Like the thread for Ladakh Taxi Drivers, I am starting this thread to collate the list of Taxi drivers from Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley. I will request everyone to please keep on adding to the list below. I will keep the main thread updated.

Where to hire or rent a taxi for Spiti Valley Trip? [Taxi Cost, Local Drivers, Shared Taxis for Spiti]

Please post a short description of the driver if possible along with the vehicle he owns and the charges he offers for his services. A picture will be more helpful for anyone to connect with him or her, but that is quite secondary.

If you are traveling to Leh Ladakh, refer to the taxi drivers for Ladakh and Zanskar trip.

List of Taxi Drivers for Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley
List of Taxi Drivers for Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley

1. Tsering at +91-9418208987, +91-7018731609, +918988778987. Based in Kaza owns a Xylo which his driver runs. He is the most humble person on the planet you will ever find and for me, he is nothing less than family. We go long back, more than a decade when I first stayed at his home. You can check the rates with him and can even refer Discover With Dheeraj or my name, Dheeraj. He knows me very well. He runs Hotel Sakya Abode and a few more hotels too. I am mentioning him because you will not find any trustworthy or reliable person than him up in the Spiti Valley 🙂 …

Tsering bhai (left) with me (Dheeraj - right)
Tsering bhai (left) with me (Dheeraj – right)

2. Chhewang Dorjey: +91-9459228584, +91-8988465809. Based in Kaza, owns a Sumo Spacio. He can come to pick you up from Shimla and don’t charge for it. An excellent driver, patient calm, and composed. Do not get irritated with many breaks and he was with me on my White Spiti Valley trip in March 2014. Highly recommended if the car suits you. Can refer DoW to him.

Chewang Local Driver Spiti - Kinnaur
Chewang Local Taxi Driver Spiti – Kinnaur

3. Arvind Negi from Reckong Peo 07018198609, 09805114609, 09418946449. He is a very good driver. Very highly recommended by DoW members. He drives a Scorpio and Innova Crysta, very highly recommended. Car Numbers: HP 01 AA 2222 (Innova) & HP 01 A 5521(Scorpio)

Arvind - Local Driver Spiti - Kinnaur
Arvind – Local Taxi Driver Spiti Valley – Kinnaur
Arvind – Local Taxi Driver Spiti Valley – Kinnaur

4. Dilip: 09816003815, 09459563473. based in Kalpa, runs a Scorpio, and is a very very nice down-to-earth driver. Recommended from DoW members. Can refer DoW to him. Car Numbers: HP 01 A 4035 and HP01A2264.

Dilip Local Driver Spiti - Kinnaur
Dilip Local Driver Spiti – Kinnaur

5. Sunny hails from Shimla, and drives his own Scorpio now. Very highly recommended by DoW members. Contact number: Call – 9459192806 Whatsapp – 9882096657.

Sunny Local Driver Spiti – Kinnaur

6. Arun Negi: +91-8219209660, +91-8988044493, +91-8894611950, Arun is the brother of Arvind and hails from Recong Peo. Very safe and humble driver. He sometimes takes bookings for Arvind too and but mostly runs his own Innova Crysta. Car Number: HP 01 A 6953. 

Arun Negi - Local Driver from Kinnaur Spiti valley
Arun Negi – Local Driver from Kinnaur Spiti valley

7. Saleem 9805211177 / 8988087436. Drives an Innova with bucket seats. An awesome driver has very good knowledge of Spiti and Kinnaur valley and more than 18 years of driving experience in Himachal Pradesh. Car Numbers: HP 01 A 4461.

Saleem Local Driver Spiti
Saleem Local Driver Spiti

8. Mukesh Kumar: +91-9857340009/+91-9418340009. Based in Kalpa, He has his own Innova. Very friendly and cordial and his attitude impressed us with feedback as shared by Debasis Sharangi. Can refer DoW to him.

