There are quite a number of accommodation options available at Sam Sand Dunes, Jaislemer. However, most of them are tented (guess all of them) with only Sam Dhani, RTDC being the exception. Sam Dhani, RTDC offers the choice of cemented rooms as well as the tented accommodation for a night stay at Sam Sand Dunes, Jaislemer. Let’s look at the complete review –

Hotel Sam Dhani, RTDC, Jaiselmer

View from Hotel Sam Dhani, Jaiselmer
Hotel Sam Dhani, RTDC, Jaiselmer

Well, below you can check some pictures of the Sam Dhani Hotel and the views it offers of Sam Sand Dunes…

Rooms at Hotel Sam Dhani, Jaiselmer
Hotel Sam Dhani, RTDC, Jaiselmer
Hotel Sam Dhani, RTDC, Jaiselmer
Bonfire at Hotel Sam Dhani, Jaiselmer
Hotel Sam Dhani, RTDC, Jaiselmer
Hotel Sam Dhani, RTDC, Jaiselmer
Sunrise from Hotel Sam Dhani, Jaiselmer
Hotel Sam Dhani, RTDC, Jaiselmer

You can check for the bookings by calling phone number: 03014-207344 or check the official RTDC Website for Hotel bookings at the following link: Hotel Sam Dhani RTDC Online Booking

Do not trust the staff at the Hotel Moomal, Jaislemer for bookings as few of them sometimes send you to some other privately run business not Sam Dhani, RTDC in order to reap the benefits of handsome private commissions. So, do the booking yourself or else take the Sam Dhani, RTDC booking slip from the money you paid to the guy. One of them fooled us but we managed to reach Sam Dhani on our own and raised the matter to the manager, who accepted the glitch.


The price is a bit steep about Rs 2000 for cottages and Rs 1500 for tented accommodation on twin sharing basis. This includes 2 meals as well (breakfast and dinner). Well, Camel Safari, Snacks, Tea/Soup and Cultural Program are charged extra for about Rs 350 – Rs 400 per person.


It is situated right at the start of Sam sand dunes and you can easily locate it on your right side as soon as you reach Sam sand dunes. There is a big, tarred empty space in front of the hotel complex.


There is ample of space to park your vehicle at Sam Sand Dunes.

Phone Facility:

Phone facility along with STD is also available at the Hotel and they may charge for the calls you opt to make. Mobile signals for Airtel as well as BSNL works too.


No ATM is located nearby and you can find an ATM only in Jaiselmer.

Petrol Pump:

Nearest Petrol Pump again will be available in Jaiselmer about 45 KMs.

Medical Assistance:

Again there is nothing in the vicinity and you need to reach back Jaiselmer to get any medical assistance.

Personal Experience:

We stayed in the cottage not in the tents and I can say that Sam Dhani cottage room was the most comfortable of all the RTDC hotels we stayed on the trip. The rooms were round in shape, spacious and comfortable. The cleanliness was also up to the mark, in fact the best among all three RTDC hotel we stayed on our Rajasthan Trip. The attached toilets were also clean and had basic bath fittings. The views of Sand Dunes from the window was also pretty nice and there was ample space for sitting outside the rooms from where you can enjoy the views of Sam sand dunes to the distance.

There was a dinning hall where you can have your meal. Since, there isn’t any other option than to eat in the hotel complex, you have to live by the taste they offer. The food, I will say was monotonous on the whole Rajasthan trip and if you had been staying in other RTDC hotels on the previous days of the trip then you will find similar taste. However, it was not bad at all rather the best among all.

There was a bonfire place at the center where the cultural program is conducted in the evening. The staff was courteous too and offered nice hospitality there.

Attraction In-Around Hotel:

There is nothing but what you come to see, the "Sand Dunes". However, there was also a Desert National Park about 40 odd KMs ahead of Sam Dhani, where you can spot the wildlife too incase you are lucky enough.

Personal Travelogues:

If you are looking for cemented room stay, which I prefer over tented ones then I guess Sam Dhani is a nice place for stay. However, being RTDC i.e. GOVT. types, you will not get the flashy things of cultural program with DJ that private operators are offering in the vicinity. Also, the tourists who stayed in the tents had issues with the cold wind blowing in the night and the cottage in which we slept was too cozy for that wind to act on us :)…


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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  2. Hi, thanks for all info. I am not able to find out about how we can reach this place from railway station, taxis or buses and what are the fares for the same.

    • Namita, you will be able to get a taxi from Jaiselmer Railway station for sure. I am not sure about the prices since I traveled by my own car.

      • Many thanks for the response!, will check out at the station as you mention.

  3. Hi Dheeraj,
    Nice pictures. I am planning to go to jaisalmer in Mid Feb with husband and a kid of 16 months. Would you suggest to stay in a swiss tent? I was planning to stay in a tent just for a change from the cemented rooms, however your feedback will help. Have you got the feedback of any private organizers who has sam dune safari packages. Pls suggest.

