Few days back I was watching this advertisement on TV for Godrej Cinthol Bathing Products in which so many people were having some unconventional bathing experiences and first thought after seeing some of the visuals in the Ad straight away took me into flashback of all my past Travel journeys so far in life… The mantra of the Ad, “Alive is Awesome”, kept murmuring into my head cells for a while as it touched my heart so deeply, recalling my senses how I felt the same way the day when I seriously started to live my passionThe Travel … Very soon I realized that how aptly this Mantra of “Alive is Awesome” applicable to my present state as a person in this life. My sincere thanks to my Traveling Passion which never leaves me the person I was before whenever I return to my family from my Travel trips…

A Lively Moment with Friends…
A Lively Moment with Friends
What’s “Alive is Awesome” Series all About

This feeling somehow urged my senses to join in with a blogging campaign “Alive is Awesome Bathing” by Godrej Cinthol and share with my readers & other bloggers, a series of articles over next month where in I will start from describing why I started to Travel, how each of my Travel Trip transformed me to a person I am as of now living his life @ Full Fun, from a Devilish (thus the name of my blog:)) person I was before… A treacherous journey which was never easy but Traveling did make it very simple and transparent for me. How it helped me overcome so many of my fears, I never realized unless I ever faced them…

Then, I will share my feelings through various posts about how even as little moments or small personal experiences while Traveling such as wild or unconventional bathing, a laugh over screwed up tyre in middle of nowhere in freezing temperatures, those scary moments of flash floods, being so thirsty to drink water from snow water streams like animals etc.  I had with family and friends were responsible for adding that spark for Living the Life rather just waiting to die… Recalling few visuals from the Ad, that smiling Girl sitting on top of an elephant, that chilly dip into the chilly water pond with snow all around, diving into the waterfall etc. made me realize how similar moments in my past Travel Trips had also made me laugh, feely lively, enjoy those special moments with my friends & family and actually LIVE such moments for first time in my life… Truly a feeling of being ALIVE, a feeling called LIFE…

Finally, I will conclude this special series with my in-heart aspirations or freaky ideas from my future Travel Trips and how I want to continue to make me and my family feel “Alive is Awesome” for the rest of this life.

Bathing with Friends in Ganges…
Bathing with Friends in Ganges...

I really wanna thank Godrej Cinthol for throwing out such lovely mantra of “Alive is Awesome” and getting me on board with their blogging campaign which allowed me to realize plus express my feelings about living my passion – The Travel, freely without any boundation or rules over the coming weeks … I hope you guys will stay tuned with me for this series as well as you always had. I will try my level best to keep this series as lively and as interesting as possible…


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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    • Thanks alot Nisha!! Yeah, I see it as an opportunity to write something which I always wanted to write for my readers and many those who wonder, why and how come I keep traveling so much with professional job pressure as well as maintain balance with my family. Some still are confused how did I undergo changes in life… For all of them, I dedicate this series and I also love reading it once it gets complete…

      Read yours too, excellent experience you guys had. Hope to do it sometime… Looking forward for more.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  2. Good to see u living your passion Buddy…Keep it up 🙂

    Seeing the pics here, even I landed straight into flash back…Good memories created for lifetime…” ALIVE is AWESOME”..

    Machaan wala scene banayo jaldi :)…

    • Thanks alot brother!! Surely, these were few trips where we enjoyed so much together, had fun of our life at that time!! No wonders I had traveled so much after that but thhese trips had always been special for I think most of us!!

      And yes, Machaan wala scene jaldi banate hain. I will talk to Himanshu and will meet up again


  3. Chandra Shekhar Vijay on

    Great start Dheeraj.
    Miles to go before we sleep. 🙂

    • Yes Chandra, still miles to and I am sure you will lovely reading about my journey of Travel so far and the transformations in me as a person 😉


    • Shukriya sirji!! Will try best to capture your heart and explain the transitions that has happened over the past as a person in me 😀