You can travel to Spiti Valley from Kinnaur side as well as the Manali side. Many tourists and travelers plan the Spiti trip as a circuit, that is, traveling from the Kinnaur side and then exiting from the Manali side. After an introduction of both Hindustan Tibet Road and NH-05 along with the differences between them in the first article, in this article, we will look at the major attractions or places of interest that fall on or around Hindustan – Tibet Road and NH-5.

Interesting Places on NH-05 or Hindustan Tibet Highway
Interesting Places on NH-05 or Hindustan Tibet Highway

If you are making a trip to Spiti Valley then the information in this article and the most common itinerary for Spiti Valley can prove quite handy to make a memorable trip.

Interesting Places on Hindustan Tibet Road or NH-5

In this article, I will try to dissect the whole Hindustan Tibet Road and NH-5 into various sections of interest. I will provide as much information as possible for those sections of this treacherous road so that you make your journey to Spiti Valley ever-memorable 🙂

Updated the article as of December 2017 because a lot of highways have been renamed including NH – 22 being renamed to National Highway 5 or NH5 and as mentioned in the wiki link. Now the NH5 connects Firozpur in Punjab to Shipki La pass at the Sino-Indian border in Himachal Pradesh. Similarly, the road connecting Kaza to Tabo from Sumdo is now called NH505 instead of State Highway – 30 or SH-30. This article has been updated with these name changes.

Drive from Delhi to Shimla
A Sunrise in Shimla… A Broader View…

Shimla – Kufri – Narkanda – Rampur – Sarahan

Shimla is the place where you start your journey on Hindustan Tibet Road and is an extremely popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Mostly, either people reach Shimla on the first day and those who want to stay away from the hustle-bustle, opt for Narkanda for the first-night stay.

You can visit Kufri, another tourist destination, while on the move from Shimla to Narkanda and just ahead of Kufri there are lots of hotels at a town named Fagu which also can be used for an overnight stay on the first day in between Shimla and Narkanda.

Depending upon the time on hand, one can also visit Hatu Peak from Narkanda to see a lovely sunset or enjoy the snow, if present.

Narkanda looking calm and soothing…

Rampur is a town in Himachal Pradesh and can be used as a lunch stop on Day two on the way to either Sarahan or Sangla / Kalpa from Shimla / Narkanda.

Ahead of Rampur near Jeori, there is a U-Turn off the main highway on the right which takes you to Sarahan about 14 km from Jeori. If time is not an issue, you can surely stay at Sarahan which is a very quiet place with some valley nice views. You can stay at the HPTDC Hotel Shrikhand in Sarahan.

HPTDC Cafe Satluj, Rampur
Our usual meal spot… HPTDC Cafe Satluj, Rampur…
Lord Hanuman Statue at Rampur
Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali at Rampur…

Lower Kinnaur Valley | Sarahan – Sangla / Chitkul – Powari – Reckong Peo – Kalpa

Technically, Saharan, Sangla, Chitkul, Reckong Peo, and Kalpa are NOT over Hindustan – Tibet Highway but generally they are used for night stops on a journey to Spiti Valley over Hindustan Tibet Road or NH-05. All of them being very beautiful are not the places to be missed 🙂

Saharan, Sangla, Chitkul, Kalpa can also be clubbed as a 6-7 day trip ex. Delhi, if someone is short on the days in hand to make a complete Spiti Valley trip. A trip to Kinnaur Valley does include all these places only. Hence, I have covered them in-depth in my article on Travel Guide to Kinnaur Valley.

Hindustan Tibet Highway in Kinnaur Valley
Making its way… through the mountains……
Hindustan Tibet Highway in Kinnaur Valley
Hindustan Tibet Highway in Kinnaur Valley

Reckong Peo is the headquarter of Kinnaur Valley and permits for Kinnaur Valley regions are issued from Reckong Peo only.

Chitkul is the last village in India about 30 odd km ahead of Sangla and surely one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Before the U-turn of Reckong Peo, a village Tapri has a petrol pump on the road which shall not be missed at any cost for refueling because the next petrol pump is at Kaza on the way to Spiti.

Earlier, Powari used to have a petrol pump but that has gone inoperational in recent years. You can also get fuel or diesel or petrol at Reckong Peo as well.

Information about Hindustan Tibet Road at Powari
Information about Hindustan Tibet Road at Powari
Information about Hindustan Tibet Road at Powari
Information about Hindustan Tibet Road at Powari
Hindustan Tibet Road near Reckong Peo Cut-off
Hindustan Tibet Road near Reckong Peo Cut-off…

Upper Kinnaur Valley | Kalpa – Namgia – Shipki La – Khab Bridge

You move from Kalpa via Reckong Peo towards Ribba, Akpa, Jangi, Spillow, Dubling, Puh, Khab Village, and further.

The road conditions between Reckong Peo to Ribba and Spillow to Dubling used to be generally bad in shape before 2018. However, no most of the road between Shimla and Kaza is a pretty decent condition/shape for any car including sedans & hatchbacks.

Puh is a major town where you can get various things from Puh General Store and there is a PWD rest house as well 4-5 km off the main road.

Akpa is a place where there was a major landslide that hit in 1995, killing about 100 including soldiers and alignment was changed with the construction of 350 feet Akpa bridge in 2006, a good 11 years after the landslide tragedy. There is also a stone near the bridge with the names of the fallen soldiers.

After Akpa as you move ahead, you need to register yourself at Lippa – Jangi Police Post. Again foreigners need to show their permits and Indians need to show valid photo identity proof.

