Himalayan Honeymoon Trip – is there a phrase more romantic than that? Cozy days and cozier nights in the lap of nature, overlooking the perfectly soothing views is an excellent start to a union, wouldn’t you say?

So, let’s look at this comprehensive guide for planning a honeymoon trip in the Himalayas, which is full of tips, tricks, and travel hacks.

A complete guide for Honeymoon Trip in the Himalayas for Couples
A complete guide for Honeymoon Trip in the Himalayas for Couples

A perfect honeymoon is a great way to start a marriage by building on new experiences and creating memories to celebrate your new family. With tonnes of places to explore in the Himalayas and lots of expenses before the honeymoon itself, it might get daunting to plan a honeymoon trip!

You’re well aware of our love for the Himalayas, right? We plan on being your one-stop-shop for anything about a magical honeymoon in the Himalayas too.

Types of Honeymoons in the Himalayas

When it comes to deciding upon honeymoon in the Himalayas, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Of course, a honeymoon MUST be different from your regular vacations, and it should leave you with a feeling of fulfillment of some of your bucket list items.

Whether you want to bungee jump with your significant other, experience river rafting, explore the often-forgotten-yet-oh-so-beautiful hamlets, or just laying back and understanding the meaning of time. In essence, you get to be the decider of your journey.

The stress of wedding planning, greeting long-forgotten relatives, and meeting your new family is stressful at the moment. However, you’ll both be glad to have time to yourself and reflect on the magnitude of activities that unfolded in the days past.

So, choose wisely, my friends, and consider your significant other and plan the most fabulous escapade!

Another golden sunset in the Himalayas
Another golden sunset in the Himalayas

A Honeymoon with Adventure on mind

Adrenaline seekers unite. When a couple enjoys the outdoors and that heart-pumping adrenaline, then, of course, you need to fill up your honeymoon with crazy activities.

Therefore, whether it is trekking through the frozen Zanskar river or getting to climb the Kedarkantha, along with a bungee jumping experience at Rishikesh – pack in a punch when it comes to your bucket list honeymoon! To truly get into the vibe of adventure, you might need to travel quite a bit to reach your destinations. Plan accordingly.

Honeymoon on a Budget

With lots of expenses leading up to the wedding, a budget is the biggest constraint for travelers. Regardless, the Himalayas pack a tonne of places that are cheaper and affordable. Of course, you can still do a tonne in the small towns, especially if you plan and make adequate arrangements for things that are most important to you.

Luxury & Leisure Honeymoon

Ah, chill, and relax. Go out for long strolls, get superior rooms with lots of in-room dining options, and enjoy the seclusion of a leisure honeymoon.

Get the fanciest rooms in fancy hotels and ignite the old-world romantic charm for a fairy-tale honeymoon in the Himalayas. Pamper yourself and your partner with spa dates and romantic dinners.

Enjoy each other’s company and go out to explore the beautiful hillside. Of course, with not a lot of activities to do, the leisure honeymoons tend to be on a smaller time duration. These options also tend to become costlier if you don’t plan.


Get on your walking or hiking shoes and go out and explore! Walking or Hiking is the type of activity that will lead you to experience new things, often not on any touristy list.

When you’re out and about, exploring the nooks and corners of sleepy towns and hamlets, you get to learn so much more about your partner. What excites them, what is it that they find fascinating, how they interact with others, can take things in the flow, how do they manage stress – this list is endless!

Check this list of things to carry on a hiking or trekking trip in the Himalayas.

After all, a honeymoon is all about learning more about your partner. How you two interact when spending the majority (or all) of your time together. Exploring together is the best way to jump into things.

Exploration honeymoons can be budget-friendly, especially if the couple enjoys offbeat places.

The River View, Manali, Himachal Pradesh | Hotel Review
The River View, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Planning for your perfect Honeymoon in the Himalayas

Whether it is an international trip or a domestic one, honeymoons are always a little on the expensive side. Many couples postpone their honeymoons because of a cash crunch.

