Goa is a place in India where you can enjoy beaches with lots of parties to the core of the night. The environment runs mainly by the tourists alongside the beach areas. Hence, there is no lack of Hotels, Guest Houses etc. But, what would be more better than a place to stay from where you have beach just at the walking distance and a street full of exotic dine/restaurants on the gate itself. Great!!! I would say. But, I know you would be thinking that there would be tones of places in Goa but they are most like to dig a big hole in your pocket/wallet. But, there exist a similar place at Candolim Beach, Goa which won’t be heavy on your pocket and do provide a very, very comfortable stay. The place is called Ezue Bia Guest House, run by an old lady which is just 200 odd Meters from Candolim Beach. On our trip to Goa we stayed at his place for three days and we really enjoyed it. Check my trip at Delhi to Goa | Valentine’s Trip

Candolim Beach Road…

Murrod Road connecting Candolim Beach in Goa

Booking can be done by calling the old lady and he will keep your rooms ready. I think overall there are five to six rooms, so do book them in advance and ask for a room with Balcony. Here is the contact details,

Address: Mrs. Rose Desouza, Murrod Beach Road, Candolim, Bardez – Goa

Mobile/Contact No: +919637556065, 01793619430


Well we were charged 900 Rs per day with cost of water bottles extra but since it was the carnival and valentines time every hotel or guest house had a high price curve. The cleanliness, comfort, calmness and the lawn up front were just worth the money spent. I strongly feel it could be bargained anywhere between Rs 600- Rs 900 depending on the season time.


The Guest House is located just on the Murrod Beach road connecting the Candolim Beach behind Angaara Restaurant. When going towards Candolim Beach, you will see restaurant with two giant TV screens and it’s just opposite to that restaurant. The whole street is full of exciting dining areas and some very delicious ones. Don’t forget a meal or two at Angaara Restaurant which is almost in the premises of Ezue Bia Guest House. The cook there is amazing.

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Pictures may better define the words and Here are some of the pictures which may help you judging the place…

First Look…Ezue Bia Guest House Behind Angaara Restaurant…

Ezue Bia Guest House at Candolim Beach in Goa

Ezue Bia Guest House Behind Angaara Restaurant…

Ezue Bia Guest House behind Angaara restaurant at Candolim Beach in Goa

Rooms at Ezue Bia Guest House…

Rooms in Ezue Bia Guest House at Candolim Beach in Goa
Rooms in Ezue Bia Guest House at Candolim Beach in Goa
Rooms in Ezue Bia Guest House at Candolim Beach in Goa
Rooms in Ezue Bia Guest House at Candolim Beach in Goa

Lawn at Ezue Bia Guest House…

Garden or lawn in Ezue Bia Guest House at Candolim Beach in Goa
Garden or lawn in Ezue Bia Guest House at Candolim Beach in Goa

As far as our experience was concerned, it was just amazing. We had a great time staying there and the old lady was very helpful and compromising in keeping our luggage long after the check out on the final day. The only thing which I didn’t like and was common to other hotels in Goa was that "Even drinking water was excluded in the room rent". Something I never saw anywhere in the past. But thank god that they don’t charge for bathing water ;). Overall the place was very nice, clean, calm and most importantly comfortable. The balcony was indeed a blessing to enjoy the soothing weather in Goa while sipping tea or coffee or in fact gulping beer :lol:…Well there is no arrangement of food in the guest house but the restaurants are just on the street as you leave the guest house premises. In fact you should definitely have a meal at Angaara Restaurant which is almost in the premises of the Guest House. The street in front is full of night life but keep in mind that at Candolim Beach you will not find younger generation of tourists. It’s beach dominated by old age people/foreigners but it’s very very calm due to lack of vendors/sellers etc. A nice to place to enjoy sea…


The place is highly recommended if you are looking for safe, nice, very very clean, comfortable, calm, peaceful, lively and moderately economic option of stay in Goa and that too stone’s throw from Candolim Beach as well as a street full of restaurants offering multiple cuisine.

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  2. Shashank Prakash Gupta on

    We stayed in Euzebia Guest house from 27th Oct-31st Oct’16. The location and cleanliness is only positive factor. The owner lady is too much money minded and also has memory problem ( may be due to age). On 31st Oct’16 we checked out the room and asked her to keep our luggage ( only 2 small bags) , which she only keep after lot of resistance. If you stay some where for 4 nights and to keep your luggage for 4-5 hours, if some one ask additional payment for same that is highly unacceptable. When we pick up our luggage, she even did not allow us to use any washroom for 5 minutes, although 203 rooms were vacant.

  3. Can you confirm availability for 23rd Dec through 29th Dec and rates. Number of pack.

  4. Any idea what the room rates are during season time. It seems they are charging around Rs. 3000 and it seems to be a vast contrast to rs. 900 mentioned in your review.

  5. Dheeraj can u let me no if u no any place for a couple with decent place for relaxation with a swimming pool, bath tub n with nice food nearby.

  6. Hello sir..loved your review..i was planing a day trip to goa so was thinking about staying here. Can you plz give me details of the things she asks for to book a room..what documents you need..n is it ac room? Il be coming with my boyfriend so they wont charge me double for that right?

    • Well, I guess all you need to pay there is about 800 type double room rent. Not sure if they need any documents as we were asked for none.

    • Nopes Henna, no Kitchenette was provided here. Though, there were lots of dine-ins on the whole road in front offering variety of cuisines.


  7. Dheeraj,

    Any address for this place. Any beaches nearby. I called up the lady but could hardly understand.

  8. Hi Dheeraj, can you provide me the address for this place. Is it in NOrth Goa. Any beach nearby to this place. I tried calling the lady however it was hard to understand her.

    • O yes Deepak, it is hard to understand what she says 😀 … Well, it is in North Goa near Candolim Beach. Address is: "Murrod Beach Road, Candolim Beach, Bardez – Goa"… The guest house is right behind Angaara Restaurant (which is inside the complex almost) on the right hand side while going towards Candolim Beach. Candolim beach is hardly 200 Mtrs from the guest house. Overall a very nice place to stay. I hope this helps.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  9. Had they informed you about the chargeable drinking water in advance? Rooms look quite comfy.

    Best part is Candolim Beach Road when one passes thru it or stops for a few minutes at a shop… what we did there. 🙂

    • Nopes Nisha, that water bottle charges were not quoted before but we hardly understood what the old age lady murmurered apart from the price quoted to us ;). Yes, rooms were indeed very comfortable and had lot of cleanliness. O yes, in fact that Murrod road was among the best places we had been to in Goa. Looking forward for a next trip soon but this time looking towards South Goa 🙂