The Akpa Bridge in Kinnaur Valley
The Akpa Bridge in Kinnaur Valley…
Views on Hindustan Tibet Highway
The Satluj River flowing towards Shimla…
Puh Village in Kinnaur Valley
Puncture repair shop at Puh Village in Kinnaur Valley

Can I travel to Shipkil La Pass & get permits?

Getting to Shipki La is a different story as it is a pass that connects India and Tibet. The route to Shipki La comes before Nako or Ka Zigs (loops) and just before the Khab bridge (about 2 km), you will see a Y-Fork uphill going towards Khab VillageNamgiaShipki La is about 40 km from the highway and then you are only allowed to go to Namgia village.

From Namgia Village, the road ascends to Shipki La and again a lot of things depend if the guys at the posts allow you to go there. Plus be ready for a good session of interrogations and all sought of gadgets packed in the bag including the camera because photography is strictly prohibited there.

I have known just a few guys who have done Shipki La, and one of them had a tough time with the ITBP guys who deposited all his electronic gadgets before allowing him to venture ahead. In return, he was allowed to take them back. So, it is quite an adventure, but again they both were bikers, and I am not sure how they will react seeing the car over there…

Namgia Dogri is your best bet for the view of Reo Purgyal Peak but as a civilian, you will be allowed up to Namgia Village only. Villagers from Namgia can only go up to Dogri. But, you can get a view of Reo Purgyal from Khab Bridge as well 🙂

If you are interested to know more about the silk route in detail then better talk to some old people from villages like Namgia, Nako, Nesang, Dubling, and Chitkul villages.

Khab – Confluence of Spiti & Sutlej

Khab is a place where there is a bridge over the confluence of Spiti River and Sutlej River Just ahead of the bridge, you cross a section which is carved out of the mountain almost like a one wall tunnel 🙂 … Technically, Khab Bridge is not on Hindustan Tibet Road but NH-22 or NH-05.

Views on Hindustan Tibet Highway
China is not far away from here… On the way to Namgia / Khab Villages…
Carved roads near Khab Bridge on Hindustan Tibet Highway
The famous carved roads near Khab Bridge…

Upper Kinnaur Valley | Khab – Nako – Malling Nalla – Chango – Sumdo

After Khab bridge, you feel out of the world, and then an ascend of Ka Loops takes you to one of the most picturesque villages in the world, Nako. It is also famous for its Nako Lake, a small lake with a beautiful backdrop – not to be missed.

As you move further, you meet the dreaded Malling Nalla, the most troublesome spot of the entire Hindustan Tibet Road. It is almost a landslide zone 24 X 7 X 365 🙂 … In monsoon time, your heart will pound like anything to cross over this section of the most treacherous road.

Once you cross Malling, then a steep descent will take you all the way down to Chango Village. Be careful about your descent as it is quite steep. Chango is a place where you see loads of Apple Orchards. Do not miss the chance to buy some golden apples or apricots, if possible or available.

Finally, you reach Sumdo and this is where you will see the signboard of “Welcome to Spiti Valley” and you exit Kinnaur Valley. At Sumdo, you need to register yourself again at the police check post as the region falls under the Inner Line permit zone or near LAC (Line of Actual Control) and Foreigners need to submit their copy permits at Sumdo.

Kah Loops towards Nako
Kah Loops towards Nako
The Ever Calm - Nako Lake
The Ever Calm – Nako Lake…
Views on Hindustan Tibet Highway
Sitting High and Pretty near Nako… The White Queen…
Road between Malling Nalla and Chango
Curving its way up towards deadly Malling Nalla…
Road between Malling Nalla and Chango
What a view just after Malling Nalla…
Views between Chango and Nako in Kinnaur Valley
BRO Creates, Connects, and Cares… So, true…

Spiti Valley | Sumdo – Kaurik – Geyu Mummy – Tabo

Just ahead of Sumdo comes the most interesting part, the Y-Fork that leads you uphill to Kaurik. Kaurik is a mysterious place that was deserted some 25-28 years back in earthquake/flash floods and now you can find ruins of the place if you are ready to hike a bit once the road ends after about 19 km.

Beyond Kaurik, there is a village called Lepcha which requires you to further hike about an hour or so. Lepcha is the last place in Indian Himalayas you can reach and ahead lies Tibet beyond the Indo-Tibet Border ends. Anyhow, Kaurik falls under a restricted area as far as I know, and permits are hard to find for Kaurik.

So, the best bet is to land there and ask permission from army guys if you can pass through. If they say yes, then go ahead and explore this amazing mysterious place in Spiti Valley.

No permits are issued for Kaurik and Shipki La by any direct access. It may be possible with some contacts, but I haven’t heard anything about it. The best bet is to land there directly, and then you need to be lucky enough to assure the guy at the post that you will return without any trouble. You might find some accounts over the Internet that have done it this way only.

Sumdo, Views at Hindustan Tibet Road between Nako and Tabo
Sumdo checkpost from where the Spiti valley starts…
Finally, the views from Spiti Valley start alongside the Spiti River
Finally, the views from Spiti Valley start alongside the Spiti River

Though, not exactly on Hindustan Tibet Road or NH-5 (earlier called NH-22), I will still cover Geyu Village here as it is not far from Sumdo check post. When you further move ahead towards Tabo at NH-505 (earlier called SH-30) from Sumdo, there comes a diversion towards the right that takes you to Gyu Village.

Geyu Village is famous for its 500-year-old mummy which is present in this village. It will take you about 2 Hrs to visit Geyu from the diversion point.