However, I am here to save the day (my favorite activity ;)) – the truth of the matter is that all you need for a perfect honeymoon is a beautiful place, the company of your beloved, and a little bit of groundwork.

So, if you are struggling to understand how to make your honeymoon budget-friendly while also ensuring that it is a vacation you remember, then here we are to give you some tips regarding the same. Even the better you budget your honeymoon, the more activities you can cover – always a plus!

Your goals

Try to understand what your goal, and what you are looking for in a honeymoon. Are you just looking to have a quiet time or a party? Do you want to visit the party capital or a serene hill station?

You will realize that a lot depends on this, and your budget sways one way or the other. And then you will have to look at what kind of hotel are you looking at? Are you happy with a friendly and quiet hotel, or is your heart set on being lapped up in luxury? Can you do with or without spa therapy?

These things will help you understand what to choose and what to drop within your budget. Remember that you do not have to stay in a honeymoon suite to avail of a hotel’s spa therapy; you could stay elsewhere and still go to a luxury hotel only for its couple spa therapy!

Views worth the grind!. Picture Courtesy, Vijay Gadwal
Views worth the grind!. Picture Courtesy, Vijay Gadwal

If possible, pick off season or shoulder seasons

Of course, every destination is more expensive during its peak season, so it would be best if you could go on your honeymoon during the offseason. Off-seasons are usually those periods that come before or after high season, and tourists are also limited during that time – making it utterly romantic and secluded for you to enjoy the hill-stations as your own!

And, this is the time when hotels come up with the best deals and rooms are usually priced relatively lower than usual. You will also find peace and solace, almost like you are the “only lovers left.” But, be warned; off-seasons means that some activities might be shut, so if you can do with that, then it is the perfect time to go.

Booking flight tickets

When it comes to making flight arrangements, the earlier you book your flight tickets, the better it is because they are a lot cheaper than booking tickets at the last minute. So, you have to decide on a destination with your spouse-to-be, and then book flight tickets at the earliest.

As you already know, there are various offers these days as well, so you might find yourself luckier than usual. Look out for these offers, and book your tickets early (about two months), you will realize that you have saved a lot more money.

Keep looking for travel deals and other cash back offers.

Travel agents

When going on a foreign trip, it is crucial to understand that when you are going all by yourselves, then you will find it difficult to manage money because international destinations are expensive. But if you can get an all-inclusive package from the right travel agent, half your work is done.

Getting this kind of all-inclusive package will undoubtedly help you in cost-cutting, so you should do some research and finalize your plans. Estimate the cost of going by yourselves, and going with a travel agent, and then decide.

Home stays

These days many homestays have come up, which are just as well maintained like any other three or 4-star property. At a homestay, you get a right home-cooked food and personalized hospitality, and in some cases, guidance around the destination you have chosen.

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We will not advise hostels as they are not really the perfect kind of setup for a honeymoon. Homestays are generally in quiet & beautiful locations. These are comfortable and easy on the pocket as well.

Lastly, a lot of hotels have deals for honeymoon couples, so telling people about your honeymoon is not a bad idea. The hospitality industry tends to be kind to honeymoon couples, so why not mention so? You never know you might get a free upgrade to a honeymoon suite or a business class upgrade on your flight!

A small village in Ladakh - Korzok
A small village in Ladakh – Korzok

The Perfect Himalayan Honeymoon Trip

The Himalayas are synonymous with tonnes of activities. So, no matter your style of honeymoon, you’ll be sailing smoothly by choosing the hills.

Some brownie points on why the mountain should be on your list:

  • Weather is always pleasant – The weather Gods are kind when you’re in the hills. There is still a bunch to do, no matter the season you go in. While, yes, the monsoons might be trickier to manage, but the summer heat is the plains is simply a smooth breeze in the hills, and the winter months provide the magic of snow-covered hills – making for the perfect backdrop of romance.
  • A ton of activities to do – Whether you want to immerse yourself in old-world charm (read – Nainital, Manali, Shimla, Darjeeling, Mussoorie, etc.. the list goes on) or do lots of activities (trekking, river rafting, bungee jumping, off-roading, road trip, etc.. the list goes on) or enjoy seclusion from the world or just enjoy the scenic beauty and reminisce about your magical wedding – the hills have you covered.
  • Choose your style, no matter the place – This is the magic of Hills – no matter your choice, no matter your budget, you can choose your dream-location and be fully satisfied with the experience!
Pangong Tso - The Hues of Pristine Water
Pangong Tso – The Hues of Pristine Water

The Himalayan States for the perfect Himalayan Honeymoon Trip

So, let’s dig in and find out the special places that must feature on your potential list of places to go!