Mukesh – A taxi driver from Kinnaur in Himachal

9. Tenzin Chauppel: 09418433973. Runs Scorpio, Apart from being an excellent driver who knows all the roads in and out, this young chap being a resident of Kaza will take you places that non-local drivers would not know.

10. Lobzang: +91-9418442790. A local driver based in Kaza, Spiti Valley. He has been driving for the last 20+ years and is very familiar with the entire region of Spiti, Kinnaur, and other parts of Himachal. He has a White Innova.

11. Tashi: 09418501644. A driver based in Spiti Valley.

12. Chering: 09418840616. A driver based in Spiti Valley.

13. Ranjeet: +91-8629081366, +91-9877008349. He is a friend who needs some support as Corona has affected his business a lot. He is pretty well-versed in the region.

14. Kunzang Tashi & Sonam: 8278893256, 8988278309, 8580821806. They both are Spiti Valley based local drivers and own two small cars one Alto (HP 0243), a swift (HP 0338), and a Tempo Traveler (HP 8888). They are driving in the region for the last 10 yrs and can help you with Winter Spiti Trips as well as come to pick from Chandigarh or Shimla.

15. Deepak Kumar / Deepu: 9816599700. He was part of our Discover With Dheeraj Spiti Valley Mega Meet 2014 where he was always helpful, opting for the safety of passengers and gelled up well with the group. He is also one of the reliable drivers of Tsering bhai (#1 above in the list) as well. You can get in touch with him for any Spiti Valley tour.

Spiti Valley Taxi Cost

As of 2024, experienced drivers from Kinnaur and Spiti regions charge about Rs 5000-5200 per day for old Innova/Xylo/Scorpio and Rs 5500-5800 for Innova Crysta. Some of them also offer fixed rates like Rs 45,000 for Shimla to Manali via Spiti in 7-8 days and Rs 55,000 for Chandigarh to Shimla to Spiti to Manali to Chandigarh in 10-11 days.

Drivers who are inexperienced in the roads of Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley or who are from lower hills like Shimla/Manali who have not done many roads in Spiti or who are totally from plains like Chandigarh and Delhi may offer less price per day but then their inexperience, skills, and warmth could pose a question in some challenging water crossing or bad road condition section. They may charge a little higher than others because most of these will come and pick you up from Shimla, Manali, or Chandigarh from Kinnaur or Spiti which incurs charges to them. But, if you want experienced drivers of these regions who have seen it all, you will have to pay the premium for their expertise and extra cost to pick you up from your starting point.

Why travel with local experienced Spiti Kinnaur drivers?

Well, I always recommend traveling via local Spiti Kinnaur drivers listed in the recommended list above because:

  1. They know the terrain very well, know every road, every turn up there in Spiti and Kinnaur Valley which will help you a lot to have a peaceful trip because they will manage every ferocious water crossing that is humanly possible to cross.
  2. They have wide experience in all the seasons of Kinnaur and Spiti Valley. Winter, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, you name it and they have done trips all over the season and hence know the challenges of each season very well.
  3. If you are looking for drivers for winter Spiti trip, they should be the goto folks as they know how to drive on those slippery road conditions with black ice and snow on it in dangerous roads of Kinnaur & Spiti Valley.
  4. They will help you as a local tour guide as well because they know all the places of Kinnaur and Spiti so well that telling you stories, folklore and making you see hidden gems comes as a free package with them.
  5. Have a local connection at all these places who most of the time becomes friends for life.

Other Taxi Drivers for Kinnaur – Spiti Trip

This is the list of other drivers who have got good reviews, but they may be coming from lower hills with less experience.

1. Prem Singh: +91-9816828913,+91-7018049103 & +91-9418505013, Runs Tempo traveller. He has 20 years of driving experience. As fellow member shares below, “He was always graceful. Ready to stop wherever we find a good spot, responsible. Punctual. We visited his home in Kalpa. He was like our family member in the Himalayas. Now also he is in touch with us.”

