daily at 7:00 and 7:30 AM for Thimpu, taking around 10 hours to reach. For the return journey, buses leave Thimpu ay 7 in the morning and 4:30 in the evening for Gelephu.

Samdrup Jongkhar

You can board a bus for Samdrup Jongkhar daily at 7 AM with the journey taking around 10 hours. Vice versa, a Bhutan Transport bus can be boarded from Samdrup Jongkhar at 6:00 AM daily

1Dungkar TransportZhemgangTue/Thu/SunEicher Bus8:00 AM5.30 PM
2Dungkar TransportBuliThu/SunEicher Bus( Dcm8:00 AM6.00 PM
3Dungkar TransportPaibang/GomphuMon/Wed/FriEicher Bus8:00 AM6.00 PM
4Dungkar TransportPhuntsholingDailyTata Bus7:00 AM3.30 PM
5Dungkar TransportBumthangTuesday, Thursday, SundEicher Bus6:00 AM6.30 PM
6Dungkar TransportTrongsaMon/Wed/FriEicher Bus7:00 AM5.30 PM
7Dungkar TransportSureyDaily ServiceEicher Bus7.00 AM 3.00 PM10.30 AM 5.30
8Dungkar TransportSarpangDaily Up & DownTata Bus7 AM/12 PM/4 PM8.40 AM 1.40
9Dungkar TransportTsirangDaily ServiceEicher Bus7.00 PM11.30 AM
10Bumpa TransportThimphuDaily ServiceCoaster Bus7.00 AM5.30 PM
11Bumpa TransportSamdrupjongkharDaily ServiceTata Bus7.00 AM4.30 PM
12Pelyab TransportThimphuMonday, Wednesday, FrCoaster Bus7.00 AM4.30 PM
13Meto TransportThimphuDaily ServiceCoaster Bus7.30 AM5.30 PM
14Sernya TransportThimphuTue,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat,SuCoaster Bus7.00 AM5.30 PM
15Sernya TransportPunakhaMonday, Wednesday, FrCoaster Bus7.00 AM4.20 PM
16Sernya TransportDaganaTuesday,Friday,SundayCoaster Bus7.00 AM5.30 PM
17Sernya TransportWangdueTue,Thursday,SatEicher Bus7.00 AM4.00 PM
18Tshering TransportThimphuTue,Thursday,SatCoaster Bus8.00 AM6.20 PM
19Umling TransportUmlingDaily ServiceTata Bus(407) T7.00 AM 2.00 PM10.30 AM 5.30
20Nanglam TransportNanglamMonday, FridayEicher Bus7.00 AM4.30 AM
21Nana TransportGelephu-DolangangDailyTata 2 PM10.30 AM /4.00p
22Doley TransportSingye-SingyeDailyTata Truck8am9.30 AM
23Doley TransportSarpang-SingyeDailyTata Truck2 PM3.30 PM

For ease of reference – here is an extensive time table for other Southern and Central Connectivity:

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From Tsirang Base

1Dungkhar TransportThimphuDailyCoaster/Eicher B10:00 AM6:00 PM
2Dungkhar TransportPhuentsholingAlternate DaysCoaster6:30 AM6:00 PM
3Dungkhar TransportGelephuDailyEicher Bus8 AM/2 PM11:00 AM
4Dungkhar TransportPhuntenchuDaily round tripTata 407 truck b3:00 PM5.30 PM
5Dungkhar TransportPatala TarDaily round tripTata 407 truck b2:30 PM6.00 PM
6Dungkhar TransportBarshongDaily round tripTata 407 truck b2:00 PM4.30 PM
7Newahang TransportDunglagangDaily round tripTata 407 truck b2:30 PM4.30 PM
8Shemjong TransportShemjongDaily round tripTata 407 truck b7 AM/12 PM/ 4PM5.00 PM
9Bumpa TransportChachay-ThimphuDaily ServiceEicher Bus7.00 AM5:00 PM
10Bumpa TransportMendegang-ThimphuDaily ServiceEicher Bus7.00 AM5:00 PM
11Bumpa TransportThimphuDaily ServiceCoaster8.00 AM5:00 PM
12Khorlo TransportPhuentsholingAlternate DaysCoaster6.30 AM6:00 PM

From Dagana Base

1Sernya TransportThimphuDailyCoster7:00 AM5:00 PM
2Sernya TransportThimphuAlternatecoaster7:00 AM5:00 PM
3Sernya TransportGelephuAlternateCoaster7:00 AM3;30 PM
4Bumpa TransportPhuentsholingAlternateCoaster6:30 AM6:00 PM
5Sernya TransportGesarling-ThimphuAlternateEicher7:00 AM6:00 PM
6Meto TransportDagapela-ThimphuDailyCoaster7:00 AM5:00 PM