Honeymoon in Uttarakhand

There are numerous destinations in India for the perfect honeymoon, but Uttarakhand is a special place in this regard. The mountain state is known as one of the most exciting destinations to visit in India, and its idyllic spirit makes for a perfect honeymoon getaway.

Uttarakhand has some fascinating hill stations that attract thousands of visitors every year. The majestic Himalayas wrap travelers in a warm embrace and the coldness of it all feels strangely comforting.

If you are a newly married couple, looking to go on a honeymoon to remember, then do consider Uttarakhand. There is nothing better than snow-peaked mountains, long winding roads, and the company of your beloved.

1. Kausani

Located in the Bageshwar district in Uttarakhand, people often refer to Kausani as India’s Switzerland. The best part about this place is the Himalayan view, as you can see Trisul, Nanda Devi, and Panchchuli peaks from here. Winters are frigid, summers are just perfect, and the best part about this place is the seclusion.

There is Baijnath Lake for those who want to be enamored by its cobalt-blue waters, and the whole place is just a pause from daily life. Book yourself a resort, there are both government and private ones, and you will have a honeymoon to remember.

2. Landour

A small cantonment town, Landour is very closely located to Mussoorie and is a beautiful place for your honeymoon. It is a haven for expats, and you will find numerous American families settled here.

Landour is not as overcrowded as Mussoorie and is perhaps known for its quietude. Its long winding roads and woods are best experienced with your better half. The best part is that you can walk to Mussoorie and explore the little nooks and corners amidst the hills!

3. Auli

Perched at 2,500 m above sea level, Auli is for those who would like to mix some adventure in their honeymoon. The place is known for its spectacular hiking trails and is also a well-known skiing destination. So, you could try something new on your honeymoon.

Aptly surrounded by coniferous and oak forests, Auli makes a stunning first impression, as the Himalayan peaks pose in the background. There are skiing resorts here in Auli that you can book for a remarkable honeymoon stay, thanks to the insanely gorgeous views.

Kausani – A Place Where Time Sleeps | Candid Kumaon
Kausani – A Place Where Time Sleeps | Candid Kumaon

4. Ranikhet

Located in Almora district, this one is yet another Himalayan beauty, with ample scenic views that would beautify your honeymoon. There are some exciting places to visit here at Ranikhet, many of which are temples.

It is a private and secluded destination, with stunning views of Mount Trishul from Majkhali. You can also go on an excursion to Bhalu dam, or take a tour of the fruit orchards here. Nature’s paradise, Ranikhet, will not disappoint.

5. Munsiyari

Untouched and virginal, this is a beautiful place for a honeymoon, but indeed a rare one. It is known for its picturesque landscape and trekking routes so you can embark on some popular treks that are available here.

Munsiyari is an excellent place for bird watching, as visiting the dense pine and deodar forests; you can witness numerous bird species. Of course, there is an abundance of beautiful rhododendrons here, making it a perfect romantic getaway.

6. Nainital

A favorite hill station for many, you will probably not find enough empty places, but the trip is worth your time. Of course, its star attraction is the Naini Lake is sitting right in between, surrounded by busy hill charades.

You can perhaps book a luxury resort here, and experience bliss amid all the tourist attractions. Some essential experiences include boating in Naini Lake, viewing the Naini peak, walking up to Tiffin top, and of course, heading to Jim Corbett National Park for a jungle safari and camping in the jungles of Pangot.

7. Mukteshwar – Sitla

Mukteshwar or Sitla region in Almora district is full of luxury hotels ideal for honeymooners. There are tourist attractions nearby that you will love to visit apart from enjoying a peaceful time with your loved ones.