Prem Singh Local Driver Spiti
Prem Singh Local Driver Spiti

2. Anil Thakur: 9816594411. A driver dased in Shimla but has experience of Kinnaur and Spiti region.

3. Bunty Negi: 8219793098, 8988530619. A driver dased in Kalpa and has good driving experience of Kinnaur and Spiti region. Multiple people have sent good reviews about him.

Bunty Negi – local Kinnaur – Spiti driver

4. Ramesh Kumar: 8894570848, 9459493766. Has a 7-seater Xylo with the middle and back seat facing the front.

5. Khem Raj Verma: 9816374964, 9857320041. Owns Toyota Etios. Can be reached at his brother’s number too: Ram Krishna Verma (M No. 9736051710).

6. Sonu – 9459105448, 9817719405. Based in Shimla and drives Tavera car.

7. Nittu Sharma – 9418344252, 8642055000. Based in Shimla and drive an Innova.

8. Dharamvir: 9418174848, 9816074848. Drives a rear seat front-facing Xylo.

9. Mukesh(Monty) Sharma: 9816053050, 9459953121. Based in Shimla, owns an Innova.

10. Bhanu: 9418661109. Owns an Innova.

11. Maddy: 9816917405, 7018276564. Owns an Etios Platinum, HP01B4333.

12. Vijay Bazeer: +91-9816638100. He is based out of Sangla Valley and owns an Innova. Jayanth Padmakumar wrote, “He has good knowledge of the region & roads, went above and beyond to make their trip a memorable one.”

13. Rahul: +91-9816549006,+91-9817203338. Many good reviews were sent to me for him. He works mostly with Arun Negi and Arvind Negi brothers in the above list.

Please note that this article is in the process of getting moved from our forums to a blog article for better maintenance and submission of driver reviews. All reviews have not been copied yet from the forums, and it will take some time to move them completely. You can refer to the more detailed list of drivers at the link to the forum here where you can find some more drivers and review details too.

Submit Your Review

Please share your driver details and your travel experience with them. It will be helpful for both drivers to improve as well as fellow travelers to directly connect with the right drivers for their Kinnaur Valley and Spiti Valley trips.

In case you feel some driver mentioned on the list is not actually driving himself anymore and only runs tour as a tour operator, then plz let me know so that we can move them from the list to some other section or in case you have had a bad experience with any of these drivers from Spiti Valley and Kinnaur Valley, please do share that too so that a fair warning can be given to them before removing them from the list.

You can send the reviews to my email.

Reviews of Kinnaur – Spiti Taxi Drivers by DwD Community Members

In this section I will list down reviews or testimonials I get from various avid readers of the Discover With Dheeraj blog and DwD Community Members.

Sunny’s network and connect across the Shimla to Kaza route is a great benefit…He has a solution to every problem. From confident driving to good places to eat and clean toilets, you can leave all the decisions to him.

As per traveler Lahar Bhasin who shares feedback for Sunny

Our trip to Kinnaur/Spiti valley from 12th May to 19th May’19 was just awesome, and yes, it was partly because of the guidance of Mr. Dalip. In 7 days, we cover almost every part we planned from Kalka to Kaza and return to Kalka, including Pin valley and Gue monastery. Dilip is a wonderful person by nature, knowledge, and terms of driving experience. I found him a man of punctuality with full of commitment. Every traveler in the valley would love to have him as the best escort while traveling through this unknown terrain. We traveled on his Scorpio Car HP 01A 4035 in our entire journey. YES, finally he is one of the best uncles to my 9-year-old son to recall.

As per traveler Aroop Banerjee who shares feedback for Dilip

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I hope the above list of taxi drivers for Spiti Valley And Kinnaur Valley covering Shimla to Kinnaur to Kaza, Spiti Valley, and Manali to Kaza will help you in planning a fabulous trip to Spiti and Kinnaur.

