The Journey so far-

Day 2 – 7th March, 2010 | Udaipur – Chittorgarh – Delhi

Well it was the day of just driving and we knew driving in night is altogether different than driving in day with town traffic getting alive. We managed to somehow leave at 7.30 AM from Udaipur and target was to reach Chittorgarh for breakfast. Almost all the pictures clicked are in a moving car with few exceptions. There is nothing to write apart that we drive and drive and clicked photos and photos.

But when we almost reached Chittorgarh by pass we again took the wrong turn and landed up in deserted land from where Chittorgarh fort was visible, so we had some photo shots there. After taking the U-turn we had no option rather going through the Chittorgarh city and see when we will reach the express highway. After a 45 minutes drive through the city we were able to reach the highway for buzzing towards Delhi. There came no place to eat which was acceptable by my younger cousin and finally at 12.00 PM we had to stop at a Reliance Petrol station where the shed look nice.

There having the breakfast again only omelet was good and apart from the fact each one of us had a tongue burn due to the burning hot tomato inside the sandwich they had prepared.

We reached Jaipur around 2 PM and decided to stop and have some cold drinks. After Jaipur the highway was just not good and we had wasted too much time missing the Chittorgarh city bypass, so we were certain that at least it will take around 6 Hrs to reach our home. As were having cold drinks (believe me it was cold drink that time and moreover driver, me, didn’t have anything) in the car one of the white collar Rajasthani police cop stopped us and took my license for routine check. His assistant or senior whatever as****e you call him demanded 300 Rs to return the license else asked me that he will issue me a slip in charge of passenger not wearing the seat belt, submit my license in Jaipur court and I will have to come back to retrieve it. I asked him to issue me a challan and I will pay whatever the amount is for that and he said “Manne kanoon bateyga tu” (You will tell me the rules??). It was pathetic since everyone know one has to reach home and nobody can come back 300 KMs to get the license back taking an off from office. I was like pissed off that moment. Even abusing language will be ashamed if I use it for them. Well the lesson is never give your License and Car’s RC in hand of a police cop outside your local area. Just show them keeping that in your hand or best would be to have a duplicate copy.

Anyways after so much traffic on the Delhi-Jaipur highway with people ready to drive above you, giving a hand and turning anywhere they like on highway, it was big contrast after that smooth drive for 400 KMs. We finally reached my cousin’s place at 7.35 PM Gurgaon and my place Delhi at 8.00 PM. The crazy drive was over with more than 1400 KMs covered in almost 48 Hrs and yes Jaipur to Udaipur was a drive to remember for a long, long time. Being a passionate driver it was just like a paradise for me. Not to forget the BCMT meet which gave us the opportunity for this “ONE CRAZY DRIVE”

Conclusion is just visit Jodhpur and Jaiselmer for once at the end on the year and then only “apne pahaad” (mountains) are the best places to be and driving through them feels like driving to heaven at least to me.


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