In the case of the budget is not your concern and you are looking for ultimate luxury with some fantastic Himalayan views, these two locations will not disappoint you.

Uttarakhand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in India and has some fantastic hill stations for the honeymoon. Do keep in mind that it is crucial that you book a reasonable hotel/resort well in advance, and make other arrangements for a smooth holiday.

Nainital Lake | Candid Kumaon
Nainital Lake | Candid Kumaon

Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh

Is there a state that covers as much contrast as Himachal Pradesh? A gift from the Gods above, Himachal Pradesh is full of places that will leave a permanent mark on your memories.

You can always refer to a complete list of top 15 honeymoon places in Himachal.

1. Kullu Manali (including Solang Valley)

By far, the most popular region of Himachal Pradesh for honeymooners, this place is heaven in both the summer and winter seasons. Of course, with popularity comes a lot of activities around the region (you can paraglide in Solang Valley, experience the high pass of Rohtang-la, chill by the river, shop to your heart’s desire – the list is endless).

However, there is a price to pay. Especially in the season time, the hotels are expensive, the crowds are at an all-time high and seclusion is something you might miss. But, if you’re creative enough and do your research on the region – you will not be disappointed. Kullu Manali is a favorite for a reason, and you’ll not regret visiting this beautiful region of lush-green forested hills.

Bonus tip – Check out beautiful and secluded Airbnb in the region. Also, Naggar castle near Manali is STUNNING yet very ROMANTIC!

Exploring Chandratal | Manali to Chattru
Manali to Chattru

2. Dharamshala & Mcloedganj

Serenity and Dharamshala go hand in hand. If you’re a culture buff with a keen eye to explore history and religion, this place will not disappoint. Also full of beautiful resorts for all budget options, Dharamshala and Mcloedganj is also a culinary delight.

3. Shimla, Chail & Kufri

Easy to reach, can be packed into a tight schedule and having excellent road connectivity – these famous hill-stations are gorgeous locales, taking you back to the era of the Raj. Long, winding roads, lots of beautiful hills in the backdrop, and stunning old-timey architecture – all these places will give you plenty of options in terms of exploration as well. Connect with your partner in the lap of nature, and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest!

Bonus tip – mix in some seclusion by adding an extra day or two to explore the nearby regions of Narkanda and Thanedar. The views from the hotels up in the area are memorable

4. Kinnaur Valley

Adrenaline seekers – this one is for you. If road- tripping is more your vibe, then plan along a road trip to Kinnaur Valley! Be careful if you’re self-driving as the journey is tedious (even though the views are worth it).

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Also, expect longer stays in these locations as well as along the route to ensure that you’re fully acclimatized and have enough time to enjoy each place while also providing enough free-time to have conversations with each other!!

The views are unlike anything you’ll experience in the region, and the level of seclusion is something people merely dream of. This trip, however, will require you to be prepared and mentally alert.

Kinnaur is a stunningly beautiful valley. It takes a lot of energy to get to experience the backdrop of the region. One can easily spend ten odd days in the small hamlets here.

Bonus Tip – Make an excursion to Chitkul, the last inhabited village on the Indo Tibet Border.

5. Spiti Valley

If a honeymoon full of adventure is on your mind, the road trip to Spiti Valley will not disappoint you at all. However, before making this decision of spending your honeymoon at a high altitude place like Spiti Valley, make sure you understand the risks, and your partner is in agreement too.

Things can go wrong pretty quickly at a place like Spiti Valley, and you may not want to take a chance with your honeymoon trip.

Views on the way to Chitkul from Sangla Valley
Views on the way to Chitkul from Sangla Valley

Himalayan Honeymoon in Jammu & Kashmir

If there is heaven on earth, it is here; it is here, it is here – Kashmir! How many times have we heard this as a description for Jammu and Kashmir?

Of course, this ought to be accurate, given the romance of Jammu and Kashmir and its beauty! The legends hold up to the truth; in fact – the real beauty can’t often be described in words and can only be seen, felt, and experienced!