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  2. Yogesh Kumar on

    we completed our 6 days trip for Spiti Valley 05 Nov to 10 Nov 2019 we booked Innova taxi for our trip My frnd visited spiti last year with happy Bhai. so this time i call to happy & book cab for 6days tour firstly he asked he can’t go to Spiti Valley he send another his frnd, because he have some necessary work but after I request to him he will agree to take us to Spiti. Happy is a good person with friendly nature we start for shimla to kaza via kinnaur & ret urn back to shimla because travelling towards kaza to Manali this time very risky we stay kaza only one night because maximum hotel are closed this time few homestay are opened. we stay at mandala house in kaza market in kaza night time temperature go down, we feel very cozy so decided to return back happy bhai support us every time thanks to happy if he is not with us we feel very alone in Spiti valley. we realize this time is not perfect to visit Spiti with family because there are few tourist many shops are closed. Spiti valley such a wonderful land on earth next year month of July to September I again came to here with Happy & complete whole circuit. But this time we also enjoyed Thanks to happy bhai Complete our trip safe and Enjoyable. We are again coming next year for Spiti Valley trip with happy bhai 8988500829.

  3. Amit Negi is from Simla. (0981628267, 07018575445, 07650958601). He drives an Innova. Car Number: HP 01 A 2701. We did a trip with Amit ji in October 2019 in Spiti. He has great knowledge about the local places and roads. Because of him we could visit offbeat places like Lallung. He is a skilled and safe driver. He is also a good human being.
    The good qualities that we noticed in him are-

    – friendly nature
    – good behaviour
    – patient (we stopped him several times to take pictures, and he entertained every time)
    – helpful nature (we have seen him helping other fellow drivers and tourists)

    We recommend him highly.

  4. We had gone to visit Himachal pradesh (like kinnaur shimla kalpa and bipasha). Our driver was Amazing and skilled especially in night. His name was Sonu ji(urf Bhupinder Singh). 9816378229 9817356899 for your day in Himachal Pradesh he will also help you to get ride according to your budget.

  5. We were on a trip with Sunny bhai this October (2019). He is a great driver, knows the peculiarities of spiti roads, has contacts in all the towns on the way. He helped us with hotels, food, itinerary and everything. Very helpful and friendly. We’d definitely recommend him.


    Hello there, me Pratik from Mumbai, did a recent trip to Spiti. I would like to share my views here,… So here it goes…. I would tell you people out there on the basis of my personal experience, If planning a trip to Spiti & Pin valley then there is one person on who we can totally rely on right from the car, hotels, detailed knowledge of the place, & hospitality/service provided to my group by him, name is KRISSH NEGI (RASTMAAN brothers), actually they all are from one family… Arun, Arvind & Krrish. I must say he has a very deep knowledge of this place, always willing to put in extra efforts & he makes it sure that his clients get 200% when they are travelling with him. Very polite & kind. He has earned a great respect
    from the people of Spiti & Pin valley due to his behaviour & nature. Henceforth whenever I will travel again to Spiti am going to ring his number again….

  7. I did a 11 day trip with Sonu in Aug 2019 at Spiti. He knows the road at the back of his hands and is a great driver. He suggested and guided us through out the trip but did not let us miss a single place. Owns a fleet of innova cars. Highly recommended.

  8. Kunal Mandal on

    We have recently returned from our 10 day Kinnaur-Spiti-Chandra Tal road trip. The tour started from Chandigarh and the vehicle was arranged by driver duo, Bhupinder (Sonu) and Manoj (7018850143). They are based at Solan, entry point of Himachal from Chandigarh side. So, they offer very competitive price. They are highly experienced, specialized for Spiti valley and very knowledgeable. Sonu is a trekker himself. Who can understand better the needs of a traveller than a fellow traveller!
    We hired Innova for the tour and it was quite comfortable. I highly recommended them for the potential travelers.