    • Sorry Trupti, I did not opt for any private organizer, just intended to mostly prefer the tourism ones. So cannot suggest on it.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  4. Sabyasachi Chatterjee on

    Dheeraj bhai,
    need help !! 🙂

    i am planning for a trip to Rajasthan in the x-mas vacation. Hereby m sharing my itinerary which will start off from Ahmedabad..

    I kind;y req you to do the needful scrutinee if needed 🙂

    along with that…the places where m thinking for night stay..if u provide a list of trusted hotels like u generally do for Ladakh (biased !! :))…

    23/12 – ahmedabad | ajmer (aravalli exp)
    24/12 – pushkar + sightseeing | reaching Jaipur by night service bus.
    25/12 – exploration day in jaipur | night bus service to Jodhpur.
    26/12 – exploration day in Jodhpur | night train (jaisalmer exp) for Jaisalmer.
    27/12 – exploration day.
    28/12 – exploration day.
    29/12 – reaching barmer by road from Jaisalmer.
    30/12 – barmer to munabao by train & return on same day.
    31/12 – train to jodhpur (14888,24888) | same day train for Ahmedabad from Jodhpur (12479).
    01/01 – Ahmedabad

  5. Nikhil Yadav on

    Hi Dheeraj…
    Great blog, nicely written articles and all basic things covered during the trip presented nicely..
    I am planning to goto Sam Dhani resort in somewhere around Dec end (25th dec) most probably, I wanted to know about
    1.the best route, as I will be driving down there
    2. is it possible to drive till jaisalmer in a single day from gurgaon?
    3.from jaipur to jaisalmer anyother place to be seen?
    4. i want a relaxing holiday (just eat drink and relax) so is that a good resort to stay in??? I have tried the Jhoomar Baori in Ranthambore and totally loved the experience of that place one of the best heritage properties, just had 2 jungle safaris a day and then relax, this is what I want it to be here also…
    5. I am looking for a swiss tent option as I want to experience it also, will it be good considering Dec??
    6. What about the food at the resort good/bad/average…

    Any other thing if you need to add, I will be glad to know..

    Thanks in advance..
    Nikhil Yadav

    • Hello Nikhil,

      Thanks alot buddy!!

      1. Well, both routes are good to go and I feel you should do the circuit. Delhi – Bikaner – Jaiselmer – Jodhpur – Jaipur – Delhi or in reverse. Both have their own tastes and lovely grasslands you pass through is just amazing feeling.

      2. It would be very difficult and long drive in that sense, better avoid it.

      3. In between you should halt at Jodhpur.

      4. Well, nothing much there apart from you driving and relaxing on roads. Not sure, how much relaxing it would be in sun and seeeing the same Sand Dunes throughout the day. Also, you might need to carry own things especially drinks as I did not see over there being serverd in the complex though Hotel Moomal had a bar in it.

      5. People did complaint about the tents as it got too chilly during night that time of the year when I was there in December. We did not have any problem in the rooms, so will suggest go with rooms.

      6. Food at resort was Average types not too good not too bad.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know in case you have any queries or doubts.


  6. Great blog 🙂 Whats the ideal time to visit Jaisalmer . Is travelling in May a bad decision to make ? Concerned about the heat but only time we can make it . Also are the rooms ac ? Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi Dheeraj,

    Nice article! We are going to stay there on Jan end for one night in Swiss Tents.

    Few queries:

    Please let me know how the Swiss tents are.

    How do we reach there? How to go for desert safari?

    How was the restroom?

    Waiting for your reply…

    Thanks ,


    • Hi Suman,

      I stayed in cemented rooms which were quite nice and comfortable. But, regarding swiss tents I didn't have good feedback in the morning from the guys who stayed in them. They were pretty cold in the night and in one of the tents there was a hole which kept the cold breeze flow into the tents. So, not sure about availability but if possible try to book the room at Sam Dhani or else inspect the tents thoroughly before check-in, atleast for any holes.

      For desert Safari, they charge about Rs 100 for a ride to the sunset point. I guess the Sam Dhani guys may arrange that for you in the package that includes cultural program in the evening with snacks as well. So, go with that package. Of course, if you want a longer ride deep into the desert then you need to bargain yourself for it with them.

      In the rooms, restrooms were clean and maintained properly but I am not sure about the Swiss tents rest rooms. However, I didn't hear any complaints regarding them next morning while having the chat with one of the family who stayed there.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know for any doubts or queries you have.


    • Santanu, thanks for liking the pictures. I will wish that you soon make a trip to Jaislemer to see these golden sand dunes and of course the lovely sunset over them.

      Dheeraj Sharma