Today, in this article, I will be talking about the party city of India – Goa, wherein I will be sharing some tips on hotels in Goa, which I find very useful while making choices for myself as well as my friends. I will talk about the list of good budget hotels in Goa in my next article; this article can very well be considered as the first article of the series.

A beautiful sunset at Candolim Beach Road

Goa offers so many accommodation options and a variety of them scattered all over from North to South Goa. In case you are looking for a decent, clean, and comfortable but moderate or cheap budget options of stay, then you can refer to the next article of the series, which enlists guest houses or hotels compiled after reading various resources/reviews of many people over Internet. Just wait for a while for the article to come up on Sunday evening.

Before you think why I am talking about Goa today? Yeah, I know that I mostly I travel in Himalayas only; however, at times you have to listen to your Home Manager as well since Himalayas are not the only place of attraction for her. Hence, I thought why not share these tips as they may be useful for you all too.

Five Useful Tips on Hotels in Goa

  1. December is the peak season in Goa, and it is always the most costly time to visit, with rates almost 2–3 times the actual rates for the rest of the year. In this period, if you are on budget and still wish to go, then try the Goa Tourism properties. However, book them well in advance, may be 2–3 months before.
  2. In December, it is also hard to find a decent accommodation or stay option for yourself, so well-advanced booking is really required. I tried my best to get a hotel during that time, but eventually had to cancel the trip and replan it in February then. Or else, you could also take the risk to land there and then keep searching, which is mostly fine in case you do not have tension of making your family sleep in a comfortable stay.
  3. There are several cheap (Rs 300–500 range) options available in Goa as well, but assume them to be very very basic—may be just a bed for you to sleep only. So it is extremely important to at least have an idea (may be by checking out some pictures/reviews) of where you will be staying if it is a Cheap hotel or stay option. Try to look for the images over Internet of these hotels, and then see if you can contact them in advance. I had quite a bad experience in one of such properties and in the middle of night had to move to some other location. The compiled list of such economic hotels in Goa will be published in my next article of the series which might help as well.
  4. In South Goa, the most popular beach is Clova, wherein you can do water ports as well. If you wish to check out the tranquil, serene beach, Palolem is the one for you, and further south of Palolem, you also have Colomb. There are some more secluded ones such as Velsao, Bambolim, and Majorda in South Goa if you want complete peace and enjoy the moments of togetherness. However, there isn’t much party mood or aura in South Goa.
  5. In North Goa, you can try options of stay at Calangute or Candolim (my favourite one) and water sports at Baga, where accommodation options are not much, but yeah, good dine-ins and discos like Mambos and Tittos. Calangute is a pretty noisy and crowded beach, while at Candolim, you’d mostly sight foreigners there with little young crowd around. So you can make a choice. North Goa is full of fun and party-type environment, so if your mood is in that direction, go with North Goa. I stayed in a personal apartment which people rent near Baga beach.
Candolim Beach Road, where you can find good hotels in goa
Murrod Road connecting Candolim Beach in Goa


I hope the above tips will be helpful for you all looking for a hotel or accommodation option in Goa. Please try to share any valuable tips you have for stay options in Goa or any reviews or hotel names, which you feel might be helpful for other fellow travellers looking for such information.


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