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In the past few articles, I shared my love connection with Traveling and I hope you enjoyed reading them. Now, for the next few articles, I would be sharing some of the smallest but funniest and adventure filled moments of my Traveling from the hundreds of such moments which made me feel “Alive is Awesome” in the past… Since, the theme of the series is getting wet in wild or bathing in wild, I will specifically talk about bathing experiences from all those moments and share with you all those fond memories.

Kempty Falls at Mussorrie

It was long back when I used to Travel like a family boy with all set touristy trip. One fine day doing nothing, a friend asked about beating the heat of Delhi and running to see Kempty Fall. I had very limited inclination towards Travel but didn’t had much to do over weekend. Assuming nothing will work out, I said YES 🙂 … but somehow the other 6 friends also said yes 😉 … Since, I had not started to Travel or drive that tie of life so we booked a Tavera and headed straight to Mussoorie on Friday night. I didn’t have any clue how long it take to reach Mussoorie but considering a long 9 Hrs of journey we were finally at Mussorie by 6 AM. Wow, the golden glow of sun looked too good with clouds floating in the valley as if it was an Ocean of cloud. We searched a bit for Hotel and finally got one. Immediately, my reaction was BED, wow and I went to sleep 😀 …

We woke up at 11 AM in the morning and had our breakfast before rushing to the famous Kempty Fall of Mussoorie Went down and saw everybody around was jumping into it and having all sought of fun… There was no hesitation from any of us and all of us jumped into the waterfall to enjoy the cold water and beat the heat 🙂 … This was it and we were just here to have a bath in a waterfall!! It was my first time when I had fun bathing with friends. We pushed, dipped, floated, kicked, splashed or what not with each other as if a little kiddo has came out of of us internally from somewhere 😀 … Very soon seen so wild 20+ year old kiddos everyone else moved out of the fall to let us enjoy. I knew everyone was not liking the way we were behaving but sometimes you have to leave behind all those bars of yet so civilized world to enjoy life to the fullest, to enjoy life as if “Alive is Awesome”. It was one of those special moments I ever had in life which cannot be forget though at that time of the year I never knew about Traveling yet it was super fun indeed.

Getting Wet in Waterfall with Friends…
Getting Wet in Waterfall with Friends
Getting Wet in Waterfall with Friends…
Getting Wet in Waterfall with Friends
Bhagsunag Waterfall at Mcleod Ganj / Dharamshala

The second fun waterfall bathing experience I had was in Mcleod Ganj. Again it was a time when I travelled with my friends with everything planned, with booked rooms, no places in mind to see just the destination was known to my vocabulary, an unknown tourist without any knowledge of the place, where everything was supposed to be a holiday with least preference to adventure. But, as everything has it’s own significance so did such trips which were as good for me as current travel trip which are full of adventure and unknowns :)… By now I was working in professional world but luckily go a similar fun loving company of friends even in this age of life. It was again old group group with 1-2 alteration, a long weekend trip and we left from my house with lots of joy and pleasure on one Thursday night to reach McLeod Ganj in the morning. Delhi to McLeod Ganj is around 530 KMs approximately and takes about 12-13 Hours. There was one Hotel Sahil, if I remember correctly, right at the end of Mall road where our stay was planned. After resting for couple of hours once we reached McLeod Ganj in the morning, it was time to leave out and check this awesome place.

The first target planned for the day was trek in the woods behind Bhagsunag temple through the woods. So, we asked our driver to drop us as far as possible near Bhagsunag. WOW!! The drive was just super amazing and scary once we got off track. We reached the temple, had some prayers and went the trek in the woods before someone let us know that there is a waterfall as well just 10-15 minutes of walking distance. We all got very excited and started walking as directed by the local. On seeing it all went out desperate for a dip and why not after all we were coming from 45 Degree Celsius of burning heat of Delhi… The fun started as we were jumping around as if we were in a trance. I still remember my friends throwing me right into the fall from the adjacent rock and too much water got into me as I kept my mouth wide open :D  … Though it was not that funny at that time but yeah, after that I also got into action of pushing, throwing, enjoying every bit of it… After about an hour all drenched we came out of it to start the hike back to hotel as the cab guy also went back to hotel. The whole walk fully drenched was extremely awesome and no one cared but walk!! With smiles on 9 faces, jokes on 9 people… it was seriously a feeling, a feeling to cherish, a feeling which still bring a smile to my face even when I write these words… A feeling truly can be called “Alive is Awesome” …

Getting Wet in Waterfall with Friends…
Getting Wet in Waterfall with Friends
Getting Wet in Waterfall with Friends…
Getting Wet in Waterfall with Friends

In the end, I hope you enjoyed reading about these two experiences and in the coming few articles I will be sharing more such fun and adventure filled bathing experiences from my past travel trips… Please do share if you also had a similar experience with friends which made you feel good, which made you feel alive 🙂

Photo Credits – Saurabh Sharma

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  2. Aman Shankhdhar on

    You made me remember my latest trip to Mcleodganj with buddies for life. College buddies with roll call of 67, 68, 69 (You can understand our dependency on each other).

    It was same Bhagsunag waterfalls. Our wild fun like in college. Just closer to nature. Brings smile on my face 🙂

    • Thanks alot Aman, really glad that you liked the series so much. I hope you enjoy rest of it as well 🙂

      Dheeraj Sharma