From Zhemgang Base

1Dungkhar TransportThimphuTue, Thur, Sat.Coaster6:00 AM7:00 PM
2Dungkhar TransportGelephuTue, Thur, Sat.Eicher bus8.00 AM3:30 PM
3Dungkhar TransportPaibang-GelephuTue,Thur,Sat.Eicher bus7.00 AM4:00 PM
4Dungkhar TransportBuli/Tali-GelephuMon, Wed, Fri.DCM Truck7.00 AM4:30 PM

From Trongsa Base

1Dungkhar TransportGelephuAlternateEicher Bus7.00 AM4:00 PM
2Sernya TransportThimphuAlternateCoaster7.00 AM4:00 PM
3Sernya TransportThimphuAlternateCoaster7:00 AM4:00 PM
4Sernya TransportPhuntsholingAlternateCoaster7:00 AM8:00 PM

From Bumthang Base

1Meto TransportThimphuDaily except TuesdayCoaster Bus6:00 AM6:00 PM
2Meto TransportThimphuDailyCoaster bus7:00 AM6:00 PM
3Dungkhar TransportPhuentsholingTuesday and FridayTata Bus6:00 AM9:00 PM
4Dungkhar TransportGelephuMon/Wed/FridayEicher Bus6:00 AM7:00 PM

From Tshimashan Base

1Dhug TransportThimphuDailyCoaster7:00 AM10:00 AM
2Kuenphen TransportPhuentsholingDailyTata Bus8:00 AM11.30 AM

From Samtse Base

1Pelyab TransportThimphuMon, Wed, Fri19 seater Coaster07.00 AM04.00 PM
2Pelyab TransportSipsu-ThimphuFriday & Sunday19 seater Coaster07.00 AM06.00 PM
3PeylabTransportTendu-Thimphuwednessday19 seater Coster6.30 AM6:00 PM
4Khorlo TransportThimphuThu, Thur, Sat19 seatetr Coaste07.00 AM04.00 PM
5Khorlo TransportSipsu -ThimphuThru & Monday19 seater Coaster07.00 AM06.00 PM
6Khorlo TransportParoMon, Wed, Fri19 seater Coaster07.00 AM03.00 PM
7Khorlo TransportPhuntsholing 1stDaily58 seater Tata B10.00 AM12.30 PM
8Khorlo TransportP/ning 2ndDaily58 seater Tata B02.00 PM5.30 PM
9Khorlo TransportTenduDaily30 seater Eicher02.00 PM05.30 PM
10Khorlo TransportSipsuDaily (except Sun)30 seater Eicher02.00 PM6.30 PM
11Khorlo TransportChargharay via Y/tsheDaily30 seater Eicher2.30 PM4.00 PM
12Khrlo TransportTendu to ThimphuSaturday19 seater coster6.30 AM6:00 PM
13Khrlo TransportSipsu to P/lingDaily30 seater tata Bu2:00 PM6;00 PM
14Khrlo TransportTendu to P/lingAlternativeDays30 seater Eicher9:00 AM2.30 PM
15Bhutan TransportSipsu to P/lingDaily (Wed Rest)27 seater tata Bu2:00 PM7:00 PM
16Bhutan TransportTendu to P/lingAlternative Day30 seate Bus9:00 AM2.30 PM
17Bumpa Transportsamtse to ThimphuTue,Thu,Sat22 seater Coaster7.30 AM4.30 PM

Western Bhutan Bus Service and Connectivity

Western Bhutan is a sight to see and explore. Trust me, you will fall in love with the beautiful vistas and the majestic dzongs of the region. Whether you’re coming in by air at Paro airport or by road, you’ll soon realize you’ve entered another dimension, another world altogether.

Thanks to the presence of the airport, this part of Bhutan sees the most tourists. The best is trusting a spectacular introduction to this beautiful country.

Major towns of Western Bhutan are – Punakha, Samtse, Haa, Thimphu, and Paro. If you compare with Central Bhutan, the infrastructure is not as well developed, but still quite decent. Thimpu and Paro can be called the epicenter of the most movement.

Tiny settlements in Eastern Bhutan
Tiny settlements in Eastern Bhutan

Thimpu Bus Terminal

Thimpu enjoys the most extensive connectivity in the region, with buses heading to which go to almost every town of Bhutan, including Trashigang, Paro, Gelephu, Lhuentse, Mongar, Samdrup Jongkhar, etc.


