Goa is a place for parties, fun and enjoyment. Anyone who visits Goa, desire to visit this rich, fun-filled atmosphere again and again. However, it is very important to know a place worth staying or worth staying AWAY :)… I will just give a brief account on one of the cheap option of stay named "Monte Villa" situated very near to the Candolim Beach of Goa but worth staying AWAY. On our trip to Goa we stayed at his place for three hours and we really will not suggest unless you are okay with the shabbiness of the rooms of hotel or are spending most of the time away from the room even time of night as well. Check my trip at Delhi to Goa | Valentine’s Trip

Candolim Beach Road…

Murrod Road connecting Candolim Beach in Goa


Booking can be done by calling Mr. Arnold Mascarenhas and he will keep your rooms ready. I think overall there are 8 to 10 rooms with a rooftop restaurant. Here are the contact details,

Address: Mr. Arnold Mascarenhas, Murrod Vaddo, Candolim, Bardez, Goa – 403515

Mobile/Contact No: +919960070344, +919923880880, +918322489344

Email: motevilla@rediffmail.com


Well, we were charged 600 Rs per day with cost of water bottles extra but since it was the carnival and valentines time every hotel or guest house had a high price curve. So, there must be scope of bargain in it as well. The cleanliness and comfort were really below standard which we didn’t enjoy. The beds were making all kinds of creaking sound and washrooms were even average types We had to leave the room by paying the full rent for one day in just three hours because the blanket which we were shredding just before going to sleep had a LIZARD inside it :shock:… We felt very uneasy after that in the room and had to leave the hotel in the night itself. The only candy was the roof top restaurant but that you would be rarely used on a road which offers on of the best dine-ins / cuisines in Goa. We finally stayed at Ezue Bia Guest House, Candolim Beach which was an awesome stay I would say, in my opinion.


The Guest House is located just left-side from the Murrod beach road connecting the Candolim Beach. It is one a side road which is just on the left side right at the end of Murrod beach road. When going towards Candolim Beach, you will see the left cut just before the beach entrance. This whole street is full of exciting dining areas and some very delicious ones. Don’t forget a meal or two at Angaara Restaurant which is almost in the premises of Ezue Bia Guest House. The cook there is amazing.


Pictures may better define the words and but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the room due to our brief and bad stay 🙁


As far as our experience was concerned, it was just pathetic. We had to leave the hotel in the middle of night because some lizards were thrown out of our blanket when we tried to dust it off by shedding it :cry:… It didn’t even lasted four hours and we had to pay full amount to the owner as he didn’t accepted the ill-cleanliness fact. The other thing which I didn’t like and was common to other hotels in Goa was that "Even drinking water was excluded in the room rent". Something I never saw anywhere in the past. But thank god that they don’t charge for bathing water ;). Overall the place was neither comfortable nor clean as per our taste 🙂 and the food served at the roof top restaurant was not even good on a road that offers varieties of cuisines almost all hours of the day :)…

In fact you should definitely have a meal at Angaara Restaurant which is almost in the premises of the Guest House. The street in front is full of night life but keep in mind that at Candolim Beach you will not find younger generation of tourists. It’s a beach dominated by old age people/foreigners but it’s very very calm due to lack of vendors/sellers etc., uneasy elements and local crowd… A nice to place to enjoy sea…


The place is only advisable if you are OK with living in sub-standard rooms although not too much bad in shape but ye they were if you are looking for comfort. It may suit people like college/school guys who are looking for fun or people looking for longer stay in Goa and would mostly spend the time outside the Hotel.It is very economic option of stay in Goa and that too stone’s throw from Candolim Beach as well as a street full of restaurants offering multiple cuisine.If for you, the hotel room will act as just the place to sleep a bit and freshen-up a bit then this place would definitely suit you on economic terms for sure. I am sure no couple (married/unmarried) would like to take it on due to cleanliness and comfort on offering.

I guess Ezue Bia Guest House, Candolim Beach is a far far better choice that this one.


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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  2. Hello .2 adult 2 children (5 and 9years).cando lim not far from the beach.from 24 December to 14 January. Apartment or house with kitchen

  3. Hi Dheeraj,
    I am have a plan to visit GOA – oct/06-12 with my family (Wife and Son), is this place still the same like you describe above ? if not can you please suggest me some other place to stay.

  4. Fabian White on

    We were a group of 15 that stayed here for 3 days and I must say that this is an excellent value for money proposition in Goa given the fact that every other person in Goa is looking to rip you off at the earliest. The room’s and the toilets are basic and a special mention of the hospitality the family extends to all staying there. I strongly recommend this for anyone that’s looking for a home stay at an excellent value for money proposition.

