Deoria Tal does not have much accommodation option available except the tented accommodation and one FRH for which officially the permission is required from either Rudraprayag or Gopeshwar. However, the caretaker may arrange the stay for you if you land there directly.

Camps at Deoriatal Lake
Camps at Deoriatal Lake

We stayed in the tents arranged by Mr. Hira Singh Negi (more details below) and Bharat Puspwan: 09719875326, 09456108780, who can also make arrangements in the FRH for you.

Let’s take a look at our experience on the stay in those tents and the rest of the complete review of our stay at this place in Uttarakhand.

Camps or Tents at Deoria Tal

Reflections in Deoria Tal…
Reflections in Deoria Tal


Well, below you can check some pictures of the camps at Deoriatal and views on offer from the Deoria Tal complex.

Closer look at our tents …
Views at Deoria Tal
Views at Deoria Tal
Tents are far away from here…
Views at Deoria Tal
A private tent…
Views at Deoria Tal
That’s Mr. Hira Singh Negi…
Hira Singh Negi at Deoria Tal


Bookings can be made by calling Bharat Puspwan: 09719875326, 09456108780, or Mr. Hira Singh Negi – 09410241543 or Mr. Surendra (09410367921, 08958329376). He is a one-stop solution for accommodation (tented or FRH), food, etc. at Deoriatal. He will make all the necessary arrangements for you to stay at Deoria Tal.

If required, they can also arrange the rooms at FRH, which has the toilets as well. If FRH is required, then contact him well in advance and tell him clearly that you will not stay in the tents/camps and need the FRH rooms anyhow.

Being less visited by tourists owing to fewer stay options and hike involved, no wonder Deoriatal comes in the list of offbeat places in Uttarakhand.


Although you can pay him whatever you feel worth for his efforts and your overall experience at Deoria Tal. But anyhow, now he charges about Rs 900-1200 per person per night, which includes dinner as well as breakfast and any round of tea or little snacks like boiled eggs or maggie. Since our experience was good, we gave him some extra for the same as it meant a lot to this nice old fellow.


The camps are located just at the Deoriatal and FRH is also present in the Deoriatal complex but on the other side of the lake and the dhabhas.


The road is not motorable to Deoriatal. You will need to park your vehicle at Sari Village at any empty, safe place you find first. The guides above will help you park the car at Sari Village if you ask him to come down to pick you near the BSNL tower. The parking is usually safe, at least it was safe for us.

Travel Tip: You can check out my list of places to play in snow or snowfall in Uttarakhand which are near Delhi.

Phone Facility

Phone facility and electricity is not available at Deoria Tal. Mobile signals for Airtel and Vodafone were not much at Deoria Tal, but BSNL and IDEA were working fine. You may find a bit poor connectivity in between at Deoria Tal.


Although there is a number of ATMs on the route as well and we used Chandrapuri ATM which comes after Agustmuni and before Syal Saur. Chandrapuri ATM is the closest ATM because I guess there is no ATM present at Ukhimath.

Petrol Pump

Nearest Petrol Pump is at Kund about 7-8 KMs before Ukhimath. I will suggest that you top-up the fuel either at Srinagar or Rudra Prayag.

You can also check the itinerary which I prepared for myself and followed to some extent only, at the below link: Itinerary | Chopta – Tunganath – Chandrashilla – Deoria Tal

Medical Assistance

You can get the medical assistance at Ukhimath town about 12-13 KMs away from Sari Village. There are medical shops present in the Ukhimath town as well.

Personal Experience

We stayed in tents with proper beds (2 in number) easily accommodating three persons. But, to beat the severe cold, we all decided to squeeze ourselves into one tent only on those two beds. I guess, in the night, it became uncomfortable with 4 of us on two beds, but none dared to go into the other tent in such extreme cold.

There were quilts as well, which were good in number to provide enough warmth. Overall it was a good choice, but due to our mistake of accommodating 4 in one tent with another tent remaining empty, it got uncomfortable in the night. I suggest if you visit then do not take more than three in on tent, two would be much much better.

Hira Singh Ji runs as dhabha over at Deoriatal, where you will have your meals prepared by him. I must say that at such a location, you cannot ask for better food and he prepared some decent meals for us. Dal and the local vegetable were tasty as well as spicy; however, the rice was partially cooked.

You should carry your cold drinks if you want to have some drinks up there as it could be possible that dhabha is out of stock with cold drinks. Mineral water was available with him, but again I will suggest carrying your own if it is out of stock.