Coaster buses run daily at 7:00 AM, taking 10 hours to reach. The buses operated on this sector are by Bumpa and Sernya Transport.


The buses to Lhuentse leave Thimpu on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 7:00 to cover the excruciatingly long journey of about 35 hours! There is a night halt at Bumthang in between.

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Buses leave daily at 7:30 AM. Also, buses depart at 7:00 AM daily, except Mondays. The duration of the journey is about 12 hours.

Haa base

You may catch a bus towards Haa base at 1:00 PM and 9:00 AM daily – taking only 6 hours for the journey. The views on the way are exceptionally delightful

From Thimpu Base

1Sernya TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster7 AM2:30 PM 
2Pelyab TransportSipsuTue/Thu/SatCoaster7 AM4:00 PM 
3Khorlo TransportTrashigangEvery WedCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
4Khorlo TransportSamtseMon/ Wed/FriCoaster7 AM3:30 PM 
5Bumpa TransportTrashigangEvery Thursdaycoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
6Dhug TransportTrashigangEvery MondayCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
7Meto TransportTrashigangEvery Tue/SunCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
8Dhug TransportTrashigangEvery FriCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
9Pelyab TransportTrashigangEvery SatCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
10Bumpa TransportGelephuDailyCoaster7 AM4:30 PM 
11Sernya TransportGelephuMon/Wed/FriCoaster7 AM4:30 PM 
12Sernya TransportGelephuMon/Wed/FriTata(30 Seaters)7 AM5:00 PM 
13Sernya TransportGelephuTue/Thu/SatCoaster7 AM4:30 PM 
14Sernya TransportDaganaTue/Thu/SatCoaster7 AM4:30 PM 
15Khorlo TransportLhuentseEvery ThursdayEicher(30 seaters7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
16Dhug TransportT/yangtseMon/FriCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
17Meto TransportBumthangDaily.Exp-MondayCoaster7 AM5:30 PM 
18Pelyab TransportGelephuTus/Thu/SunCoaster7 AM5:00 PM 
19Pelyab TransportSamtseTue/Thu/SatCoaster7 AM3:30 PM 
20Pelyab TransportGelephuTue/Thu/SunCoaster7 AM5:00 PM 
21Dhug TransportLhuentseEvery Moncoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
22Khorlo TransportSipsuEvery Wed/SunCoaster7 AM4:00 PM 
23Dungkhar TransportZhemgangMon/Wed/FriCoaster7 AM6:30 PM 
24Dhug TransportMongarTue/Thu/SunCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
25Bumpa TransportChancheyTue/Thu/SunCoaster7.30 AM3:30 PM 
26Bumpa TransportL/daraMon/Wed/FriEicher(30 seaters7.30 AM4:30 PM 
27Bumpa TransportTsirangDaily.Coaster8 AM3:30 PM 
28Sernya TransportTrongsaDailyCoaster7 AM3:00 PM 
29Khorlo TransportPhuntsholingDailycoaster7.30 AM2:30 PM 
30Bumpa TransportKabesaDaily.exp TueE/Cher(22 seater8 AM11:30 PM 
31Meto TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster8am2:30 PM 
32Meto TransportGelephuDailyCoaster7:30 AM5:00 PM 
33Bumpa TransportWangdueDailyEicher(30 seaters8.30 AM11:30 PM 
34Dhug TransportParoDailyEicher(30 seaters9 AM11:30 PM 
35Meto TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster4:30 PM  
36Khorlo TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster8.30 AM2:30 PM 
37Sernya TransportHaaDailyEicher(30 seaters9:00 AM3:00 PM 
38Meto TransportBumthangTue/Thu/SatCoaster7:30 AM6:00 PM 
39Bumpa TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster9.30 AM3:30 PM 
40Dhug TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster10 AM4:00 PM 
41Dhug TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster10.30 AM4:30 PM 
42Khorlo TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster11am5:00 PM 
43Dhug TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster11.30 AM5:30 PM 
44Meto TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster12 PM6:00 PM 
45Dhug TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster12.30 PM6:30 PM 
46Meto TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster1 PM7:00 PM 
47Bumpa TransportWangdueDailyCoaster2 PM8:00 PM 
48Dhug TP/lingransportParoDailyEicher(30 seaters2 PM4:30 PM 
49Dhug TransportChhukhaDailyCoaster2 PM4:30 PM 
50Khorlo TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster4 PM10:00 PM 
51Meto TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster2.30 PM8:30 PM 
52Pelyab TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster9 AM3:30 PM 
53CEE DEE TransportP/khaDailyEicher(28 seaters2 PM4:00 PM 
54Bumpa TransportGelephuDailyCoaster7 AM5:00 PM 
55Khorlo TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster3:PM9:00 PM 
56Meto TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster1:30 PM7:30 PM 
57Dhug TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster2 PM8:30 PM 
58Sernya TransportHaaDaily15 seater1.PM7:00 PM 
59Sernya TransportGelephuTue/Thu/SatCoaster7PM5:30 PM 
60Sernya TransportDaganaSun/Wed/FriCoaster7 AM5:30 PM 
61Dhug TransportLhuentseEvery FriCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
62Dhug TransportPhuntsholingDailyCoaster3:30 PM9:30 PM 
63Meto TransportBumthangDaily Expt MonCoaster7 AM5:30 PM 
64Khorlo TransportTenduEvery FriCoaster7 AM5:30 PM 
65Pelyab TransportTenduEvery TueCoaster7 AM5:30 PM 
66Meto TransportT/yangtsiEvery Thu/SatCoaster7 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
67Dungkhar TransportTsirangMon/Wed/FriCoaster10:30 AM3:30 PM 
68Meto TransportDagana/DagapelaDailyCoaster7:30 AM6:00 PM 
69Meto TransportBumthangDailyCoaster7:30 AM6:00 PM 
70Meto TransportTrongsaDailyCoaster7:30 AM3:00 PM 
71Meto TransportMongarMon/Wed/FriCoaster7:00 AM5:30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
72Lhakpa TransportPhobjikhaThursday/SatEicher(25 seaters9:am3:30 PM 
73Tshering TransportGelephuMon/Wed/FriCoaster8:am1:00 PM 
74Bumpa TransportThimphu (Local Bus)DailyEicher6:am to 8 PM  
75Lama TransportThimphu (Local Bus)DailyEicher6:am to 8 PM  
76Sernya TransportDagapelaTue/Thu/satCaoster7:00 AM5:30 PM 
77Suzal TransportLhamozingkhaMon/Wed/FriEicher6:30 AM5:00 PM 