Welcome gate for turn to Geyu Village
The Gyu diversion where the 550+ odd-year-old mummy resides…
Burning Colors of Spiti Valley
Burning Colors of Spiti Valley…

Tabo – Dhankar – Lingti Valley – Rama Valley – Pin Valley – Kaza

I will be covering Tabo, Dhankar, Pin Valley, Lingti Valley, Rama Valley, Kaza in much more detail in an upcoming travel guide for Spiti Valley Local sightseeing. You can refer to some of the articles as below:

Views at Hindustan Tibet Road between Nako and Tabo
Leading us to heaven – Spiti Valley


I hope the above details about the whole Hindustan Tibet Road would make your journey much more beautiful, fascinating and informational in terms of the context of Travel. If you have been on this breath-taking journey to Spiti Valley or will be undertaking it, please do share the information with us as well and help other travelers build knowledge about this at least once in a lifetime journey.

Have a travel question?? You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment to ask your travel questions about traveling to the Himalayas.

If you know your friends or family are planning a road trip to Kinnaur and Spiti, do share this article with them to help them make a memorable Kinnaur or Spiti Valley road trip.


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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  2. Sahil Thakur on

    Need your suggestion on following:

    we taking Hyundai – i10 Grand (may 26 – June 4)

    Day 1: Delhi – Shimla / Narkanda
    Day 2: Shimla / Narkanda – Kalpa/reckong peo
    Day 3: Kalpa/reckong peo – Kaza
    Day 4: Kaza – Ki, Kibber, Komik, Hikkim
    Day 5: Kaza – Chandratal
    Day 6: chandertaal – Ki, Kibber, Komik, Hikkim – kaza
    Day 7: Kaza – Nako – Nako Lake – Tabo – chitkul
    Day 8 : chitkul – sangla – shimla
    Day 9 ; Shimla – delhi

      • SAHIL THAKUR on

        Yes , primary because of our car (don’t think will be able to cross those roads)
        Secondly we’re born & brought in HP only so have done manali Rohtang lot many times, but beyond rampur will be our first time.

        • Hmm, if you are taking the car to Chandratal from Kaza, it does not really matter then. You can take it on Manali – Kaza road as well. Well, Manali – Rohtang Pass is just 51 KMs but rest from Kaza to Rohtang Pass will be much more to experience.

        • Sahil Thakur on

          is it good to take our car till chandertaal from Kaza? otherwise we’ll book a cab from kaza

          also any comments on our itinerary.

        • Sahil, some people does take such cars to whole circuit of the Spiti. But, yes, in case you are planning to do that route to Chandratal by taxi then it makes sense to come back the same route from Kinnaur as you would like to avoid taking car over Manali – Kaza road.

  3. Hi Dheeraj

    You have an absolutely awesome website-informative, pretty detailed and all encompassing.

    I was planning a trip to Spiti with 7 nights in hand from Delhi, via public transport. We are planning the trip from 28th May to 3rd June.

    The rough itinerary looks something like this-
    28- Enroute Delhi to Shimla
    29- Night stay in Chitkul
    30- N.S. in Reckong Peo
    31- N.S. in Tabo
    1- N.S. in Kaza
    2- N.S. in Manali
    3- Enroute Manali-Delhi

    Is it practically feasible?
    Will the route from Kaza to Manali be open by then?

    • Thank you Pranjal, I will recommend following tweaks to it though you have very less days at hand and it does not make sense to make a trip to Spiti Valley in this short duration. Also, both Kaza – Manali – Kaza – Kinnaur – Shimla routes are open now, so no worries in planning the trip on above dates unless the road closes due to some landslide during those days.

      Day 1: Delhi – Shimla / Narkanda
      Day 2: Shimla / Narkanda – Kalpa
      Day 3: Kalpa – Nako – Nako Lake – Tabo
      Day 4: Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake – Pin Valley – Kaza
      Day 5: Kaza – Ki, Kibber, Komik, Hikkim
      Day 6: Kaza – Chandratal – Manali
      Day 7: Manali – Delhi


      Day 1 : Reach Manali by overnight volvo of and stay overnight at Solang Valley as preferred for acclimatization
      Day 2 : Manali / Solang – Kaza
      Day 3 : Kaza – Pin Valley – Tabo
      Day 4: Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake – Kaza
      Day 5: Kaza – Ki, Kibber, Komik, Langza – Kaza
      Day 6: Kaza – Chandratal – Manali
      Day 7: Manali – Delhi

  4. hi, plz advise can chandigarh-shimla-kinnaur-spiti-manali-chandigarh be done in an alto? the time will be mid sept.. i just did chd-sangla-kalpa in my alto n didnt face any problems.

  5. I am Planing to visit Spiti Valley From Shimla Side. From 28th Aug 2017- Sep 10th. I have a queries.

    1. I am making a trip From Bike
    2. any stay guidance and stop to Take. although i follow your itinerary 10-11 day to spiti.

  6. Dear
    We are 4 peoples planning to visit spiti valley in march end via kinnaur valley is that road i open ??
    Can u plz suggest the best route we have to go there any how this time

    • Asif, the road to Spiti Valley will be open BUT it will be very harsh climate in Spiti during that time of the year. Are you sure you want to make such a trip? Have you undertaken such trips before?

  7. Hi Dheeraj,

    Been following this amazing blog for the past one and a half year. I am planning a travel to Spiti (especially Chandra Taal) on between April 30 to May 6th 2017. What are the probabilities of Rohtang Pass being open by then and how should I plan my travel from Shimla, considering that I will have only six days in hand (excluding to and fro Chennai).