Travel Tip: Did you know that you can also club a visit to Auli when visiting the Chopta region?

Attractions In-Around Deoriatal

Well, apart from Deoria Tal there is Tunganath Temple as well. There are locale temples of Usha and Anirudh, Shiva and Parvati at Ukhimath.

To get more details on the places you can check the links of travel guides for Tunganath and Deoria Tal below: Delhi to Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand | Travel Guide and Delhi to Tunganath Temple and Chandrashilla, Uttarakhand | Travel Guide

You should always carry your water bottle and refill it as many times as you need water. It will not only keep you hydrated always, but you will also help in saving the Himalayas from plastic garbage. Remember, every tiny step counts and your step in this direction can help save the Himalayas too !! 🙂 🙂

Personal Travelogues


If you are looking for a stay at Deoriatal either in camps or FRH then you must call Bharat Puspwan or Mr. Hira Singh Negi, I am sure you will not be disappointed by their arrangements at such a desolate place.

A few other people at Sari village arrange the camping accommodation at Deoria Tal, but I guess those guys run a show and kind of charge too much too. The arrangements by Bharat Puspwan or Mr. Hira Singh Negi or Surendra are genuine and authentic, though. You can also contact another guide to this region named, Satish Singh: 09410096645.

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If you know your friends or family are planning a trip to Deoriatal, do share this article with them to help them make a memorable trip.


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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  2. Ashutosh Negi on

    Local Guide from Sari Village Deoriatal
    DeoriaTal, best camping Destination.

    If any Travellers are coming to Deoriatal
    , contact us 8937985464, 9410505374

    Hotel&Tent available

    Adventure Camping and local seen sights

    Thanks for visit Deoriatal

  3. Aham Sharma on

    Many guides in Sari & Deoriatal have started charging 2000 per person per night which is too much and some of them have bad reviews as pointed out by other comments.
    I got it for much less price (with Tungnath + Chandrashila peak trek). I don’t remember his name but his number is 7838966603 and service was better than we expected.
    This region is the best trekking place for beginners.
    THANK YOU DOW! for this lovely blog.


    We 4 members stayed at Deoriatal in the month of October,2017. The tent accommodation had been arranged by HEERA SING. Very sorry to say that it was a worst experience to us . Very bad management by Heera Sing. I never suggest anyone to stay at deoriatal tal under the management of Heera Singh.

  5. Vikram Malik on

    Hi Dheeraj, This is Maj Vikram Malik. Do please let me know how to contact you in case I want to have a conversation regarding this trek. I am planning one in Oct end. You may contact me at 9711359970. Thanks!

    • Vikram, some guides contact details are mentioned in the article above and linked article to Travel Guide of Deoria Tal. Please call them and check the details.

      Else for any travel related questions, you can post them here or in the Travel Question section of this website.

  6. Joydeep Guha on

    Planning to visit Deoriatal in 2nd week of October. Already contacted Heera Singh Negi and set up a deal with him. he is charging Rs 800 per day per head for porter, meal, and accommodation. Will be staying in tent. Any idea about ‘attached toilets’ around the tent? I have seen it mentioned in some of the forums.

    Also, we are planning to visit Chandrashila from Tungnath (after an overnight stay at Tungnath), before sunrise. We will need a guide for that. Do we get a guide from Tungnath itself, or do we need to hire someone from Chopta?


    • Joyedeep, there aren’ any attached toilets AFAIK. It is a camping ground and no toilet is set up. It will be a private tent with a dry pit may be. In case you will be carrying your stuff then you need a guide else the path is paved and there won’t be any snow, so it should be OK to travel without guide as well. But if you want to carry stuff and surely have a guide with you, then you can get in touch with Bharat mentioned in the travel guide article above.

      • Joydeep Guha on

        thank you Dheeraj.

        I am thinking to hire a guide for my Chandrashila trek from Tungnath, before sunrise. I guess due to the unavailability of paved path, and relative difficulty of the trek, it will be advisable?

        • Joydeep, it is always wise to accompany a local guide, so it will never do harm in any way. Settle the day fee with him upfront. Did you get the number?

