Are you planning to go on one of the beautiful, hidden treks in Parvati Valley? Parvati Valley is a boon to whoever visits. With insanely beautiful flora and lush green valleys, Parvati Valley holds many secrets.

Some of the best treks of Himachal Pradesh lie in this region. Visitors of Parvati Valley are curious to get an answer for one question – what are the hidden or offbeat places or treks in Parvati Valley.

The best way to explore a region is, of course, getting deep into the depths. Given the wild beauty of the mountains of the region, it should be no surprise to anyone that there are plenty of treks scattered throughout the Valley. Here are some of the worthiest treks of Himachal one can embark upon.

Parvati Valley

Situated along the banks of Parvati River, Parvati Valley lies in the Greater Himalayan Range and climbs a steep height of over 5,000 meters. Of course, the beautiful mountain trails in the region catch everyone’s fancy and can span anywhere from a couple of hours to many days. Whatever catches your fancy and you can achieve by way of your physical strength is always a great idea when you are in this region.

Our previous article on Parvati Valley gives you an extensive idea of how to reach the region and other activities to partake in, so do read the extensive knowledge!

The might Himalayas as seen in Parvati Valley
The might Himalayas as seen in Parvati Valley

Easy Treks in Parvati Valley

Let us first start with some easy treks you can find near Kasol, the main hub of Parvati Valley.

1. Chalal Village

Chalal should not even qualify as a trek but a short hike. The 30-minute pleasant hike to the Chalal village from Kasol runs you through old-world charm and stunning scenic views. Get to chill by the river and walk over to this offbeat location in Himachal Pradesh.

The best time to visit this little hamlet of Chalal village is April-June. However, as the walk is effortless, one can easily cover it in any month – no matter rain or sunshine. The peace and tranquillity are addictive, and you may even want to spend a night or two here in case you have a luxury of time. The peace, seclusion, and quietness of Chalal will leave you spell-bound for a long while to come.

2. Tosh Village

Tosh forms a very simple trek. In fact, there is a road facility right up till Tosh Nala. Situated at a distance of 40 km from Kasol, Tosh requires a total trek of only 3-4 km from the village Barshaini.

Flowers and flora abound, one will be engulfed with blue poppies and Balsam in the early summer months, while winter months will bring about blankets of snow and splendor. You’ll be part of a happy tribe throughout your trek as Tosh is gaining popularity, and travelers are flocking to this quaint village.

Though, not as populated as the Mini Israel of Kasol, Tosh holds its own place when it comes to trance.

Onlooking snow-covered peaks near Malana Village
Onlooking snow-covered peaks near Malana Village

3. Rasol Village

Next on our list of easy treks in Parvati Valley is the trek to Rasol Village.

A two-hour trek from the magical wonderland of Kasol, Rasol (aka Rashol) provides insane views of mountains covered in thick pine forests and clouds up above overwhelming the blue skies. With some tricky patches in between, that will test your stamina, Rasol is a backpacker’s paradise.

Also, thanks to its untouched beauty, you’ll be blessed to be in the lap of Parvati Valley. No wonder Shivji spent thousands of years here, meditating. It is indeed a beautiful place.

Intermediate Treks in Parvati Valley

In this section, let us talk about some intermediate or moderate difficulty treks on your visit to Parvati Valley.

1. Kutla Glacier & Buddhaban

Taking a day to reach from Tosh, Kutla glacier is a relatively easy-moderate trek that will take you around 2 hours to complete in entirety. However, the untouched beauty of Himachal along the way will keep you mesmerized, and you’ll want to take a TONNE of breaks in between to enjoy and soak in the natural wonders.

Past the Rishi Jamdagni temple, the trail leads you up to a small waterfall where you’ll also spot distant snow-covered peaks. One should aim to spend some time, even a night, at Kutla and enjoy the serenity of the region.

The next day, you should move on to Buddhaband. Buddhaban in one such place located further to the north of the Tosh Village. Apart from the 1 km steep ascent near Kutla Village, the trail mostly easy and even.