    Is it possible to do this for four people with around 8K per person (excluding train fare/airfare) as the budget?

    If not, which place do you suggest, with the given budget, to see some beautiful snow capped mountains during the first week of May? This is going to be a family trip.

    • Smita, unfortunately, Chandratal is not accessible before at least month of June. The road from Rohtang Pass towards Chandratal opens by first or second week of June only. So, with just 6 days in hand you can only make trip to Chandratal from Manali side. Hence, I will suggest to make this trip in the month of June – July or in September.

  8. Nasim Ahmad on

    Hi DOW
    Our planning to Leh coming June with 2 other friends from Delhi to Narkanda, Rampur Spiti, Please inform me about total Km from Delhi to Leh via Hindustan Tibet Road and road conditions also we have SUV. Via Manali to Leh already covered by Bike .

    • Nasim, are you interested in KM or are you interested in the route? If by route and days then stops that you will need are Narkanda, Sangla/Kalpa, Tabo, Kaza (depends how many days now you want to spend in Kaza to explore Spiti), Keylong, Leh.

      If you do not have these days and want to continue driving long hours every day then it will be Narkanda, Kalpa, Kaza, Keylong, Leh.

  9. Hello, i am planning a kinnaur valley trip i n late december, dates will be
    28-sangla ,
    29th- kalpa/chitkul

    I need help if there will be any hotel/homestay avilable in those places durind late december
    plus i am thinking rakcham over sarahan coz “kailash view camps” looks interesting
    help is appreciated

    • Chikul will be closed by that time Akash. Only limited hotels will be open, may be check with PRakash Guest House in Sangla if they are open during that time. Road to Rakcham might be closed too and I do not think that any compaing site will be operational during that time.

  10. Hello Mr. Dheeraj, Just wanted to check in the month of may when does Hidustan – Tiben Road and NH 22 open.. does it open by May 20th..

    • NH-22 or Hindustan – Tibet road remains open all round the year barring few days of heavy snowfall in winters or any major landslide. Hence, May 20th is fine to travel


    Hello Dheeraj ji,

    i ma planning to visit Leh Ladakh belt starting from 30th Sep 2016 (Chandigarh) till 14th Oct 2016 (Delhi). i have a few queries:
    1. I will self drive with wife and son on my Santro Xing. Is it doable on a Santro?
    2. Can you please guide me on a day wise breakup ?
    3. Will the Raid De Himalayas (7th oct till 15th oct) be any hindrance?
    4. Any idea about camping around Pangong Lake around the 7th / 8th Oct ?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  12. Amit Chopra on

    Hi Dheeraj

    I am planning a trip to Pooh in October with family in my i10 car (7 Oct – 12 Oct) . I am staring from chandigarh. first stop on 7 evening would be Kandaghat. On 8th it would be Sarahan . On 9th Pooh , planning to stay in Pooh for 10th and 11th and start back on 12th morning. I have been to Sarahan about 5 months back . The road then was pretty good except little stretch near Jhakri. Any idea about the road conditions beyond Jeori these days and about weather in 2nd week of October.


    • Amit, any special reason for Puh? I mean there are many other great places like Chitkul, Sangla, Rakcham, Kalpa, Roghi, Pangi (Kinnaur) and Puh is like day trip from Kalpa. Any special reason for it? Weather will be cold in second week of October. The road conditions are OK OK with few bad patches.

  13. Hi Dheeraj

    I will be visiting spiti/lahaul areas during July and your post is a source of valuable information.

    What is the current status w.r.t permits for visiting Kaurik and Lepcha. Will we be able to get the permits at the Sumdo ITBP check post. When i talked with a driver there, he told me that the permits for Kaurik & Lepcha has been stopped by ITBP. Is it a reliable info?

    Also whether we can obtain permits from DC, Reckong Peo for Shipki La?


  14. Keshav Gupta on

    Dear Dheeraj sir
    Great info regarding Hindustan tibet road. Your blogs & travelogues are fantastic and beautifully described with plenty of details, due to which we were able to succesfully do delhi-manali-leh-kargil-srinagar-delhi circuit without any problems whatsoever, that too in a sedan (Dzire) without any breakdowns.

    Sir now I am inspired to do Kailash-mansarovar yatra by road, first of all is it possible to reach there by road (and what are the formalities) and is it possible by Innova or any SUV or 4×4??
    I have heard that it is possible to to cross country trips via Nepal route and then towards kailash-mansarovar road??
    Also, would love to read articles, travelogues about your cross-country trips also, only then we could have the courage to take those routes 🙂
    I am highly interested in taking my Himalayan adventure & driving to the next level, it is purely the world’s best adventure to traverse on remote himalayan routes
    Sir Please guide?

  15. Reshma Lobo on

    This is such a such a such a amazing travel blog. Thanks a lot for all your efforts in putting up this post.
    I am planning to travel to Himachal in the first week of May. Me, my hubby, 4.5yr old daughter and my Mother in law. I would like to do travel to Spiti valley. Could you please guide me. We would either take a cab from shimla or we might book a package. Not sure if packages cover these places. We are from Bangalore. We will reach Delhi on Apr 30, 7:30PM and depart from delhi on May-8,6AM flight. If you think its difficult to cover Spiti valley (as you mentioned in one of the comments), could you please suggest a suitable itenerary covering atleast some of these awesome places.

  16. Hello,

    I am going on this trip on bike with few friends in the last week of MAY. So I need some suggestions on what kind of weather will we face? and the roads will be muddy or dry?
    We are planning to stay in TENTs.

