Are you looking out for one complete list of things to carry when you travel on any kind of trip? Be it mountain travel or beach travel or you go hiking or camping, you need different things to carry on such trips.

There are so many of us who likes traveling to the core of our souls and keep on visiting new, beautiful places every now and then. Sometimes the plan arises out of nowhere and you have no time to think about the contents of the luggage for the trip.

Most of the time in these cases, we forget one or more essential things to carry while going on a trip. You can imagine a situation where you need to rush and search desperately for a small thing such as soap where even a tissue paper would have come handy ;). Such situations are especially true when you are traveling to remote corners of the Himalayas.

What are the essential things to pack for a trip?

Since luggage is most common among any traveler, it would be great always to have a list of things to carry on a trip, in store for yourself. It would certainly be convenient when the plans are abrupt and come out of nowhere, leaving no time for packing the luggage.

I have tried to compile a comprehensive list of thing to carry while I go on a trip and feel could be helpful for each one of us traveling to various places.

Basic Travel Kit to Carry on Trips

There are certain items that you carry on any kind of trip. I call such things are basic travel kit which every kind of traveler must carry on their trips. Let us look at these basic travel kit items.

  • Itinerary Printout (at least 2)
  • Travel Guide / Map Print Out (at least 2)
  • At least two Copies of PhotoIDs for all members
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Charger
  • Pen and a small Diary
  • Bag locks (2 or more)
  • Backpack or Carry bag
  • Extra spectacles with cover
  • Spectacles cover
  • Torchlight or Flashlight
  • Small Scissor
  • Watch
  • Swiss Knife. I have a Victorinox Huntsman Red Swiss Army Knife which I have been using since 6-7 years. It has helped in many situations in mountains and still work as new. One of the best products I have bought in life.
  • Power bank – Extremely useful in case short on electricity, which will be the case mostl
  • Hand Sanitizer (Dettol, Lifebuoy) – Recommended
  • Sunglasses – Recommended
  • Multi-Plug – Recommended for remote areas
  • Small water bottle, say 500 ml
  • Match Boxes or Flint or Cigarette Lighter
  • Couple of candles
  • Plastic Bags / Plastic Zip Lock Bags
  • Twist-ties, safety pins.You can find twisties at the link: Twist Tie 20m (Pack of 2)
  • Novels or two
  • Pens, pencils, colors, crayons, chocolates, toffees for distribution among local children
  • DC to AC Inverter. It is an extremely useful item often neglected. It helps you keep the batteries of your phone charged, camera batteries charged and even laptop or iPhone or iPad charged too. I own a Targus 200W Power Inverter with USB Fast Charging Port and it has proven its worth in day to day life as well not just trips to the Himalayas.

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No trip is complete without carrying the things to eat. Certainly, most of the time food is available on any destination we travel. However, at some places of Spiti or Ladakh or when camping in the remote regions of the Himalayas, food can be hard to find. It is especially true when you are on dietary restrictions.

Hence, it is always good to carry basic eateries on your trips.

  • Chocolates, toffees, chips, chewing gums, mouth freshener, dry fruits etc.
  • Energy Bars or Protein Bars for quick snacks.
  • Any restrictive diet items
  • Pre-cooked food if needed

Camera Kit

If you are a photographer or an enthusiast like me, you should be prepared for a lack of electricity when traveling to the Himalayas. Hence, go prepared with your entire camera kit to take those amazing shots that become lifetime memories. Also, do not forget to carry things for helping you charge your camera gear.

Here are some things to carry from a photographer’s standpoint on any trip.

  • Camera with bag
  • Camera Charger and its cable
  • Camera Battery
  • Camera Cleaning Kit including Lenspen
  • Tripod
  • Filters
  • Remote Release
  • Photography Handbook
  • Extra Camera Battery, if possible
  • Extra Remote Release Battery, if possible
  • Extra memory cards, if possible
  • Head lamps for night photography, if required

Toiletries to carry

Keeping yourself sanitized on trips if always necessary. It helps you avoid getting sick away from home and makes you feel refreshed. Let us look at some of the toiletries items you should carry on your trips.

  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth Paste
  • Toilet Soap
  • Shampoo Pouches according to the schedule or a small shampoo bottle
  • Tissue Papers
  • Face wash if required but common for girls
  • Hair Oil
  • Deodorants
  • Moisturizing Cream
  • Lip Guard
  • Cologne Talc
  • Comb
  • Small Mirror
  • Feminine Hygiene, if required

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Shaving Kit

If you are one of those who do not like grown hairs, then do not forget to carry your shaving or grooming kit. Here is a quick look at things you should not forget to carry on your trip.

  • Shaver / Razor / Trimmer
  • Shaving Blades ( If possible keep some extra blades)
  • Shaver Brush
  • Shaving Foam or Cream

Clothing Kit

Clothing forms an essential part of any trip. If you are planning to carry too many clothes, you end up lifting heavy bags. Hence, always try to travel light and carry clothes that you actually need as per the trip. Choosing ActiveWear or Athleisure will help you minimize the number of clothing items you carry on a trip along with traveling light.

  • Clothes as per the schedule
  • Towels
  • Socks
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Slippers
  • At least one light jacket

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Air Travel

When it comes to air travel, you have somethings you must never forget, for example, your tickets and your identity documents. Some people need items that helps them to sleep on a flight. Let’s look at the list of things to carry when you travel by air.

