There are quite a number of accommodation options available in Jaiselmer. Since, we did not wanted to take any chance with the private hotels and had good time so far with the HPTDCs, GMVNs, KMVNs in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand we thought RTDC would be the best choice. Without second thought, we went to Hotel Moomal, RTDC in Jaislemer but there were quite few surprises waiting for us.

Hotel Moomal RTDC, Jaiselmer

Here is the complete review ofHotel Moomal, RTD, Jaiselmer in Rajasthan –


Well, below you can check some pictures of the Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer, RTDC…

Outside complex of Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer
Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer
Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer

You can check for the bookings by calling phone number:

Contact Person: Mr. SPS Bedi
Mobile: +91 9414014591
Tel: +91-2992-252392
Fax: +91-2992-252492

Also you can check the official RTDC Website for Hotel bookings at the following link: Hotel Moomal RTDC Online Booking

Do not trust the staff at the Hotel Moomal, Jaislemer for bookings as few of them sometimes send you to some other privately run business not Sam Dhani, RTDC in order to reap the benefits of handsome private commissions. So, do the booking yourself or else take the Sam Dhani, RTDC booking slip from the money you paid to the guy. One of them fooled us but we managed to reach Sam Dhani on our own and raised the matter to the manager, who accepted the glitch.


The price is a bit steep about Rs 1400 for a standard room which we took. I found that the prices of RTDC hotels not worthy enough when compared to the facilities, room comfort and cleanliness they offer. I guess they tend to charge tourists so much owing to the fact that they have just few months of tourist rush which is in winters but that is not fair at all if they give such a sh**. Also, the RTDC hotels sometimes gives you a feeling that you have entered some GOVT. Hospital or GOVT. Office and doesn’t feel like being a hotel. Anyways these are my personal views. Check the latest prices of Hotel Moomal at the following: Hotel Moomal RTDC Online Booking


It is located on the Sam Sand Dunes road just adjacent to the Air force Museum. As you enter in Jaiselmer from the main highway, continue going straight until you reach a T-Section. At the T-section you will see a fighter plane standing in the air force museum and just adjacent to that museum, towards right, you will find Hotel Moomal.


There is ample of space to park your vehicle in the at Hotel Moomal RTDC, Jaiselmer.

Phone Facility:

All the major mobile networks work in Jaiselmer and you will not face any issues with phone connectivity.


ATM is also available in Jaiselmer.

Petrol Pump:

You can find the petrol pump easily in Jaiselmer.

Medical Assistance:

You can find the medical assistance easily in Jaiselmer.

Personal Experience:

We stayed in the standard room at Hotel Moomal. The outside complex of the hotel was nice and spacious. The corridors made us feel again that we are in some GOVT. office or hospital and standard room was not even fine enough when you see Rs 1400 odd has been charged for it. The beds don’t know they were beds rather manji or charpai were making all types of creaking noise while you change positions in sleep. The cleanliness and overall interior was also below average and it was just a type of place where you can just spend the night if you have no choice and leave as soon as possible with first rays of light in the morning. There were spiders in the attached bathroom and it lacks basic bath fittings. All this at a price of 1.4 K was making me feel frustrated.

Rooms of Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer
Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer
Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer
Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer
Bathroom at Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer
Hotel Moomal Jaiselmer

The staff was nice to talk to and helpful apart from the one at the reception the first night. He cheated us with the bookings of Sam Dhani Hotel at Sam Sand Dunes. He took the money and didn’t give us the receipt and asked that with the final settlement he will give the receipt. Ultimately, we came to know that he wanted to send us to some private tented accommodation at Sam sand dunes not the RTDC Sam Dhani :shock:… Well all over Rajasthan the internal staff are like agents of some private operator and sell their services to tourists so as to earn themselves handsome commissions instead of promoting RTDC. Beware of this fact and ALWAYS ask for the receipt whenever you pay money to them.

There was a dinning hall where you can have your meal. There is a bar as well in the hotel complex but the entry -  exit is from outside the lobby area. The food tasted OK types but you may like it for the first time being on the lighter side. We had been eating same monotonous food for quite sometime on the trip, so didn’t enjoyed to the level of satisfaction.

There is a lot of room for improvement on the CLEANLINESS as well as the standard of COMFORT at Hotel Moomal RTDC, Jaiselmer. I will say it was POOR when compared to price they charge for the room.

Attraction In-Around Hotel:

You can visit all the Jaiselmer local sightseeing spots including Gadisar Lake, Patwon Ki Haveli, Salim Ki Haveli, Sonar Fort, Lodurva , Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes etc which are not very far from the Hotel.

Personal Travelogues:


If you are one of those who prefer GOVT. hotels for being secure and do not count too much on luxury, good looks and comfort and even CLEANLINESS in this case, then you may opt for this Hotel. However, at such prices if you search a bit, I am sure that you can surely get a far better and comfortable deal at some private property or hotel in Jaislemer city. I will NOT RECOMMEND a stay at Hotel Moomal RTDC, as they didn’t even had the basics right i.e. cleanliness and comfort.

Have you ever stayed at Hotel Moomal or in any RTDC Hotel? If yes, please share your experience with us as well. I will look forward for your suggestions and inputs on the same in the comments section.


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