Paro Bus Terminal

Paro is the economic center and also a famous tourist spot in the country. Naturally, you can assume that many buses run to and from Paro. However, this is not the case! Only a few buses run to some major towns.

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Dochu La Pass
Dochu La Pass

Coaster buses leave every alternate day at 7:00 to reach Samtse at 4:00 PM.


For Haa base, a 22-seater bus leaves Paro on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:00 AM, taking 6 hours to reach the destination.

From Paro Base

1Dhug TransportPhuentsholingDailyCoaster9:00 AM3.30 PM 
2Dhug TransportThimphuDaily round trip30 Seater9.00 AM11.00 AM 
3Dhug TransportThimphuDaily round trip30 Seater2.00 PM4.00 PM 
4Dhug TransportHaaMon/Wed/Fri22 Seater9.00 AM3.00 PM 
5Meto TransportPhuentsholingDailyCoaster8.30 AM3.00 PM 
6Khorlo TransportSamtseAlternate DaysCoaster7.00 AM4.00 PM 
7Dhug TransportDrugyal DzongDaily Round Trip (Twic30 Seater2.30 AM/4.30 PM  

For ease of reference – here is an extensive time table for other Western Connectivity:

From Wangdue Base

1Meto TransportPhuntsholingDaily19 Seater7.00 AM5.00 PM
2Sernaya TransportGelephuMon/Wed/Fri30 Seater8.00 AM3.00 PM
3Bumpa TransportThimphuDaily19 Seater8.00 AM11.00 AM
4Bumpa TransportThimphuDaily19 Seater1.30 PM5.30 PM
5Lhakpa TransportPhubjikhaDaily22 Seater2.30 PM6.00 PM

From Punakha Base

1Meto TransportPhuntsholingTue/Fri/SunCoaster Service7.30 AM4.00 PM
2Sernya TransportGelephuSun/Tue/ThurCoaster Service7.30 AM4.00 PM
3Bumpa TransportKabisa – ThimphuDaily and rest on TueEicher Service12.30 Noon5.30 PM
4CEE DEE TransportKabisa – ThimphuDaily and rest on SatTata 26 Seaters8.00 AM11.30 AM

From Haa Base

1Dhug TransportParoTue/Thu/sat22 Seater9:00 AM2.30 PM
2Sernya TransportThimphuMon/Wed/FriOrdinary9.30 AM3.30 PM
3Sernya TransportThimphuTue/Thu/satOrdinary9.30 AM3.30 PM
4Sernya TransportThimphuMon/Wed/Fri15 Seater1 PM5 PM
5Sernya TransportPhuentsholingTue/Thu/satOrdinary8 AM5.30 PM

Eastern Bhutan Bus Service and Connectivity

Believed to truly the most beautiful and serene part of the country, the Eastern part of Bhutan has large hilly regions and high mountain peaks. However, the region is also prone to experiencing extremely harsh winters.