  9. Suprabhat Das on

    Along with two of my good friends, I went for the trip to the Spiti Valley in August 2019. During our 9 days trip we covered the following route – Chandigarh, Sarahan, Sangla, Chitkul, Kalpa, Nako, Gue, Tabo, Dhankar, Mudh, Kaza, Hikkim, Komic, Langza, Key, Kibber, Kunzum pass, Chandratal lake, Batal, Rohtang pass and Manali.
    As our tour driver and guide, we had Krrish Negi along with us. We had contacted him via his brother Arun Negi.
    Krrish Ji became a good friend of us in no time with his friendly nature and the strong desire to show us new and memorable offbeat places (like some remote places in Rakcham and Demul village en-route to Kaza, those were not included in our itinerary too).
    Some plus point of Krrish Negi Ji:-
    – friendly nature
    – good behaviour
    – very patient (we stopped him several times en-route to take pictures, and he entertained every times with his smiling face)
    – very helpful (not only helped us, we have seen him helping other fellow drivers and tourists during crisis)
    – have good collection of Kinnauri songs (he also sings well, we heard his recorded song too)
    – and obviously very skilful driver

    During the last two days of our trip (18th and 19th Aug), the whole Himachal Pradesh witnessed the record-breaking rainfall, land slides and road blockage. We were also stuck for one day at Chhatru (near Rohtang pass) as the road was not open. On those two days, we had seen him driving like a pro and also guiding other drivers during the catastrophe. A big salute to him.

    HIS CONTACT NO – 08988804811, 07018859775 (KRRISH NEGI)

  10. Shaibal Banerjee on

    Last year we went for a Kinnaur and Lahul and Lahul Spiti trip. These places were awesome. But I must admit dat our trip became so successful because of our driver Happy. Because of him we cud visit so many off beat places like pin valley and Chandratal lake. If someone visits dis region I wud like to recommend his name.

    Abhikesh (happy) – 8628819457


    I was planning a trip to Spiti valley for 12 days with my wife and my parents from mangaluru. Initially I approached one of the online travel planner of whose service I had taken to plan my Ladakh and Sikkim trip previously. But one day I just came across this site and saw the list of driver’s that we can take the service of to complete the trip. This option looked feasible . I was apprehensive at first . But still I decided to give a try and after going through the reviews in various drivers, I finalised on one name MR. BALDEV aka BOBBY. I got his number and gave a call and told him about my plans. The plan was of entire SPITI CIRCUIT and he crafted the daywise plan and after slight changes we finalised on it. The entire trip was all dependent of Baldev Bhai and the way he carried it out was simply amazing. From Shimla , he was with us in his SCORPIO named MEMSAAB for 12 days and this was one of the best trips I ever had in my life. We covered Chitkul, Sangla, Kalpa, pin valley , nako , tabo, Dhankar, kaza, kibber, hikkim , langza, kee, tashigang and finally Chandratal lake. He showed us some of the places no other drivers would show and it was really pleasing. We were lucky to visit Chandratal lake and continue out journey towards Manali as the road had opened the previous day after closure of 8 months. We were damn Lucky. Chandratal lake was tricky as local can drivers were charging extra from Kaza and most were returning without visiting it. But Baldev Bhai took us
    to Chandratal lake without a hitch . It was most memorable because he convinced my mom to visit Chandratal lake, who has problem in walking in steep areas and also because of high altitude. Without his support and motivation, my mom and dad wouldn’t have walked to Chandratal lake . He walked with them all the way and I and my parents are greatful for that. He will treat you as a member of his family and will take care of all your needs. Bidding goodbye to him after the trip was really the hard part and we all felt the same. Thank you so much Baldev bhai. You made the trip possible . Guys I highly recommend you to consider Baldev Bhai your companion and travel guide when you make trip to Spiti Valley, because he is the best. Thanks DOW for guiding me out in Instagram and deciding on the plan of action. Kindly put Baldev aka BOBBY bhai’s name in the top of the list of recommended drivers. Because he belongs at the top. Thanks .

