At some point in time, we all have to travel with Kids. Let us look at some of the essential aspects and tips which will help us plan some memorable trips with Kids in time to come.

Traveling solo with my child! I repeated the idea in my mind over and over again, did all calculations, safety plans, backup for contingencies, and leaped, believing in the adventurer in me. In a word, the experience of traveling with my kid was ‘Uplifting.’

Bookings done, bags packed, excitement levels high (my son’s), anxious excitement for me. We finally embarked upon this journey, which was going to be a completely new experience for me and my 4-year-old. Delhi to Ranthambore, to the jungle, village, and the famous fort!

How to plan a trip with Kids

All parents know that traveling with a 4-year-old can get stressful, even when your spouse or family accompany you. Imagining to do it all by yourself sounds a bit scary, too much of a responsibility. And fun? Where will that come from, if you are not able to chill?

Making the right choices and planning to the last detail can save the day for you and turn it into a trip of a lifetime. From choosing the right destination to the mode of transport, hotel, mode of sightseeing, level of exploration, planning for an idle time at the hotel to customized meals for your child, everything acts as a make or break factor for such trips.

I did my research, not just on Google, but spoke to the locals (hotels, safari agents, etc.), weighed all options, and then finalized the itinerary.

Solo Travel with Kids

I am sharing my experience and tips today to help parents (especially mothers) travel solo with their kids. This article is an offshoot of my recent trip to Ranthambore National Park, on which I will soon be writing in detail.

Solo Travel with Kids - Important Tips
Solo Travel with Kids – Important Tips

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Deciding the Destination

This one is tricky; the traveler in you wants to try the unbeaten path, soak in the adventure, and tread to an offbeat place with not much infrastructure around. However, the parent in you seeks comfort for your child, a comfortable stay and journey, and, most importantly, safety for both of you. Choose a mildly adventurous destination with good hotels/ accommodation options around which provide adequate protection.

The Journey

While choosing the destination, keep in mind how long the journey will be and how you will make the journey. Try to keep the road trips short while traveling with small kids solo, try to fly to your destination. If you are making a road-trip, take frequent breaks and keep the map of possible stopovers (with options for an emergency stay) ready.

Ranthambore fort with kids alone
Animals and bird watching at a national park or awing over the huge forts interest kids

Although my son slept through most of the road journey from Jaipur airport to Ranthambore (3 hours), it might not always happen. Kids tend to get restless and fussy during long road trips. Keep their favorite music, toys, or books handy during road journeys.

Choose to go by train, only if you and your child have done it before (with family or spouse) so that you know what challenges could be in store for you. Trains have a lot of space for your child to run around. Keeping a watch on him/her and your staff at the same time can get exhausting.

Flights are undoubtedly are the most convenient mode of transport with kids


Pack light, always carry a backpack, and keep your hands free. There is going to be a lot of running around.

Snack Often

Small snacks (fruits, nuts, sandwiches, chocolates) keep the child full and happy. Keep them handy, along with the water bottle.

Keep Distractions Handy

Always carry your child’s favorite toy (small one), crayons, sketchbooks, storybooks, etc. to keep him/ her busy during journeys and idle time at hotels.

Choice of Hotel

Don’t compromise on the quality of your accommodation, save later. Choose a hotel with more than necessary facilities – with a pool, activity room for kids, a variety of food options, a 24×7 snack bar, room service, and laundry service. All these will help keep your child engaged at times when you want to relax. The Tigress is one such resort in Ranthambore.

The Tigress resort at Ranthambore is good choice for solo parent travels
Big lawns are a good place for your child to burn off all that energy
In-hotel activities are equally important. While your child is busy you can relax too 🙂

Food Choices

Talk to the chef of the hotel in advance if he can prepare customized food for your child, even during buffets. Usually, good hotels provide this service a no extra charge. This facility was a life-saver for me, as would be for parents of fussy eaters.

I briefed the hotel thoroughly in advance about my child’s food preferences and gave a sample menu to them – khichdi and curd, stuffed paranthas, hot chocolate, dal-rice, fruits (all seasonal), etc. Almost all hotel kitchens can prepare this in no time.

Evening Puppet Shows were a hit with my son. I could eat my meals in peace while he clapped and danced away in the evenings

Jungle Safaris

If you are going to a national park or sanctuary, carry a binocular for your child. Binocular will help keep them busy and let you click pictures easily without interruption. Though Jeep safaris are always tempting, opt for a canter safari if you are alone with a child. There, you will not have to keep holding him/her all the time.

A visit to the neighboring Khilchipur village was intriguing for my child. He was ecstatic looking at the mud houses, camels, wheat fields and guava orchards

Experience Together

Talk to your child before and during the journey about the trip. Keep him mentally prepared for what is coming and set his/her expectations right. It will avoid an unnecessary show of tantrums later. Treat your child as your travel partner, not a responsibility.

Share moments with him, show him and teach him things while on the go. Let him immerse in the experience. Doing so will create long-lasting memories and learning for him. It was the best part of our journey.

Life-long memories

Trust but Cautiously

Delegate tasks, get all the help you can from the airport staff and hotel staff. People help solo parent travelers. I sometimes get priority check-ins at airports 🙂 When you go sightseeing, take the hotel’s cab.

Yes, it is expensive but safer, and most of the good hotels send a member of their staff along (usually the driver) to show you around and help with the child. Never leave your hotel room unlocked, even if you are inside.

Be cautious, but do not over-judge people. Don’t blindly trust them, but take them along and enjoy the journey. Logistics usually work well with a bit of planning, don’t over-think.

I have traveled solo a lot (without taking my child along), which makes you shed your inhibitions and exposes you to different people. It makes you intuitive, teaches you to trust your judgment, and embrace the world as it is.

However, when you travel alone with a child, the experience is even more rewarding. You see people from a different perspective, get to know the better side of them. In general, if they don’t mean any harm, they are accommodating and sensitive towards you. I am talking about Indians here. Yes, I was surprised too. But that has been my experience.

Caution, right judgment, and trust in yourself are the only things that can help you gain this fantastic experience.

Embrace solo parent travel with open arms


Turning into a parent was temporarily hampering to my travels. I took baby steps and tried coming out of my comfort zone to pursue my passion; I could not have let it dwindle like that. And that’s when traveling solo with my son happened to me.

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Yes, it took a bit of convincing myself, believing in myself, fiercely protecting my child on occasions. But everything fell in place with the right planning and trusting myself.

I hope these tips instill some confidence in you to go solo with your kid. Such journeys will always stay with both of you, and re-invent your bond 🙂

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Happy traveling to you!!!

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Anchal is an avid road-tripper, a travel writer by passion and a public relations professional at work. She loves to explore the tiniest of treasures found during her travels. Besides traveling and planning for her next adventures she loves to read, cook and go for long walks or drives. The Himalayas hold a special place in her sojourns and she keeps going back to the mountains through her writings, readings, and journeys to find bliss!


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