1. Pahalgam

If being cut off from the world is the main priority, you must visit Aru & Betaab valley. Then explore the Kohli glacier on a trek, enjoy white water rafting in the Lidder river while also having the option to take a pony ride in Baisaran! So much to do in Pahalgam and yet be all alone with nature. This honeymoon will surely keep you engaged and engrossed, with lots to do!

2. Srinagar & Gulmarg

From a very young age, we’ve all dreamt of romancing in the valleys of Kashmir, thanks to Bollywood! The center stage of this dream is, of course, Dal Lake and the Tulip Garden of Srinagar! Stay on a houseboat, eat incredible local cuisine, explore the nearby trails, and enjoy shopping in the primary market located at Lal Chowk!

Of course, the Annual Tulip festival in the first week of April is a major delight. Also, it will do you wonders to explore the city on foot, gazing at the old-world architecture & only learning the local Kashmiri way of life. 10-12 days can be spent well here, and you can easily plan your honeymoon in a way that suits your needs!

Also, a meadow full of flowers, amidst a Jammu & Kashmir Valley in the pleasant summer months and covered in a white blanket in the winter – Gulmarg is the definition of picture-perfect. A beautiful spot to ski and experience the thrill of going down a sheet of snow – Gulmarg will not disappoint you love birds! 

The gondola ride on the world’s highest Gondola to the top will introduce you to some fantastic views and takes you up to Apparwath. Other activities in the region include trekking, golfing, mountain biking, fishing – to name a few.

Located around 52 km from Srinagar, the drive into the hamlet will have you hooked. Often, when one visits the hills, that inescapable feeling of wanting to live there forever and start a new life grips the travelers. Having your significant other experience, the same joy will bond you!

Bonus Tip – Visit Yousmarg, around 3 hours from Srinagar, and spend time in nature, surrounded by apple & pine trees, exploring the Tosa Maidan and the Dudh Ganga river. Perfect day outing!

3. Sonamarg – Dras

Ah, the beauty of Sonmarg cannot be put into words. The first time I visited this hamlet, it was hard to catch my breath! With lakes abound, Sonmarg is a visual delight. Nearby areas of Krishnasar lake, Vishansar Lake are must-visit.

Dras is situated around 60 KMs from Sonmarg on Srinagar Leh Highway and will form for an insane drive! You will be crossing a high-pass of Zojila pass, experiencing the stark contrast of Ladakhi Valley!

Zojila Pass & Life Over Dal Lake | Zanskar 2012
Zojila Pass & Life Over Dal Lake | Zanskar 2012

4. Patnitop

The fantastic name aside, Patnitop, has the craziest view of the Shivalik range. Of course, the tall pine and deodar trees synonymous with the region will only add to the mystic. You can indulge in paragliding as well as other activities like rock climbing, camping, rappelling.

But, the ones wanting to take it slow and enjoy the slower pace of life and taking it all in can explore the many trails while also exploring the mountain springs of the region!

5. Leh – Ladakh

The most difficult of journeys with the most rewarding experience! A road trip to Ladakh is a nail-biting adventure for sure. If you’re looking for the maximum bang-for-your-buck – road trip all the way through, also, you should note to take your time and go slow. Be always alert when on the road and ensure you’re acclimatized! There’s a tonne to see, so plan accordingly.

Book tickets in advance and ensure you’re healthy! Also, a gentle reminder that lack of oxygen tends to come out in the form of irritability, so don’t fret if your significant other is grumpy/moody – it’s probably the lack of oxygen.

In terms of things to see, once you’re used to the lesser oxygen – the places to explore are endless. Whether you’re looking to do the Chadar Trek (or any other trek of the region) or explore the far off places of Pangong Tso and Nubra- this is one experience that will bond you forever!

Of course, you are not going to do the Chadar trek on your honeymoon, but I mention it because the world is full of surprising people in this age of social media.

Bonus tip – My favorite region in Ladakh is Nubra Valley right up till Turtuk. Please do visit to have another worldly experience! With a high-altitude desert, apricot plantations, beautiful Buddhist exposure, Nubra will be the highlight of your Ladakh experience.