  7. Thanks a ton ! i went last year and enjoyed the trip .Hira singh was awesome !

  8. Umendra singh negi on

    Good evening sir,
    I’m Umendra singh negi from sari village Ukhimat deoriatal, I thanks for you to update my name or mobile no in your website,
    But here I saw the mobile no and name only surendra and heera singh, when we are doing same service before him, to
    Provide – – – trekking, camping, adventure (full accommodations)
    Can you update with him please sir
    My full address
    Umendra singh Negi (certified by N. I. M utttrakashi)
    Father name – -Murli singh Negi (a mountnier by qualified by N. I. My utttrakashi)
    Village post sari Ukhimat uttrakhand
    Mobile – – +918958647802, +919456534062
    Our service is cheap and best

  9. Hi Dheeraj,

    I’m planning a trek to deoria tal from chopta including Tunganath and chadra shila. I want to know if we can camp by ourselves if we have the gear. We are planning the trek in late May. Any information will be very helpful.

    • Yes Uttam, you can pitch your own camps. You need to pay for camping fees at the Forest Checkpost hut up there at the Deoria Tal. For tunganath, you can pitch your camp near the temple and then from there you can hike to Chandrashilla.

      • WOw..thats good to know and thanks for a prompt reply. Great work has been put into this website, I can tell. Thanks again.
        Any info as in how much will be the fees in the forest house?


    hi Dhiraj,
    pl. inform whether there is any accomodation for night stay at tunganath temple? and how to book.

  11. Tamasa Maitra on

    We went to deoriya tal in oct.2014.We were literally robbed by heera singh.he charged 5800 INR for three people in two days.I suggest not to contact this person.

  12. sayon ghosh on


    • Toilets are not available in tents but will be there at Forest Rest House up there at Deoria Tal. The guides mentioned above should be able to help you up with it 🙂

  13. Dr. Soumyadeep Biswas on

    Good Morning Dheerajji,
    Its just an amazing account that you have provided in your article. I am planning to visit the place at February end or first week of March, next year. As I trek alone or in a group of maximum 2 persons, do you think that it will be quite ok to visit the place during the aforementioned time? Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day.


    • Dr. Soumyadeep, you can surely trek to Deoria Tal in March. We did it in thrid week of MArch and it was quite a fun. I hope you are accustomed to cold climate as it will be snow and ccold up there while staying in tents.

  14. Dr. Ashok K. Ghosh on

    Went to Deoriatal in November 2012, trekking from Sari village. Trekking route though short was teeming with wild life. Saw grey jungle fowl, macaque, weasel like animal with orange belly and many birds. Deoriatal is a paradise.

  15. recently(16th November2012) i visited deoriatal by my bike..really a untouched beauty is there.heera singh ji relaced by some other person but surender singh was there.i spend whole night at private tent..during midnight some foxes came near to my tent.experience can not be express in word,what i felt in deorital.

    • Thanks for the updates brother, I can understand the place is such that you get lost into the magic of mother nature there. Do you happen to have updated contacts?

      • there is no ownership at both dhaba at deorital..actually there is lottery system by tourism lucky draw winner person get the chance to run the dhaba for two years at deorital.when i asked to surender that where is heera ji?he said his 2 years tenure ends he is replaced by some other person.

  16. hi dheeraj.. one more importent thing that tungnath tample is going to close for winters at 3rd Nov. 2012. in 9th oct we saw frist snow fall of the session at chandra shila top..

  17. we recently visited, deoria tal, in 10th oct 2012. meet heera singh & his family, we were on bikes, heera singh arrange camping & safe parking for our bikes,at a resonable price, the another person at deoria tal is mr. surendra who will serve u food drinks in a ziffy & with a smile, he operates a dhaba at deoria tal,i think he knows the mean of atithi devo bhavah,, is was a wonderful experiance at camping in deoria tal.people who want to see untuch beauty of nature n peace deoria tal is best place for that..

    • Thanks alot Amit. Yes, it is an amazing place to be in virgin beauty still free from human invasion as it requires a hike 🙂 … Do you happen to have the contact of this guy Surendra as well?


      • mr. surendra no. 09410367921, 08958329376 he is a nice guy, n he,ll arrange camping & food for staying..

        • Thanks alot AMit for all these details. I have updated the articles with these contacts as well. I am sure it will be helpful for many who would be traveling to this amazing place – Deoria Tal 🙂

          Dheeraj Sharma

  18. jhulan dasgupta on

    i also mentioned a name satish singh a guide at deoriatal, a realy an excellent boy and do every thing for the guest.

  19. Manish Maheshwari on

    I visited the Deoriya Tal on 29-30th Dec, 2011. I met Heera Singh Negi. There was a request from Heera Singh and his son Prithvi that if somehow I could have his name corrected on the web-site, that will really be great. Please note his name is Heera Singh and not Heera Chand. Thanks and regards,