Apple orchard, the scenic Kutla Village, Tosh River, and a wonderful looking Buddhaban campsite make the highlights of this short trek from Tosh Village near Kasol.

2. Grahan Village

10 KM hike from Kasol, Grahan is the dream trek – not too difficult, with patches that push you to your maximum capabilities. And oh, the views – not only at the end giving a feeling of accomplishment but also, during the entire trek, are spectacular. Grahan is a tiny hamlet along the Parvati Valley, with exceptional seclusion and many many bridges.

The deeper you head into the woods, the better the views get. Every turn will give you a Holy Cow, what beauty type feeling. After covering over 80% of the trek – the real question on whether to choose the longer but easier route or, the shorter but excruciating route would lie upon you. Both views have their pros and cons, but it is for you to decide how to move forward.

The terrain is rocky, so it is essential to complete your trek during the day – leave early in the morning for the same. Do visit the Grahan temple when you finally reach the village. Also, the food is delicious, the normal touristy trappings are minimal, and the villagers are wonderful. Spark a conversation to listen to the many stories of the region straight from a Local.

You can choose to camp out under the stars or, if you’re looking for extra comfort, try looking for homestay options in the region.

Parvati Valley Map
Parvati Valley Map

Difficult/Long Duration Treks in Parvati Valley

Now let’s look at some of the difficult or long-duration Parvati Valley treks.

1. Sar Pass Trek

Ah, the thrill of thrills! Sar Pass is the definition of stunning views on a trek. Encompassing overall 4-5 days from Kasol, the trek will keep you on your toes, thanks to the crazy beautiful meadows and the stunning night skies. The trek starts from Kasol and crosses Grahan Village.

It is no secret that the deeper you go into the mountains of Parvati Valley, the more beauty there is to witness. Surrounded by rhododendrons, the trails ahead of Grahan are isolated, but the views will keep you happy.

Post Grahan, you’ll spend your first night in Nagaru, which is reached through a difficult trek of 6-8 hours, requiring you to climb magnificent steep mountains of Parvati Valley. Reaching the top on day three will require patience and perseverance. However, sliding down mountains (carefully) is one of the best experiences in the region. Coming back is easy – the descent is not bad at all, but, one still requires to be careful.

Parvati Valley and the mammoth mountains
Parvati Valley and the mammoth mountains

2. Mantalai Lake Trek

Mantalai lake is where any story in the Parvati Valley begins. For this is the lake where the Parvati River originates. The sheer reverence this place holds is not something a lot of places in the Himalayas enjoy. Of course, you would not be disappointed – the lake lives up to its name and has all the grace one would think Shivji’s consort would have!

Every nook of the trek would offer you with views that will be etched in your memories forever. The picture-perfect views of the river taking shape amidst the deodar and pine trees, along with the backdrop of snow-capped mountains will be a source of great joy for those who take upon the arduous task of reaching the Mantalai Lake.

Importance of Mantalai Lake

One of the holiest lake in Hindu scriptures, Mantalai Lake is at a height of 13,500 ft. and falls on the way to the Pin Parvati Pass, this trek essentially forms one of the most difficult treks of the region. Sir Louis, who initially discovered this route was looking for an alternative route for Spiti Valley.

The insane views of the Pin Parvati are your accompaniment during the entire journey. Beginners and novices should not undertake this trek. Also, it is essential to have a guide with you for the trek. Acclimation is another important step to undergo before taking on this mammoth task. For this, stay over at Pulga before taking on the onward journey.

Also, one should avoid the winter months for embarking on this beautiful journey as the snow covers the mountains and the air is anyways sparse. You shouldavoidMonsoon season. June to October would be an ideal time for your journey to the gorgeous lake.

Essentially, when you’re heading over to the Mantalai lake, you’ll be covering all spots of importance in the Parvati Valley – Pulga, Kheerganga, Tunda Bhuj, and Thakur Kuan. Pandu Bridge and stories of Pandavas will also fall along the way. Overall, this trek will take you approximately nine days to cover, and you’ll be cut off from the world outside Parvati.

