In this article, I will present to you the pictures of 17 High Mountain Passes, which we crossed without talking about much about the story on how we landed up there. The complete detailed story shall be covered in time to come in subsequent articles on this Epic Ladakh Travelogue.

The Journey so far…

17 High Mountain Passes on Ladakh Trip

Let us check out these 17 mountain passes that you can visit on your Ladakh trip.

1. Zojila Pass

The first pass we came across was Zojila Pass. It is one of the famous passes of Srinagar – Leh Highway connecting Ladakh to Kashmir. The altitude of Zojila Pass is 3528 Mtrs.

Zojila Pass

2. Namki La Pass

The second of the passes, Namki La came on the second day when we moved from Kargil towards Leh. Namki La has an altitude of 3815 Mtrs.

Namki La Pass

3. Fotu La Pass

As we moved further from Namki La pass towards Lamayuru, we reached the highest point on Srinagar – Leh Highway at an altitude of 4108 Mtrs popularly known as Fotu La Pass.

Fotu La Pass

4. Khardung La Pass

This time we landed up much in chaos at Khardung La pass, commonly a myth being the highest motorable road at an altitude of 5359 Mtrs. I could not even click the picture this time, so I asked a friend Shakti who was there with us to share one.

Khardung La Pass

5. Wari La Pass

Connecting the direct route from Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso, we climbed this mighty and desolated Pass named Wari La at an altitude of 5250 Mtrs. The climb to Wari La was so desolated that one can feel completely disconnected to this civilized world while traversing the path.

Wari La Pass

6. Chang La Pass

As we descended from Wari La towards Sakti Village, we had to start the climb to Chang La Pass, which boasts the height of 5360 Mtrs, commonly a myth being the third highest motorable road. However, I love the climb to Chang La much more than Khardung La any day.

Chang La Pass

7. Chusul La

As we moved from Pangong Tso towards Chusul – Hanle, we came across an unnamed pass that locals call it Chusul Pass. Altitude or elevation of the Pass was not mentioned anywhere, so don’t exactly know the height of it.

Chusul La Pass

8. Tsaga La

Once we crossed Chusul and went towards Tsaga Village, we crossed over to Tsaga La at an altitude of 4635 Mtrs.

Tsaga La Pass

9. Thit Zarbo La Pass

When we reached Hanle, we took another route from Hanle to Nyoma that goes via Nidar covering twin lakes of Kyon Tso. After crossing over Kyon Tso 2, you ascend towards Thit Zarbo La Pass at an altitude of 5213 Mtrs.

Thit Zarbo La Pass

10. Nurpa La Pass or Thato La Pass

As we reached Mahe, there goes another route towards Chusul via Kaksang La, but we went up to Nurpa La Pass or Thato La Pass at an altitude of 4815 Mtrs to see the heart-shaped lake by the name Yaye Tso. Earlier, I confused Nurpa La with Hora la Pass 🙁 :(. Hora La is at an altitude of 4936 Mtrs and is a few KMs ahead of Nurpa La.

Hara La Pass

11. Namashang La Pass

We moved from Chumathang to Tso Moriri and just before Kiagar Tso, we reached Namashang La at an altitude of about 5300 Mtrs.

Namashang La Pass

12. Polakongka La Pass

After visiting Tso Moriri, we took the route to Tso Kar lake were on the way we visited, Polakongka La Pass, at an altitude of 4966 Mtrs.

Polakongka La Pass

13. Lachulung La Pass

On traveling over Manali – Leh Highway from Pang, we first topped Lachulung La pass at an altitude of 5059 Mtrs. The pass was deserted but super cold winds were blowing up there.

Lachulung La Pass

14. Nakee La Pass

Then as we moved ahead, we reached Nakee La pass at an altitude of 4750 Mtrs. It was again quite windy up there. We clicked a couple of pictures and got back quickly in the car.

Nakee La Pass

15. Baralacha La Pass

Then, we reached one of the most Pass that I love most, Baralacha La Pass, at an altitude of 4890 Mtrs. For the first time, I saw this Pass devoid of any snow though there was a light snowfall that was happening in between when we reached this Pass. Anyways crossing over it gave an impression of coming closer to home somehow 🙂

Baralacha La Pass

16. Kunzum Pass

After visiting Chandratal Lake, we ascended to Kunzum Pass at an altitude of 4590 Mtrs, did the parikrama, and went to Losar village for the night stay.

Kunzum Pass

17. Rohtang Pass

Finally, we scaled Rohtang Pass at an altitude of 3979 Mtrs to cross over towards Manali and further to reach back home.

Rohtang Pass

The Journey Ahead…

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  2. Nice information. Have been to 2 of them and hope to visit the others too.

    • Best wishes Avik, we missed one pass by the name Horala by just 2-3 KMs from Nurpa La. Do check out when you visit Ladakh. Any queries for planning your ladakh trip, feel free to post here 🙂

  3. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder on

    Wonderful photos and informative too..I’ve been only to the Rohtang Pass..:-(.. hope I would be able to visit the other passes some day..

  4. Vikas Bhagat on

    Congrats Dheeraj, for the best blogger
    ur suggest.., ur detailings,
    ur updates r superb.

  5. Hi Dheeraj,

    Many congratulations on being listed among top 25 bloggers from India on Thrillophilia. Truly deserved.

    About the passes the 17 passes pics look amazing. I had been to first 4 in my Ladakh trip and hope to visit more in coming years.

    • Thank you so very much Makrand. Yeah, it was quite a surprise… Well, now you have many more passes on your TODO list then. I wish you all the best and any info. you need, please feel free to drop in here for your upcoming Ladakh trip.