    Baldev contact number: WhatsApp: 078072 75103
    Mob: 094182 19383
    Mob: 098179 42710

  12. Devkanya das on

    Spiti Valley Valley of the wanderers

    We were group of 4friends and we traveled to Spiti Valley 16 To 27 July with Happy bhai in his Innova taxi following the route Manali -rohtaang -Gramphoo -Chotta Dara-Batal-Chandertal-kunzumPass-losar-kaza-PinValley -Tabo -Nako -kalpa-Sangla valley-Jalori pass to Tirthan Valley to Chandigarh.This was an awesome place with totally unique terrain & rock formations.The road is very bad & dangerous from Gramphoo to losar kyato but becomes better after there. But we not get any trouble on this routes because Happy bhai is a Professional and Experienced buddy for Spiti Valley rough road. The snow covered mountain’s lakes & monasteries are worth a visit too. We even go to know more about heritage, culture and lifestyle of people here thanks to happy bhai. We would like to return to Spiti Valley again.
    Contact details
    8628819457 /8988500829 Happy

  13. Arul Priya on

    I completed 15 days trip in Spiti from 22 June to 5 July 2019, had booked driver Mukesh Sharma ( Monty ji ) for 2 weeks, I got his number from DoW. He is very friendly, courteous and Softspoken. We were all very comfortable, he never rushed around any places, in rough terrains, you need very experienced/skilled and cordial driver hence we were happy driving around with Monty ji. Would surely recommend others to contact him. He also helped us with hotel booking as per our budget across Spiti and bike rental within Kaza. We had very pleasant journey with him.

  14. bhawani chauhaan on

    A Perfect Trip
    Our trip to Spiti Valley in June 2019 we joined a 8days tour in kinnaur & Spiti Valley,highlight of our trip was our taxi driver Mr Happy so fantastic that we felt like he became part of our family, useless to say he contributed to make our trip perfect Happy is a nice person who arranged very well our whole trip from where to stay, where to food to try & lot of beautiful views on the way.
    We appreciate very much from his excellent driving skill and great knowledge of kinnaur & Spiti region highly recommend if you planning a trip to Spiti Valley with your family. again thanks to happy g because he makes our trip perfect memorable.
    you can contact on his numbers.
    Happy bhai Shimla based driver runs a very neat and clean innova SUV in all over Himachalpradesh.
    +91 8628819457
    +91 8988500829

  15. After two weeks of searching i got the best qoute for Spiti Valley tour from devils on wheels drivers reviews Mr. Happy bhai. We booked our tour from happy bhai Me my wife and our 18months old my little Princess. first time we visited kinnaur & Spiti 9days tour Mr.Happy is a great person who makes our Spiti Valley tour very enjoyment. our point of contact Happy bhai arranged the trip as per our requirement and made the necessary arrangements. He have good knowledge of Spiti routes & local sightseeing places. there are lots of hotel &homestay in kinnaur & Spiti who knows happy bhai by his name. In my opinion He is very highly recommend for Spiti Valley traveller’s. Happy bhai is experienced chaffuer for Spiti Valley trip trust on me .
    Happy bhai

    • Please note that Aviz, these drivers are shared by Discover with Dheeraj community members just like you. They are not our drivers or taxis. We are here to help them promote themselves and travelers to connect with them.

  16. Gaurav Pandey on

    We completed Spiti Valley tour in June-2019. Thanks for our driver&guide also a very good friend Mr. Krrish Negi Ji. Krrish Ji was very supportive, good behaviour, very helpful, friendly nature. all time during spiti valley tour. (He become like elder brother for me). Also he has very good collection of music (Himachali Songs ) Thanks Thanks Krrish Bhaiya for making our Journey special. We will meet again….