  5. went back again for a visit, yet again good value, beds good, so still dont know where this person stayed

    • Hey Bob,

      I have posted what I have experienced and you are posting what you have experienced over there. I stayed in Monte Villa run by Mr. Arnold, it had some sought of beauty parlor on the ground floor and had orangish/red colored building and I am sure you must have stayed there ONLY. If some lizard runs outta your bed or mattress you are sure to be pissed off or aren't you??? Still I have just reviewed it based on 4-5 hours stay over there and my cousin and his fiancee didn't have any issue staying there for longer period. I am just saying it wasn't my taste at all. Having said that before marriage I have stayed in many of the ill maintained places but going by my comfort level, I wasn't very much happy.

      Even the guy at the roof top restaurant behaved in quite an ill manner and the owner told us that there is about 10 or 20% discount (don't remember exactly) and when we asked that guy he in turn asked us to go down and get that in written. Going down was not the issue but the manner in which he replied WAS!!! Perhaps, they treat things differently with foreigners or perhaps we were caught in wrong time… who knows!!! But, instead of complaining where we stayed I guess you should accept the other perspective of it as well.

      In the end, I am glad that you had a great stay there…

      Dheeraj Sharma

  6. Amol Shivarkar on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are going on 6th Oct to 9th Oct and will visit North Goa as you mentioned that this is good for decent night life, decent crowd, sports activities.

    • Hey Amol,

      I hope you are including a weekend if yes, then do not miss the Ingo's Saturday Night Market at Arpora. It is quite an experience. For North Goa, I will suggest something below –
      First I will suggest you make any one of Baga or Candolim as base to explore North Goa. Baga and Calungate have too much rush all time. I will suggest either opt Candolim, if you want little peaceful time as well and keep exploring other beaches of North Goa from Candolim. It has quite number of economic guest houses (2 reviews are already there in Hotel Review section) and lots of cuisines option. But, keep in mind the Candolim beach is dominated by old generation of people not young crowd too much. But, it is quite peaceful to stay. Though Anjuna is great in terms of young crowd and fun and other stuff too (I hope you understand what I mean ;)) but I will say better avoid it. Angaara Restaurant is great at Murrod road on Candolim beach. Do try a meal there. Now, assuming you will stay at Candolim Beach (you can replace it by any you like and rest may remain same) —

      Oct 6 – Reach Goa, Candolim Beach, rest for few hours and then hire Bikes or Activa, explore Candolim Beach and Murrod road in the evening/night. Relax there. Night stay at Candolim.
      — In the night you can check Tittos night club at Baga beach

      Oct 7 – Head to Baga Beach for Water Sports activities if they are ON. Baga has one of the cheapest water sports and don't forget to bargain hard.
      — Do not miss a meal (breakfast or lunch or both) at Brittos, Bagga. Awesome just!!
      — In the evening, go for a ride to Vagator Beach and go to Chapora fort (Dil Chahta Hai one) at the sunset.
      — Arrive late back to Candolim guest house for the night stay. It is total safe to ride.drive anytime in Goa. We came back from party at 3 AM in the night and we were two couples.

      Oct 8 – Wake up late, have breakfast and rest till noon and then head for Anjuna beach for rest of the day and night.
      — Enjoy, relax and explore things at Anjuna beach
      — Visit Ingo's Saturday Night Market at Arpora (near Anjuna)
      — Either go back to Candolim for night rest or come back to Anjuna after exploring he market at Paradiso Night Club. Again great places.

      Oct 9 – Back Home

      Since, I do not know the arrival/depart times, you can get an idea from the above itinerary and if you have any doubts may be we can tweak/discuss accordingly.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  7. Amol Shivarkar on

    Hi Dheeraj. Am back again to trouble you. After a wonderful trip at Leh Ladakh am planning to visit Goa. Could you please guide me or give Travel Itineraries for 3 days for Goa trip.

    • Hey Amol,

      Nice to see you back here buddy. Well, for Goa first you should decide what you want from the trip. If you are looking for calm beaches and less rush then prefer South Goa else you want some decent night life, decent crowd, sports activities etc prefer North Goa. Let me know your choice, I will suggest the itinerary accordingly. Also, September and October-Mid are usually not the season to visit Goa and not too much of sports activities AFAIK due to high tides I believe. If you are planning then plan for second half of October or late.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  8. Bob Philp on

    I dont know where the person was staying our family stayed there for 17days and have nothing but praise for Arnold and Mel, we were treated like family, as for the food we enjoyed it so much we even learned to cook it,and will be going back.

    • Thanks for your replies and very nice to know that you enjoyed your stay. I agree that Arnold was good in hospitality but this is what happened to us. I think we stayed on the first floor room in the extreme right corner. We didn't had a good stay 🙂 though. As I said, we were looking for something more comfortable and clean 🙂

  9. Ginger Sansoucie on

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