  17. Shubra Acharya on

    Hi Dheeraj

    Brilliant details and insights on how to go about planning a ride in the area. Was wondering if you have published the Tabo – Dhankar – Lingti Valley – Rama Valley – Pin Valley – Kaza continuation to this article?

    I can’t seem to find it on the site.

    Please share a link if possible.

  18. hi i want to visit spiti valley i live in jalandhar which route can i prefer if i travel through bike

    • RK, it will be bone freezing cold during that time of the year to travel by bike and there will be black ice on road which you need to tackle too. DO IT only in case you are well versed with such cold conditions and can ride bike in such harsh conditions

      • thank you for the info as i am fond such weather can you suggest me which route is most preferable to go

      • Can i go to Kaza in the 1st Week of Nov ? How is the road conditions now ? Wana drive my amaze . Pls suggest

        • Rahul, if you can survive the cold then yes you can travel up to Kaza during this time of the year. Keep in mind that in case of snow road might close for couple of days to a week or so as well. There will be black ice on the roads where the vehicle struggle and skids that you need to control.

        • Thanks Dheeraj, i have gone till Nako 4 years before , however i am again planning to take the Nako & Recong Peo route . Will that be having snow also????

        • Rahul, snow might not be there unless it snows during those days. However, the water become ice on roads that makes the vehicles to skid.

  19. Hi Dheeraj,

    I’m from hyderabad and planning for a 8-10 days trip in Himachal preferably from sep 25 to oct 3. Can you please let me know if the following itinerary is feasible or if i’m trying to crunch too much. I know that this is not organized well, so need your help in figuring out the best possible way to travel.

    reach delhi – hire a car for self drive
    start for manali
    tirthan valley – 2 days in great himalayan national park
    paragliding in billing
    drive to spiti – chandratal lake
    back to delhi

    Though the places seem to be around manali, I understand that the terrain is difficult to travel and have lot of factors to consider. I have been to ladakh-pangong-nubra and know the effects of AMS and importance of acclimatization.

    • Hi Vikram,

      You can travel like it

      Day 1 | Reach Bir-Billing and stay
      Day 2 | Do Paragliding and move to Tirthan Valley
      Day 3,4 | Stay in Tirthan Valley
      Day 5 | Move to Manali
      Day 6 | Rest in Manali
      Day 7 | Manali to Chandratal and back to Batal (though I will suggest to avoid Chandratal that late as it will be very very cold)
      Day 8 | Chandratal/Batal – Manali
      Day 9 | Manali – Delhi

    • Hi Dheeraj,

      I am planning a 4/5 days trip with friends to Himachal from Delhi in the last week of September (around 25th). We are thinking about driving(Dzire or Brio) to either McLeod Ganj or Sarahan.
      Can you please help me with following questions that I have in my mind.

      1. Is it feasible to drive to McLeod Ganj or Sarahan in one go from Delhi during this time and how much time will it take?
      2. How will the weather be at these places during the last week of September?
      3. What is the advised route and how will be the road conditions on these routes?

      • Hi Ankur,

        1. Yes both are roughly 13-15 Hrs drive from Delhi.
        2. September end it will be quite pleasant.
        3. Road conditions to both these places are fine barring few rough patches nothing which a dzire or brio cannot handle.


  20. Dr Nipun Jindal on

    A great account of the route dheeraj. A small correction. One can go to kaurik only by a pass issued by ITBP at sumdo which requires an authority letter or permit from the kaza authorities. It can be easily obtained if one is coming from kaza side.

    • Thanks for the update Dr. Nipun. Did not know they issued permit for Kaurik that easily, last we checked they were saying it it was banned. I will surely gonna try next time both Kaurik and Shipki La as those are the two things that now remain inside motorable Spiti 😀

  21. What a wonderful website! Thanks, Dheeraj. I plan to undertake a month long journey from Delhi via Kinnau-Spiti-Rohtang La- Ladakh and I will be using your website as my primary source while planning my itinerary. Your post on Sarchu and AMS resonated with me. I did a two day journey from Manali to Leh in 2009 and swore to do it slower one day, when I had more time to acclimatise and soak in the scenery to my heart’s content. I plant to to take 4-5 days from Rohtang to Leh, stopping anywhere that takes my fancy and where I can find shelter. Before that I will spend about 15 days between Kinnaur and Spiti. Thank you for all this wealth of information and helpful tips. Keep journeying!

      • Priyanka15 on

        Thanks for your kind and generous offer, Dheeraj. I will ask for more suggestion as soon as I have mapped my route. For now, I am a little doubtful about the timing of my trip after reading in one of your posts the Kinnaur gets heavy rains in August. This has made me wonder if I should not fly into Leh around mid-August, stay in Ladakh for 15 days and then enter Spiti in early September through Tso Moriri, spend ten days in Spiti and then enter Kinnaur? Do you think it’s a better plan?

  22. Ashok Bhagat on

    Hi Dheeraj
    Last year we did Leh trip from Agra and your details were of great help to make our journey absolutely magical. This year we are planning Spiti valley till Kaza on my faithful old war horse Qualis. The dates are flexible but very likely it will be May end or June first week. Is this time fine? What about hotel lodges on the way? Do we need to book in advance? How many days should it take from delhi to make this trip? Any other advise will be highly appreciated as I am traveling with my wife and two kids.

  23. Hi Dheeraj, Planning a self drive to Kalpa next week. I have 6 days with me. Would road to Nako be open right now?

      • Thanks Dheeraj, Nako was amazing .. Came back to Kalpa today afternoon.