  • Air-ticket Printout (if flying with e-tickets)
  • Credit/Debit Card photocopy both side from which booking was made — Don’t forget to strike of CVV number
  • Identity documents
  • Authentication Letter if someone else’s Credit/Debit Card
  • Travel Pillow for rest
  • Eyeflaps to avoid light when sleeping
  • Earbuds to help with air pressure on ears

Mountains Must-Haves Things to Carry

When in the mountains, always protect yourself from the sun, cold and dryness. Hence, what type of clothing you carry depending upon your Himalayan travel destination becomes very important. Let us look at some of the must-have things to carry on a mountain trip.

  • Digital Thermometer (Optional)
  • Cold Cream
  • Lip Guard
  • Hats / Caps
  • Heavy Woolen Clothing including woolen socks (Severe Cold / Snow). I have been using my fleece zipper Quechua Forclaz 50 for last 5-6 years and much pleased by them always because they act as a really warm base layer below any jacket or windcheater.
  • Woolen Hand Gloves (Severe Cold / Snow)
  • At least 2 pairs of thermal. Those of you who don’t know where to buy them, you can check the amazon link at: Full Sleeves Round Neck Thermal Top & Trouser Set

Trekking Must-Haves Things to Carry

When you go for long treks in the Himalayas or you go for short hikes on your trips, you must carry certain things. It is important and helpful to get the support of some stick that helps you walk uphill to decrease the pressure on knees. And as the weather can change in the Himalayas, it is important to carry rain or snow gear always with you. As you are in the mountains, sun protection is also necessary. And as you need walking or running shoes, you should carry trekking shoes to protect cuts and twists.

Let us look at some of the most important things you must carry when going on treks in the Himalayas or anywhere.

  • Mountains Must Haves
  • Hard Wooden Stick (Also handy in snow for the grip). You can also check a trekking pole at the link: 4-Step Adjustable Anti-Shock Telescopic Hiking Walking Stick with Handle
  • Rain / Snow Protection Gear like Rain Coat / Rain Suit
  • Hats / Caps
  • Gaiters for snow or water. Quechua gaiters are very nice and can be bought at the link: Fleece Thermal Waterproof Snow Gaiters
  • Water Bottles (Snow trek needs more water than we think)
  • Trekking Shoes. If you are looking for a good trekking/hiking waterproof and a bit warm shoes, you will not go wrong with Forclaz 500 Hiking Shoes. Though I have used them for about 7 years, they never proved me wrong. I have moved to North Face Versa Thermoball but then you don’t need them because Forclaz 500 is one good pair of shoes any day.

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Beach Must-Haves Things to Carry

When you travel on a beach, you must protect yourself from the sun rays causing sunburn. If you are traveling with a kid, it becomes a must to protect his soft skin. Then you need to tackle sand. Hence, you will need to protect your clothes and shoes from getting filled with sand.

Given below is a list of things to carry when you travel on a beach. These are some of the must-haves in opinion to save you from the scorching sun and avoiding bad sunburn.

  • Hats / Caps
  • Sunscreen lotion (SPF 50 or greater) or  Sunblock
  • 2-3 Extra Shorts,
  • An extra slipper and extra towel for back pack
  • Thin single bed sheet – if not interested in beach shack / bed always
  • Lip Guard with sunscreen
  • Long-sleeved over shirt and a thin pair of pants as night gets a bit cold at beaches

Medicine or First-aid Box to Carry on Trips

When you are traveling to remote places like Ladakh or Spiti Valley, the medical help could be far away. You must always carry a basic medical kit on any trip you undertake. Even if you do not get to use it, chances are you may end up helping someone else in need. It happens all the time with me.

Let us look at some of the medicine you should carry on your trip to the Himalayas in your first-aid kit.

Disclaimer– Well medicines listed here are just my suggestion as it suits me and you shall always consult your doctor before taking any of these.

  • ORS or ORS-L Tetra Packs at least 5 in number
  • Pain Relief Spray
  • Pain Relief Cream or Gel
  • Betadine – Antiseptic cream
  • Savlon or Dettol – Antiseptic solution
  • Combiflaim or Flexon – Pain Killers
  • Crocin or Paracetamol – Mild Fever
  • Avomine – Relief from Dizziness, Motion Sickness and Vomiting
  • Digene – Relief from Flatulence, Indigestion, acidity (mild)
  • Zinetac 150mg – Acidity or gastric problems (only if severe)
  • Eno Sachets – Quick Gastric Relief
  • Entroquinol – Relief from Loose motion (mild)
  • Metrogyl – Relief from Loose motion (high)
  • D-Cold Total or Vicks Action 500 for cold
  • Pudin Hara for stomachache
  • Crepe Bandage – 2 (for fractures)
  • J&J Band-Aid Fast Heal Wash proof – Long, Square and circle patches
  • Cotton and Dressing Bandage
  • Becosules for vitamin B-complex and sometimes energy
  • Eye Tone for soothing eyes
  • Nasivion for blocked and dry nose
  • Ongoing Regular Medicines, if any

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List of things to carry when you go on trip
List of things to carry when you go on a trip


I feel a cross-check of luggage with this list before leaving, would be helpful to many of us in reducing the chances of forgetting some small things while we go on a trip. This way, we can enjoy the trip without worrying over the availability of some items in the town or trek 🙂 we check-in. This list may not be perfect for each one of us, but at least we can tweak it according to our pickings and save that in our archives for future trip references.

You are most likely invited to keep adding your valuable thoughts suggestions for the list of items things to carry while going on a trip. This way, we may end up making it a completely comprehensive list for all of us and others seeking this kind of a list. Do provide your suggestions in the comments section below.

Disclaimer– Again to remind you that medicines listed above are just my suggestion as it suits me and you shall always consult your doctor before taking any of the above medicine.

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