Adventures of Nubra to Pangong Tso Route
Adventures of Nubra to Pangong Tso Route

Sister states of North-East & the Himalayan Honeymoon experience

One can spend a month, if not more, exploring the sister states of North East India. The beauty untouched, the views incomparable, the seclusion that you can feel – this region of India needs to be appreciated far more than it is currently.

Try something off the beaten path and fall in love with places that deserve more love! It will be a honeymoon to remember, I can assure you that much! Avoid the region in the monsoon months as it is heavily hit by extensive rainfall.

1. Tawang

The peace of monasteries, the calm of the surreal landscapes – Arunachal Pradesh is filled with joy! Adventure and silence wrapped into one – Tawang takes you through a memorable journey.

Not too expensive in terms of budget – Tawang offers spectacular views and small exploratory regions nearby! For a rich cultural experience, the Losar (Tibetan New Year) is celebrated with pomp and circumstance! The only time to avoid this area is in the monsoon season.

2. Lachung

Touted as the best honeymoon destination of the North East, Lachung is adjacent to the Tibetan border in Sikkim. Pine trees, Lachung River, apple orchards, stunning views, and an out-of-the-world experience – Lachung has you covered for your dream honeymoon.

Take a day trip to the Naga Waterfall while also enjoying a beautiful time at the second-highest lake in the world – Gurudongmar. Are you looking for more activities to do?

You can trek to Yumthang for stunning views and fun-filled experience. Also, the Rhododendron sanctuary will leave you awestruck in the spring months, with entire hills burning in the crimson! When you visit the Lachung Monastery, you’ll be welcomed into the Sikkimese culture, including the captivating mask dance.

This place is full of wonder and beauty – it is a shame not too many people know of its existence- visit for yourself and strengthen your bond with your partner in the stunning, untouched backdrop of the Lachung Village.

3. Kaziranga

This place needs to introduction. Visit one of the most famous national parks in India and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. This world heritage site is renowned for being the home to one-horned rhinoceros.

You can also spot elephants, water buffaloes, tigers in the region. The place has many comfortable luxury forest resorts that offer spectacular views and solitude.

While the Jungle safari will be a prime attraction of this region, do not miss out on Tea-garden visits in the area – which is entirely dreamy and tranquil. While the Landmark Woods is a supremely comfortable place to stay, the Nature Hut Eco Camp is budget-friendly, yet worth the views!

North Sikkim - Prayer Flags at Gurudrongmar
North Sikkim – Prayer Flags at Gurudrongmar

4. Shillong

Scotland of India – this is a mesmerizing place to start your marital journey. With punches of colonial-era vibes and clouds to keep your views company – Shillong is known for many beautiful natural wonders, including the peaceful lake of Umain as well as experiencing the Elephant and Nohkalikai Falls! Of course, explore the nearby areas of the Living Root Bridges and take the many walking trails to explore nature.

Also, unusual activities such as angling at Dawki, which houses tonnes of rare fish. Other activities including horseback riding towards the Shillong Peak with a secluded picnic planned at the top while enjoying stunning views from the highest point Meghalaya. River Rafting in the Kunshi river will also be an enjoyable activity to partake in!

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East Sikkim Travel Guide
East Sikkim


The Indian side of the Himalayan Range is stunning, to say the lease. No matter the state, no matter the elevation – there is a tonne of secrets to explore while in the hills. When you’re looking for the perfect way to begin your married life – a honeymoon adds to the joy of building memories.

Have a travel question?? You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment to ask your travel questions about traveling to the Himalayas.

Of course, it can be an expensive affair, if not planned properly. Also, with so many beautiful regions in the Hills and so many activities to do (or not do – depending upon your taste) – the Himalayan honeymoon will be one you remember forever!

If you know your friends or family are planning a trip to the Himalayas for a honeymoon, do share this article with them to help them make a memorable one.

Have you visited the hills for your honeymoon? Is there a place we missed out on talking about that intrigues you? Comment below, and we can have a discussion!