    Name – Mr. Krrish Negi
    Mob – 08988804811

  17. Siddharth Bezawlar on

    I and My Friends recently(7-17June 2019) went to the SPITI VALLEY. We hired DEBU as our guide and the Taxi driver. The experience was awesome and DEBU bhai made our trip smooth. He drives Scorpio and I would really recommend him based on the following experience 1. He has very good command over his vehicle. SInce the roads of Kinnaur and Spiti valleys are dangerous and sharp we did not feel any risk with him. 2. He is very punctual. Every morning he was asking us to get ready by a certain time to cover all the spots planned for the day and he himself was ready before the mentioned time. 3. Good Knowledge of tourist spot and weather. While visiting the places he always explained the reason and history behind the tourist spot and he also shared the attraction point of every spot. 4. Helping and Friendly Nature. He was so friendly that we did not feel bored on our road trip. He also helps us to tackle/survive the cold weather of Spiti by sharing local or household tricks. One evening I and my friends were exploring the market and the sun was set, it was dark then he came searching for us thinking that we got lost. 5. Good Knowledge of Hotels/Home Stays. He always took us to the budget-friendly and neat and clean home stays/hotels in the Spiti Valley. Overall it was a safe, smooth and fun journey with Debu Bhai. You can trust him blindly for your Spiti and Kinnaur trips. If I plan to go again to Spiti, I will definitely go with Debu bhai.

  18. Manish garg on

    We completed our spiti valley tour from shimla with our best driver JAGDISH CHAND (JAGGI). We contact JAGGI through VINKAAL .
    THANKS TO VINKAAL. OUR Driver shows enormous enthusiasm and spirit not as driver also as our friend and our tour guide
    Some key point of JAGGI
    – friendly nature
    – good behaviour
    – very helpful (as it is our first trip to spiti valley)
    – have good collection of music (as we are music lover )
    Finally i want to say that he is best driver for us and hope so that he will be for you all also

  19. Ankit Miglani on

    I have travelled the less travelled roads of spiti and lahoul valley twice and both times my partner behind the Innova wheels was Mr. Abhishek (a.k.a ‘Happy’). As his name goes by he is a very cheerful person who has made my trip to this beautiful valley a memorable experience. He is well acquainted with routes and the complex situations (landslide, bombarding, nala’s) that may come within one’s way on this route and without any doubt, I can say that Happy is well qualified and experienced to deal with such complex situations.

    He was experienced enough to cross all the nala’s including pagal nala and Chota Dara without any difficulty.

    Last year I was lucky enough to reach uptill Chandratal and spot a leapord but unfortunately this time we could only travel till Kaza, as the routes ahead were still not open.

    I had a 8 days trip last year starting from shimla, sarahan, sangla, raksham, tabo, nako, dhankar, gue, hikkim, langza, kunzum pass, batal, chandratal and back to manali. Though the route was similar but till kaza only.

    One cannot take eyes off the scenic beauty in this valley and Happy can be trusted completely for a happy trip in this valley.

    Driver-Partner-Buddy- Mr. Abhishek
    He can be reached on +91 8628-819457 and +91 8988-500829.


  20. Normal family on

    We were on spiti trip in June 2019. No doubt about driving skills of Mr Ajay Rathore, BUT he is not committed.He had promised us to drop at Chandigarh Airport but left us at Shimla. He seemed to be busy in his own work throughout and dislikes travelling with family /kids.

  21. Subod kumar on

    We bhad boked Sunny ( scorpuo) for our entire trip that is narkanda to kalpa to tabo to pin valley to kaza to chandrataal to manali. Dates were 8th June to 15th June. He proved to be very smart at wheels, knowledgeable and very friendly. Throughout the journey he would describe us about the places we passedo by, he would stop by at picturous locations, take us to the best local eating joints as we requested. He had also helped us to take pictures . He suggested us with good stays. Overall we had the best experience with him and plan another trip with him. He is a much and must recommended driver.

    • Subod Kumar on

      The details are :
      Sunny : Call – 9459192806 Whatsapp – 9882096657.

  22. Pallab Bhattacharjee on

    We went for our trip to the Spiti Valley in May 2019. It was the the first mountain trip in many years and we did not know what to expect as we had not traversed this part of the country. To be honest we were not disappointed at all. The place was an entirely different kind of beautiful. We had not seen desert mountains before and we found them to be magnificent. On top of that our friend-n-guide Debu Negi was the ideal person to guide us on the tour. His enthusiasm fueled us everyday and he had thorough knowledge of each and every place we went to. So there was absolutely no problem regarding accommodation and fooding. In fact the facilities were commendable. The trip was everything we could ever wish for. Thanks to Devil on Wheels we had the most exciting trip!