The view of Bhutan from India
The view of Bhutan from India

Because of this, the transport service here is not as developed. However, some buses do connect from Samdrup Jongkhar and Trashigang – the headquarter of the region to other major hubs of other regions.

For ease of reference – here is an extensive time table for Eastern Connectivity:

From Samdrupjongkhar Terminal

1Bumpa TransportMongarDaily except on SunCoaster bus6:30 AM5:30 PM
2Bumpa TransportTrashigangDailyCoaster bus (1st7:30 AM4:00 PM
3Bumpa TransportTrashigangDailyCoaster & Eiche8:00 AM4:30 PM
4Bumpa TransportSamdrupcholingDaily except on MonEicher bus2:00 PM6:00 PM
5Bhutan TransportPemagatshelWednesday OnlyEicher bus7:00 AM1:00 PM
6Master TransportTrashiyangtseThursdayTata bus7:00 AM5:00 PM
7Bhutan TransportGelephuDailyEicher bus6:00 AM4:00 PM
8Bhutan TransportPhuentsholingDailyTata bus (1st bus6:00 AM5:30 PM
9Bhutan TransportPhuentsholingDailyEicher bus (2nd6:00 AM5:30 PM
10Bhutan TransportNanglamMondayEicher bus6:00 AM12:30 PM
11Bhutan TransportJomotshangkhaMondayEicher bus6:00 AM12:30 PM

From Trashigang Base

1Bumpa TransportSamdrupjongkharDailyCoaster/Ord7:30 AM5:00 PM
2Bumpa TransportSamdrupjongkharDailyCoaster8:00 AM5:30 PM
3Dhug TransportMongarMon to SatOrdinary1:00 PM5:30 PM
4Bumpa TransportThimphuSaturdayCoaster6:00 AM5:30 PM
5Dhug TransportThimphuMon & WedCoaster6:00 AM5:30 PM
6Meto TransportThimphuTue & ThuCoaster6:00 AM5:30 PM
7Khorlo TransportThimphuFridayCoaster6:00 AM5:30 PM
8Pelyab TransportThimphuSundayCoaster6:00 AM5:30 PM
9Master TransportTrashiyangtseFriday30 Seater2:00 PM5:15 PM

From Mongar Base

1Dhug TransportThimphuTue, Thu, SatCoaster Bus7:00 AM3:30 PM
2Meto TransportThimphuWed, Fri, SunCoaster Bus7:00 AM3:30 PM
3Dhug TransportTrashigangMonday to Saturday30 seater6:30 AM11:30 AM
4Khorlo TransportLhuntseDaily except on Wednesday30 seater1:00 PM5:00 PM
5Dhug TransportLhuntseWednesday OnlyCoaster Bus1:00 PM4:30 PM
6Bumpa TransportSamdrupjongkharDaily except for MondayCoaster Bus6:30 AM4:30 PM

From Lhuentse Base

1Khorlo TransportMongarDaily except for WedOrdinary7 AM11 AM 
2KhorloThimphuMondayOrdinary6 AM6 PMNight Halt at B/thang
3DhugThimphuSundayCoaster6.30 AM5.30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
4DhugThimphuThursdayCoaster6.30 AM5.30 PMNight Halt at B/thang
5DhugMongarWednesdayCoaster7 AM10.30 AM 
Mount Jomolhari in Bhutan
Mount Jomolhari in Bhutan


While Bhutan might not be the most developed nation there is, it is certainly worth exploring. And, thanks to the immense road network of the country – they have made it quite easy to venture out and do your own thing.

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The rough roads might make your journey more difficult – but the efforts will be worth every penny and body ache – given the surreal beauty that awaits you at every turn. Also, the people of the country are so happy and nice; it is indeed infectious.

You’ll hardly be bothered by the physical discomforts given the happy vibes surrounding you at all times. So, trust me, venture out and enjoy the wild beauty that awaits you!


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