Happy honeymooning!


Shefali spends most of her time day dreaming about her next big vacation. A happy-go-lucky personality, she is an amalgamation of all the places she’s lived in and experienced! She is always confused as to where to call home, having lived in Chandigarh, Shimla, Dehradun, Mumbai, Hyderabad in India and Vancouver, Abbotsford in Canada. Her love for travel is only challenged by her love for reading and eating delicious food! In order to sustain her dreams, she brought out her inner geek, got an MBA and has a job in the corporate world crunching numbers. Do follow @notravelplans on Instagram for updates on her next great adventure.


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  3. Hi Dheeraj ji and Anil Bhai,

    Two of us are planning to visit Kumaon region in October 2019. My itinerary is here below:

    October 14, 2019 (Mon): Nainital
    Nainital Sight Seeing
    – via – [100Km. – 6hrs.0min.]
    After breakfast enjoy the walk beside the lake. Later visit Kunjkharak, Pangot, Ropeway, Sunset at Khurpatal.

    October 15, 2019 (Tue): Jageshwar
    Nainital to Mukteshwar to Jageshwar
    – via Bhowali, Almora, Chitai Golu Devta Temple [150Km. – 8hrs.0min.]
    Nainital – Mukteshwar: Chocohouse Chocolatiers (Bhatelia-Mukteshwar Road), Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple, Chauli ki Jali (250mtr. trek from Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple)
    Mukteshwar – Jageshwar: Chitai Golu Devta Temple, Jageshwar Dham Temple

    October 16, 2019 (Wed): Choukori
    Jageshwar to Patal Bhuvneshwar (via Raiagar) to Choukori (via Berinag)
    – via Jhaltola Raiagar, Berinag [140Km. – 8hrs.0min.]
    Jageshwar – Patal Bhuvneshwar: Jhaltola, Patal Bhuvneshwar Cave Temple
    Patal Bhuvneshwar – Choukori: Choukori Temple, Hanging Rock

    October 17, 2019 (Thu): Munsiyari
    Choukori to Munsiyari
    – via Thal, Nachani, Moram, Birthi [100Km. – 5hrs.0min.]
    On the way: Bithi Falls (250m trek), Kalamuni (Top) Temple.

    October 18, 2019 (Fri): Munsiyari
    Munsiyari Sight Seeing
    [40Km. – 5hrs.0min.]
    Munsiyari: Kalamuni (Top) Temple if not covered on the previous day, Maheshwar Kund and Nanda Devi Temple, Darkot and Madkot Falls and Hot Spring.

    October 19, 2019 (Sat): Khaliya Top
    Munsiyari to Khaliya Top
    [30Km. – 8hrs.0min.]
    Khaliya Top (4km uphill trek from Blanti Bend)

    October 20, 2019 (Sun): Kausani
    Khaliya Top to Kausani
    – via Tejam, Kapkot, Bageshwar, Baijnath [150Km. – 7hrs.0min.]
    Kausani: Baijnath Temple, Anasakti Ashram, Kausani Tea Estate
    On road sightseeing: Bhakunkhola Bageshwar Dam

    October 21, 2019 (Mon): Manila
    Kausani to Manila
    – via Someshwar, Dwarahat, Naubara [100Km. – 4hrs.0min.]
    Manila Devi Temple, Bhikiyasan

    October 22, 2019 (Tue): New Delhi
    Manila to New Delhi
    – via Ramnagar, Kashipur, Moradabad, Ghaziabad [350Km. – 10hrs.0min.]
    If energy permits have New Delhi city tour.

    October 23, 2019 (Wed)
    New Delhi – Howrah
    Train in the afternoon.

    Can you suggest me whether it is doable in October? If yes, could you help me with choosing a car and accommodation? Also, suggest if anything remarkable in this route which I am missing in this itinerary.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Dheeraj
    We for persons are planned from Chandigarh to Kaza on 30 May in pajero sports. We will reach Kaza on 4 or 5 June. Will it be possible to return via Manali. Will the Chandratal and Rohtang open by then. What precautions should we take.
    Please help