        Alert: About 3 km from Reckong Peo towards Spello, there is a area of shooting stones, which is really bad.. One stone fell on our front screen. Locals say it has been bad since 2013 rains. Long jams are also normal at this location.

  24. gaurav singh on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    I am keen reader of your blogs. I have a query and hope if uou can help me out. Is it possible to go from Delhi to Tibet on bikes? Can we enter Tibet via Hindustan-Tibet highway?

    • No Gaurav, entering Tibet is not allowed from anywhere in India 🙂 … In fact you have to be rarest of rare to even visit the border of Tibet after seeking permissions from army as well 🙂 🙂 … So, simple answer to your question is No.

  25. Can anyone please suggest me if i can cover leh and spiti valley in 12 days? How??

  26. Rahul Sinha on


    We are a group of 5 persons who are planning a trip to Reckong Peo from 7-13 th Feb.Our initial urge was to visit Sangla, Chitkul and Kalpa .We intend to start from Delhi on 7th February and have 7 days in hand.Can you please give me an update about the road condition from Shimla to Reckong Peo via Rampur (NH-22).Are the roads open.We will rent a car (Innova or Sumo ) from Delhi and would like to cover just Kinnaur ( Chitkul , Sangla and Kalpa minimum).But I dont have an idea whether the roads are open.Most websites say that the roads are open 24 7 but subject to local conditions.Can you also tell me about the hotels where we will find the basic amenities.

    Thanking You
    Rahul Sinha

    • Rahul, as per the last update the roads were open upto Sangla and Kalpa. chitkul is closed now long back. Also, the the conditions will be quite harsh during this time of the year. So, go prepared well. You can get connected directly to some drivers in Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley at the link: List of Taxi Drivers for Spiti Valley & Kinnaur Valley. These drivers can come and pick you up from Manali & Shimla too.

      The rates of the taxis are about Rs 3000-3500 per day depending upon the number of days you plan to travel, more the days, less the price.

      Otherwise, taxis in general are also available on the spot from Shimla or Manali from respective taxi stands

      Check the link: Some Good Options of Stays in Spiti Valley / Kinnaur Valley

      • Dear Dheeraj,

        Planning trip to Kalpa with family 20-06-15 onwards. Will highly appreciate your inputs on the following questions:

        1. Is the time of year OK.
        2. Can I do The trip in my Wagon R. Have done a lot of driving in this car but are the roads OK.
        3. Plan to base at Kalpa for 3-4 nights and then come to Simla. Have already seen Sarahan.
        4. What all to do in Kalpa on foot?
        3. Will a days trip be Ok for Chitkul and Sangla Valley. What vehcles are available for hire and what will it cost.

        While answering my queries please keep in mind that the motto of the trip is leisure combined with adventure.

        Look forward to receive your valued advice ASAP so that I could book my accommodation. Always prefer to stay with HTDC.



  27. Dinesh yadav on

    Hi Dheeraj.
    We are four guys planning a couple of nights in narkanda with a day visit to the jalori pass. We plan to leave on the 5th or 6th of jan. We will drive in a dzire diesel. Are the roads cleared of the recent snowfall and are they good enough to travel in a dzire. Can one spend three nights in narkanda or should we stay another couple of nights somewhere else. Please suggest we will be grateful.
    Dinesh Yadav.

    • Dinesh, roads were clear but now I think they will again be under snow blanket so not a wise decision to drive beyond there. I doubt the road from Kufri and beyond will be clear of snow in a day. Please call up some hotel and confirm before venturing up there.

  28. Vikas Sharma on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    Its amazing to see kind of passion you share for travel. Proud of you man.
    I am in Delhi and having around eight days in hand from 06th Dec to 13th Dec… Is there any possibility that I can travel to Spiti from Delhi via Shimla and come back via same route as Manali route is already close. If yes, then what could be my possible itinerary? Will I get public transport during this journey?

  29. we are planning a trip lahaul spiti via Chandigarh-shimla-saharan-reckonpeo-poo-kaza-kunzum- rohtang-manali-chandigarh for 7 days from 25th september on bikes…what are the conditions(weather/ roads etc) like and what essentials (especially for bikes) we need to carry with us?

  30. Sandip Jhawar on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Thank you for your lovely post. Me and my friend are planning to travel to Lahaul and Spiti Valley by the mid-september. Guess the Kinnaur route should be better than the manali route, rite !? Also, since we are travelling through public transport, so can you tell me as to how to plan my trip from Shimla with the perfect halts !!?

    • Sandip, you can get a bus to Reckong Peo from Shimla and reach there. Stay there or go to Kalpa for a day and then from Reckong Peo, a daily bus run to Kaza. You can take that bus and get down at Tabo to stay there. Enjoy the monastery and next day go to Kaza or Dhangkar with shared taxi running from Tabo. Once you reach Kaza, you can explore other near by villages by shared taxi to Key, Kibber, Langza, Komik, etc.. Finally, take the bus from Kaza to Manali.

  31. nadeem ashraf on

    I am planning a biking tour to spiti valley in mid october…I want to knw about the condition of the roads and which way it would be better to go via shimla aur via manali…considering that I am going on a bike and the weather condition in mid october…and also I want to knw the places to be visited there and what should be my itinerary for a 7 day tour….thanks

    • Nadeem, mid of october is not an appropriate time to make a road trip to Spiti Valley as chances of getting stuck due to snowfall post Kunzum Pass gets higher and also cold sets in to the valley. If you are open for adventure then only make such a trip. It will be cold, so be prepared and I will not advice to travel between Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass during that period. Hence, go from Kinnaur side and come from there only but then 7 days from Delhi will be quite a hectic journey as it will take 3 days just to reach Tabo only.