  23. Snehamayee on

    Drivers and Guides
    We booked the tour via Mr Mukesh @ Apple Pie- 09820796047 /8894579727 . May 2019 was our 4th trip with him and he has always connected us with drivers who are dependable and resourceful. He usually provides drivers who know the terrain well – this a big advantage in an unforgiving land like Spiti. Another advantage of all drivers contacted via Mukesh is that they usually will not do “khichkhich” at small things or keep on cribbing at route changes etc .If Mukeshbhai is travelling or not reachable – his brother Aman can be contacted at 999934003

    Since we were 7 travelers we decided to hire 2 Innovas to ensure comfortable travel – We traveled with
    Driver Gogi (Susheel)- 9816183958 . This was our second trip with this enthusiastic and ever smiling fellow – He knows the roads well and is aware of all major points for a great view. He was always well dressed , neat with no visible vices – Very flexible to adapt and change the plan as requested by us – He has a Innova which can seat 7 if using back seat
    Diver Ajay – 09810600828 – This was our first trip with Ajay bhai and he did not disappoint. The Innova with bucket seat was great and so was Ajay bhai – He is a very well connected person with 2/3 cars. He was always networking with other drivers and connecting travelers with cars and drivers. He is a great driver who is again always well dressed , neat with no visible vices. Was always flexible to change plans as needed. He knows the area well enough

  24. Anchal Vashist on

    Hello sir I Anchal Vashist from Sunder Nagar Himachal Pradesh. I have Xylo and marazzo.I am doing tours of Spiti, Kinnaur and leh from last 8 year’s. I want to join devil on wheels. Please give suggestions how to go for it. Xylo(HP 01M1306), Marazzo (HP01M2959).

  25. Brian Rego on

    My wife and I recently went on a 10-day Spiti Valley trip (Shimla-Narkanda-Chitkul-Kalpa-Nako-Tabo-Dhankar-Pin Valley-Kaza) with Happy Bhaiya, our driver, guide and by the end of the trip, a good friend. He not only made us feel comfortable on roads that were non-existent, but also kept us engaged throughout the trip with short stories of the roads/places we were going to. Would like to make a special mention of his caring nature during our stay at Komic (the world’s highest village by motorable road) where we felt a little breathless because of the altitude. He made alternate arrangements for us almost immediately and ensured we continued to enjoy our trip,

    On his driving skills, I think he is the best I have met who is completely at ease on narrow treacherous roads. Has been driving clients to Spiti Valley for over 10 years.

    A big thank you to Happy Bhaiya for a wonderful journey in the valley. Will definitely recommend him to all DoW members. Trust me, I am already thinking about my next trip after this experience.

    Here are his details:
    Name: Abhikesh (Happy Bhaiya)
    Contact No: 8628819457
    Based in: Shimla

  26. Sandeep Vashist on

    Hi sundeep and hi DoW. I find this blog a way helpful. I want to do spiti tour from delhi and we are 4 friends for the tour. I have swift dzire. First question is can i do the whole tour in my dzire itself by self driving? Secondly if not can i do half of the tour on myself and then complete the other part by taking some taxi from any location somwhere in the path. Please suggest me on this. We are planning for trip from 1 june to 10 june.

  27. Sundeep Patel on

    We did our Spiti trip by tempo traveller from sangla after finishing Rupin Pass trek. Thanks to your list I got Tempo traveller at very good rates and most importantly on time of our arrival at Sangla.
    Ithe driver was referred by Rajkumar (from your list) his name is Hari Om Sharma and he is from Rampur (Kinnor) and he owns Tempo traveller..
    He is good driver and would like to recommend him…
    His contact no is +91 94595 39439