That beautiful Sunrise in Kasol
That beautiful Sunrise in Kasol

3. Pin Parvati Valley Trek

Moving on further ahead from Mantalai Lake, one moves into the Pin Parvati National Park, and if you thought you’d experienced tranquillity before, you’ll be in shock to see what lies ahead. While the trek in itself is challenging and should not be experimented with, the ardent trekkers, with the help and guidance of guides, can experience the glory of nature in its finest forms.

This trip can be accomplished by adding an extra three days into your itinerary of Mantalai Lake trek. The trek, of course, features gorgeous animals such as snow leopards to be spotted. You’ll be crossing water streams and ascending extremely steep mountains, and you’ll be camping on solid rocks – not the most comfortable.

However, the views will make up for everything and more. Keep moving ahead, and you’ll be on your way into the Spiti Valley. Be prepared to carry 10-15 KGs of equipment. Also, it is essential to keep your body hydrated.

4. Tirthan Valley Trek          

Another beautiful trek of the Great Himalayan National Park, the Tirthan Valley trek will take you around 4 days to accomplish. There are three major rivers flowing from the Park, Tirthan in the South, Sainj and Parvati in the North.

These rivers are essentially feeders of the Beas river in the Kullu-Manali valley. The landscapes of these valleys are quite similar. The rural and traditional character of the valley and its villages has been preserved which adds a unique flavor to this trek.

Waterfalls and sporadic portions of steep trek highlight the route for Tirthan Valley. The transition between Sainj and Parvati from Tirthan Valley is going to be the highlight of the trek.

The Many little hamlets in Parvati Valley
The Many little hamlets in Parvati Valley

5. Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Malana trek is one of the most famous treks of the region, if not Himachal Pradesh. The lure for the best hashish put Malana on the map; however, up ahead, the views keep evolving to show even more perplexing beauty in the region. Trekking in snow,, especially during the final climb towards the Chandrakashi Trek, is the icing on the cake for sure.

The trek is beautiful until the landscape changes when you approach the trekking pass. Be prepared for a lot of hard work that will take a toll on your body. First-time trekkers must be cautious about the height and the landscape. You will fall in love with this place while trekking in the mountains crossing the forests.

You will be repeatedly pointed out that you are alive. Once in awhile, such treks are needed, which can break your body but boost your faith in yourself. This pass enables a chance to witness the Pir Panjal range, Deo Tibba peak, and Parbati range in one line.

6. Sara Umga Trek

Looking to work hard and earn your views? Sar Umga is awaiting your arrival, eagerly. Taking eight days, this trek is difficult and will test your grit. Layers of clothes, proper trekking shoes and equipment, a guide, and sheer determination are what is required for conquering this particular mountain.

However, on the other side- the views will make you want to cry – for they are so beautiful. Starting from Ramsu, the importance of acclimatization is not being taken lightly. Lying on the historic Indo-Tibet route, this trek requires you to climb steep mountains, trek for hours on end, cross rivers, and be always prepared.

The challenging trek starts from the green pastures of Tosh Valley and takes you along the rugged landscape of Spiti Valley. With many beautiful meadows that your heart will pound simply looking at, this trek is based deep in the pine-forested mountains at extremely high altitudes. With a few glacial lakes splattered about, adding depth to your experience, you’ll also be covering Kullu’s highest peaks – Papasura and Dharamsura.

The Sara Umga Pass is at the height of 4900 m, is a challenging trek, and meant only for experienced trekkers. Though being a tough hike, the views of the central Lahaul and many impressive high-ranged peaks of over 6000+mts of the Chandra Bhaga range make an effort worthwhile!

Views to calm the soul - Magnificent Himalayas
Views to calm the soul – Magnificent Himalayas

Trekking in Parvati Valley

It is no secret that Parvati Valley holds a special place in everyone’s heart who has ever visited. Also, if you’ve only been to the star attractions of Kasol and even Tosh, you’re missing out on all that the Valley has to offer.

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Look out for more beauty and natural wonders that few have laid eyes upon and leave a piece of your heart in the place where Shivji was mesmerized – isn’t that something?

If you’re still unsure, please drop in some comments and we can guide you better on how to maneuver the beautiful Parvati Valley.


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