  32. hardik mehta on

    we are 14 person. we want to travel to speti vally in next may from manali. we will travel by 10 bullet bike and 1 suv. please suggest me rout and time to start. we want to start as soon as possiable in may.

    • Hardik, how many days do you have?? Are you planning from Manali side or by Kinnaur side? You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Spiti Valley followed by many travellers including me at the link here for 10-11 days: Most Common Itinerary for Spiti Valley.

      But, it will be monsoons and Kinnaur is not the right place to travel during this time.

  33. where is dangerous stretch between shimla and kalpa…tell me please

    • The road conditions gets bad after Bhawanagar, near Shogtong bridge currently the road conditions are bad, my friend is there headed to Kalpa today and will update the present road conditions.

  34. Hi
    Very useful blog !

    Could you please suggest me the itinerary Shimla Kaza-Shimla for five days !

    • Vineet, 5 days are too less and it will be very hectic.But still,

      Day 1 | Shimla – Kalpa/Peo
      Day 2 | Kalpa/Peo – Nako – Tabo – Kaza
      Day 3 | Kaza Rest Day, Ki, Kibber, Komik, Langza
      Day 4 | Kaza – Kalpa/Peo/Sarahan
      Day 5 | Kalpa/Peo/Sarahan – Shimla

      • Anshul Dhar on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        It’s really great to see your enthusiasm and the amount of information you have shared for us avid travelers. We are planning to do this 5 day itinerary in 6 days from March 12 to 17 this year. We have the option of a Fiat Linea or an Innova.

        I would like to know if there are anything in particular you would like to suggest and which of the above two cars should we travel in.



        • Thank you Anshul. Things will be very harsh during that time of the year. Best is to take Innova as there will be presence of snow up there in Spiti Valley during that time of the year. There will be no washrooms and even all hotels will be closed beyond Kalpa in Spiti Valley. Only homestays with very basic food and facility may be operational. Temperatures can be as low as -15 degree C

      • Anshul Dhar on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        Many thanks for the reply.

        We will take Innova as per your suggestions. Apart from the tough conditions and extreme cold (we will take stuff to eat and appropriate clothing) what do you recommend about the driving conditions. Can we expect road blockages, land slides, slush or shooting stones at that time of the year (March 13 to 18)?

        What else do you suggest, we are just two guys, no family, no kids?

        • Yes, Anshul, there will be snowslides, shooting stones common in those days. March to April is the time when snow melts and even glaciers comes down as is on the roads, example Tinku Nalla near Puh. Once you cross over into Kinnaur, things will start getting bad in terms of roads. You should expect blockages. Read my experience from a similar time period last year linked in the article: A Race with Time on Deathway of Kinnaur Valley

          The article has all the links of all days in Spiti Valley in March. I am not trying to scare you rather just making you aware that things can be nasty and you will have to keep that in mind in order to witness such pristine beauty in heaven 😀

  35. Comprehensive and Amazing blogs…!! I’m a great fan of ur blogs…Now, looking at the photographs, I just can’t wait to visit Spiti..Visiting Spiti mid-august this year ..

    • Thank you so much and believe me these photos don’t even do 5% of justice to the actual beauty of the place 🙂 … I am sure you will love your visit to Spiti Valley. Do visit Langza and Komik.

  36. hi Dheeraj,
    Do you have any idea about the bridge being built across kibber to chicham gorge, or it it still the old fashioned trolley+pulley system. I am planning to cycle from Manali to Shimla via Spiti in July this year and plan to take a detour to chicham from losar. instead of losar-kaza -kibber. A littele skeptic about the bicycle being hauled across the gorge in the trolley. Any help from you is appreciated.

    • Om that trolley is still present and the only way to connect the village. You should be able to carry your bicycle over it. Locals should be able to get the help from locals in any case required.

  37. Hi,
    Salute to your courage and generosity in providing such detailed information.
    Me along with one of my friend are planning to go to Spiti on our bike. Our journey woild start from Delhi on 4th of April 2014 to 9th of April.
    Is it the correct time? Please guide and help me with the information about the road status..
    Thank a lot.

    • Thank you 🙂 🙂 … Well, it will be quite cold up there in Spiti, well below minus. In fact I am going a week before you and can update you the exact status once back. As of now, there will be loads of snow with almost all the roads will be closed to sightseeing places apart from Ki – Kibber may be. Only home stays will be available.

      • Hey, I am planning a trip from Shimla to Spiti sometime between 12th April and 27th April, please let me know if the conditions are good enough to go there in this time?? Pls

        • Girish, I am just back from Spiti Valley last night. Roads in Kinnaur Valley are just in horrible state and ON/OFF state to Kaza. Things are not really expected to improve in coming days as it might rain / snow again in this week as per predictions go true !! I will suggest to postpone the trip by a month or so, as in April, snow melts, which brings loose soil and rocks down.

      • Hi Dheeraj,

        I’m planning my Honeymoon trip to the stretch from Shimla to Kaza and beyond, and planning to return through rohtang, manali. Will it be favourable in the first week of May, as we have planned to start on 29th April. Please let us knw if not possible where the snow and hotels will be favourable for a newly wedded couple. I have been once on the stretch from Gramphu to Shimla via spiti,kaza and karcham on Enfield. Since then I had post wedding plans to re visit the same places with my wife. I will be travelling on my own SUV. Please advice.

