The Journey so far-

First step was to take the room and lay down on bed to straighten my back and then order some breakfast from the hotel itself. After an hour rest breakfast arrived and as at many places only good thing good was bread omelets and Tea. We sufficed our stomach, got freshen up and went to see few BCMTians out on their bikes. Only few came driving rest all of them came riding, hats off to these guys. One of them suggested us to visit Sahilyon ki Baadi as it was the at walking distance. We went on to visit it and don’t have words for it :(. It was really sad place and that too when you have to pay to see it 🙁 although just 5 Rs. Moreover they charged extra for seeing the running fountains and from nowhere they looked like a fountain. But, we still managed to click few photographs there.

After this sad encounter we took the car and switched on the GPS to find the tourist places. We found Raja’s Palace and doodh talai and headed straight to it but as were to reach there the road there was so narrow it was as if we were in Sadar Bazar of Delhi. The road was getting narrow as we progress more and more so we decided to skip the palace and doodh talai. Someone told us that Sajjangarh is a nice place and is 6-7 KMs from here. Well it was a fort like structure being constructed as a Hotel or Heritage Hotel on the top vertex of the hill but since it’s under construction and secluded it was the lover’s point of Udaipur. You can view the entire Udaipur for the top there and can see the lakes have been dried up there with very less water in them. That didn’t sound perfect for the Lake city of India 🙁 After seeing the lakes we had no plans to visit any on them and had in our mind that lets spend some time at Sajjangarh and then have lunch on the way back. I must tell you that climb drive to Sajjangarh and vista from the top were the only two good experience we had in Udaipur apart from the BCMT meet. Here are so many pictures from the top and en-route to the top…

After an hour or so we decided to head back towards hotel and have lunch at nearby restaurant named “Hukaam”. Well the preparations of the food was nice and we filled our tummies up to the mark. Then we went on towards hotel to take some rest and the night was supposed to be the BCMT meet being dinner at the Hotel itself.

After couple of hour of sleep and I woke up and called Yogesh, founder of BCMT, to ask his where about and plans for the dinner. We met him and it was really great meeting someone taking his passion to such great heights and providing platform to others for sharing their experiences along with finding wealth of information to travel India. At around 8.00 PM I think that all started when more than 40 BCMTians were present with their relatives or friends in a single room. Admins and mods cut the cake and each one us had our share from that delicious cake. Well since it was the first ever all India meet I felt really great meeting these guys. There was a special guest as well “Ajit Harisinghani, author of one life to ride”. The man has ridden more than 8,00,000 KMs on bike :shocked: Then there was a Rajasthani special dinner serving “Daal – Bhaati – Choorma – Chutneys – Gatte ki Sabji”. It was really delicious and being the first time it tasted more great 🙂

After the dinner we had a nice long walk on the road and better to tell you that the air had extremely large oxygen content as each breathing was feeling like heaven. After that we had some byes and went to sleep as next early morning we had to leave for Home.

The Journey ahead-


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