Kasol is on the radar for one and all! A lot of times, we get this question about planning a weekend trip to Kasol. The connectivity with cities like Delhi and Chandigarh makes it possible to plan a trip to Kasol on the weekend.

Kasol Weekend Trip - A Perfect Itinerary
Kasol Weekend Trip – A Perfect Itinerary

When the travel bug initially bites you – no other place has the same lure for off-beat-discover-the-world folk. The stories from Kasol are plenty, and the verdict is always the same – Kasol is quiet, yet adventurous – unleashing an experience of a lifetime. A Kasol weekend trip is a must for those looking for a quick escape to nature.

While it is true that Kasol is ‘not what it used to be,’ the place still has the same pull for a lot of people. It is because if you ignore the crowds of tourists, you can still capture the same feelings. These feelings include the beautiful green forested mountains, with the Parvati river flowing in the middle of the valley and little houses popping up on faraway lands. It is surely a scene that is always welcoming.

What is the best time to visit Kasol on weekend?

A Kasol weekend trip can be accomplished at any time you fancy in the year! I would personally avoid Monsoon season, as the hills are sensitive, and you might get stuck due to landslides, etc.

But, if you fancy the winter season – then go for it, and if summer is your jam, there’s a tonne to do. Of course, a lot would also depend on what you want to do when you get to Kasol. For example, visiting the Kheerganga trek will not be possible in winter.

If chilling and enjoying nature is on the cards – then season shouldn’t be a bar. But, if you want to party and attend a rave or two – the best bet would be May – July.

Sunset on my last weekend trip to Kasol
Sunset on my last weekend trip to Kasol

Can you make a weekend trip to Kasol?

You will be able to make a trip to Kasol in 3 days. So, yes, if the idea is to visit Kasol and come back, then a weekend trip to Kasol is possible.

With that said – Kasol is, of course, a must-visit and re-visit (and as many times as you can!) – because Parvati Valley beckons! Kasol, in particular, and the entire Parvati Valley, in general, is not a mere destination. It is a Himalayan experience that leaves you in awe, pushes you to live, slows you down to notice, and leaves you with #majorfeels.

Let’s look at the most common itinerary that you can follow for a Kasol trip on weekend.

Kasol Weekend Trip – A Perfect Itinerary

So, how do you visit Mini-Israel aka Parvati Valley at every chance you get?

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Let us help you out with planning a perfect Kasol Weekend trip.

Day 0 – Getting Started

Take an overnight bus from Delhi to reach Bhuntar in the AM. Try reaching around 7-9 AM.

Day 1 – Exploring Kasol

Take a bus from Bhuntar to Manikaran in the morning and get off at Kasol. The first bus from Bhuntar for Manikaran via Kasol leaves at 6 AM and then hourly after that. Alternatively, you can hail a private/shared cab from Bhuntar itself. The 31 km distance from Bhuntar to Kasol will take around 1.5 hours in the bus or an hour by taxi.

Travel Tip: You can also plan a budget trip to Kasol if you are short on budget.

Venture out and explore the many cafes nestled in the hills and relax where the vibe is as per your taste. Exploring cafes is the best activity to do in Kasol, and honestly, I have spent quite a few vacations doing just this and nothing else when in Kasol.

It has a charm of its own – the maximum chill that you can imagine. Just stare out into the snow-capped mountains and the music of the Parvati river for your pleasure and peace. Of course, with just a day at hand, it will be difficult to do treks in the Parvati Valley which needs more days.

What about any hikes?

If you’re feeling like changing locations, exploring the mountains – then an evening Chalal trek is on the cards. Chalal is a deeper holiday experience and the intense connection it provides with nature is indescribable. There are a couple of cute cafés in the little hamlet that is located JUST on the river itself. So dig into your thoughts along the river while munching on some incredible delicacies (probably Israeli). Head back to Kasol after indulging yourself in some natural therapy.

Now is the time to relax (as if that’s not what we have been doing the entire Kasol weekend trip!) and unwind. Head on to a beautiful riverside café with some live music to groove. Head on to your hotel for a cozy night in. Or, better yet, chill and enjoy the night skies for as long as they can keep you mesmerized (Eternity for me, you?)

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Travel Tip: If you are planning a trip in winter season, do not forget to check the list of places near Delhi to enjoy snowfall in Himachal.

Delicious food to try on a Kasol Weekend Trip
Delicious food to try on a Kasol Weekend Trip

Day 2 – Exploring Parvati Valley

Today, you get to explore the valley further. Take a pick of either a day trip to Tosh, Kheerganga, Manikaran or Malana and have a ball. All three places except Manikaran require some trekking (or extensive for some) – so choose accordingly. I would suggest spending the entire day at these locations and only returning at night to your digs. There are tonnes of things to do in Parvati Valley.

You should always carry your water bottle and refill it as many times as you need water. It will not only keep you hydrated always, but you will also help in saving the Himalayas from plastic garbage. Remember, every tiny step counts and your step in this direction can help save the Himalayas too !! 🙂 🙂

Day 3 – Kasol & Home Base

On your final day – get crackin’ with some retail therapy. Stroll through the local flea market to pick up souvenirs from the trip. You’ll also be able to get your hands on some semi-precious stones, and other trinkets.

Of course, coming to the land famous (infamous, sometimes!) for smoking pot – there is a lot of mainstream cultural reverence for Shivji and Bob Marley alike! Clothing including caps, pullovers, coats, t-shirts is available in plentiful.

Grab some delicious food to hog on before catching the bus / hailing a cab to Bhuntar. From there, choose your mode of transportation back to your home base. Finally, bid adieu to this land of Himachal only to return soon.

Travel Tip: Do not forget to check this complete list of offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh.

BONUS – Must-Visit Cafes in Kasol

I wouldn’t let you hanging when it comes to deciding where to eat in Kasol. I am a firm believer that the MOST important part of any trip is food. Food is a way to be introduced to the culture, the vibe of the place. I strongly believe that without food, a journey isn’t complete, my friend.

  1. Buddha Place: This my favorite place in Kasol – primarily because of its location. This tiny little café is situated right on the river. The view makes up for the limited menu.
  2. Stone Garden Café: The cafe serves delicious food and overlooks all the action on the main street. It even has live music – always a plus. Anything Israeli is delicious here. Also, bonus (within a bonus!) – it serves alcohol.
  3. Jim Morrison Café: A place that is synonymous with the Kasol Experience. From good food to excellent music, from the scrumptious food to lots to do – Jim Morrison has you covered.
  4. Evergreen Café: This café is evergreen and has been around forever. Trippy vibes, trance music all accompanied by good food – it is wonderful, a must-visit!
  5. Freedom Café: Freedom shows up on this list for being open late at night! It also has excellent coffee.

This itinerary in the article is for a weekend trip to Kasol for those who are running short on time. But if you have a few more more days at hand then you can refer our perfect itinerary of Parvati Valley. It will help you soak into the Parvati Valley at an easy pace and you will enjoy more in the lap of Himalayas.

A beautiful sunrise in Parvati Valley
A beautiful sunrise in Parvati Valley


So, fellow travelers – you now know where you must head for the upcoming long weekend. Kasol is a place that would never disappoint. I hope this plan will help you guys in your time in the valley. If you have any suggestions or alternative itineraries – please do share below!

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Also, I would love to hear more about your travel tales – any off-beat places we should cover, but haven’t? Do let us know!


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