        Thanks in advance,

        • Hi Samuel,

          Well, Kunzum Pass will not open that early in the season as it generally opens up in June. Hence, you will not be able to do the circuit of Spiti Valley that is coming to Spiti from Shimla and exiting from Manali. You have to traverse the route from Kinnaur in both directions.

          BTW, I am just back from Spiti Valley on Sunday, read a brief here: White Spiti Valley in March | Itinerary, Road Conditions & Updates

          Let me know in case you still interested.


  38. vanshaj goyal on

    sir, we are planning to visit spiti valley. we are 3 friends and we decided the dates from 18/03/2014 to 22/03/2014. we starts from kurukshetra, haryana (1 and half hr drive to chandigarh). please suggest the
    best suited itenary?
    present road situations?
    climate condition?
    owned car or hire a cab?

    please suggest asap

    • vanshaj, are you sure you want to visit Spiti Valley at this time of the year???? It is buried under snow though the road to Kaza will remain open barring few days of heavy snowfall. However, most of the roads inside the spiti valley to sightseeing places will remain closed.

  39. In this year Jun 1st week planning for spiti valley total 12 days 10 to 12 peaple by 2 car inova
    I like know
    Road condition?
    rent of car per day ?
    12 day sufficient? For trip?
    Stay? Rent per night
    Any special care or do’s dont,’s

  40. Aditya Nigam on

    Its very Informative discription Dheeraj. Infact this blog is awesome.

    • Thanks alot Aditya, glad it was useful for you.

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  41. shankar rajaram on

    thanks for providing beautiful pictures – it is like i have done the travelling wih you

  42. Fantastic Initiative Dheeraj. For the old ht you should also look at the ridgeline road option from narkanda till sarahan. From narkanda to baghi, khadrala, sungri, bahli, taklech, uphill to Daranghati, down to Mashnu, Kinnu, Gharat and then Sarahan. also from Kalpa the route to Pangi, Rarang, Jangi and then down to Kiran Khud just 3 kms before Spillo. Amazing routes both of them and a pleasant change from the busy national highway down below. Cheers!

    • Dhananjay, I am very glad to see you here 🙂 … Thanks for these amazing suggestions, I tried to follow the route from Pangi but had to turn back due to landslide in between 😀 … But, that’s what it calls for another journey. And regarding Daranghaati, on top of my list over some long weekend. Just unable to spare it!! 🙂 Would love to complete them in this year only.

  43. Shakti Saini on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am one of the fans of your blogs, truly these are really very helpful, I am heartily appreciated your efforts and hard works, now coming to the point i am planning to visit spiti valley in mid of June i have 6-7 days in my hand can u suggest me the best Itinerary and i also wanted to know about hotels and accommodation on this route and plz also suggest if i plan this tour with my family (my wife and 2 year daughter) and in my Santro Xing then what precautions is require???

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Shakti,

      Thank you so very much :)!! 6-7 days will be very tight considering you are traveling with a family. I will not suggest that you go on this journey with such less time and going in Santro Xing again would create trouble for you in most of the Nallas. This is good for adventure but may be difficult for a family trip.

      Having said that, I have done Spiti in 5 days as well but believe me I did not have family with me on that trip and it was just a crazy drive!! Better go on a relaxing trip to may be Kinnaur Valley and then come back in these 7 days. Still if you are interested for Spiti Valley, let me know I will suggest the suitable plan and details 🙂


    • Ajay, the road between Shimla to Kalpa was OK as per the last updates last week. There was a heavy snowfall which locked the way to Sangla I think but not sure.

  44. Dr Devender Sangwan on

    Hi Dheeraj Ji, I went to Sangla & Chitkul after getting your your valuable inputs…… I went in my I-10 with my family & it was a memorable trip without any problems on the way…. On return I did Sangla-Chitkul-Chandigarh on one day….. Now I want to go to Spiti valley… Can I do it in my Honda Jazz (with groud clearance 160 mms)?????

    • Hello Dr. Devender,

      Thanks alot. Glad the blog was useful to make such memorable trip for you. Honda Jazz would be difficult candidate I will say!! Roads ahead in Kinnaur after Powari and in Spiti Valley are a bit difficult to negotiate. Though I have done it with my dzire but I think would be difficult in Jazz. i10 might be better candidate again.

      Also, for Spiti Valley trip do not forget to check the Spiti Valley | Most Common Itinerary

      I hope this helps. Please let me know in case you have some queries or doubts.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  45. What a wonderful write-up, complete in all respects! The post makes me want to pack my bags and head out in the mountains right away!

    • Thanks alot Arti, glad to see you here 🙂 … Yes, it is once in a lifetime experience, something not to be missed by any traveler I will say 🙂

  46. Beautiful informative write-up along with bucket load of pictures!
    Personally I feel Kinnaur Valley is one of the most places of Himachal. Unlike the barren cold deserts of Spiti, the Kinnaur Valley is lush green, landlocked by the mighty Kinner Kailash range on the North to other higher ranges towards the South, with Chitkul and Kalpa being the most sought after towns to be in. However, incase anyone would plan to go to Kinnaur, I’d rather suggest finding an accommodation in Sangla than Chitkul, and then exploring the area based out of there. Also, 2 days for Sangla/ Chitkul should be spared, atleast, to truly fall in love with the beauty of the valley.

  47. desi Traveler on

    What a post.. most comprehensive information that one needs. The pictures are just too good.. Loved the Bus in tunnel and Hanuman, some of the small eating places have the most yummy food in this world…