In an effort to promote Responsible Travel in Himalayas, DwD Community came up with one of its kind of an initiative in terms of spreading smiles in Himalayas in the form of DwD Causes. DwD – Causes, is a kind of social responsibility initiative from DwD Community where a travelers/tourists are expected to contribute in his/her own small individual capacity measures towards local lives of Himalayas. We expect that the members of our community who will be visiting various parts of Himalayas in time to come, will try to support these small, small causes in their own capacities in order to provide direct help to the people of Himalayas and help them grow in their own sense and space.

DwD Causes – Spreading Smiles in Himalayas
DwD Causes - Spreading Smiles in Himalayas

This initiative not only brings about the change in the way we travel to Himalayas but also adds the missing element from our Travel, that is a special connect with locals up there. In order to have a memorable experience while you travel, I feel connecting with the locals is one of the best way to cherish memories of our journeys for long time to come. Feel free to take out few minutes of your time and read about all the DwD Causes supported by us in detail at the link: DwD Causes – Spreading Smiles in Himalayas.

Some of our noble initiatives from the DwD Community members were also got published under various news media publications including Deccan Herald on DwD Causes, Zee News DNA for Clean Kasol Drive and Hindustan Times & some others names also quoted us for great efforts put in for Kashmir Flood Relief. You can read these articles under the Announcements forum of DwD Community. These were few initiatives that helped us expand the spirit of Responsible Travel in Himalayas with DwD Causes whose stories can be found under the link: Stories of DwD Causes in Himalayas

Since, many of the readers of DwD Blog were not aware of this noble initiative from DwD Travel Community, I thought of sharing a small post on DwD Blog to make the readers up here aware about DwD Causes and how they can contribute or connect and spread smiles among the local Himalayan people when they travel up there in Himalayas.


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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  2. Rohit Chhabra on

    I will be visiting Spiti next week and have bought few stationary items to distribute among kids in school. Could you plaease suggest me one or two schools of Spiti valley where we can distribute these items.

    • Hi Rohit,

      I will suggest to choose the schools at Langza, Hikkim, Mane, Lhalung, Kibber, Geyu, Nako or Rangrik villages. I mean any of the less frequented villages by tourists. There are schools in almost all these villages and you ca optto execute causes among such villages.

      Thank you you so much for joining hands in spreading smiles in Himalayas.

  3. Hello, Mr. Sharmar,

    I’d like to participate the initiative to spread smiles. I will be taking Manali-Leh road. While in Leh, we are not allowed to visit Pongong or Nebru because we Taiwanese are considered as Chinese and no permits would issue to us. Anyway, you have an idea of where we’ll been. Could you please suggest one or two schools that we can visit? I’d like to bring some color pencils. How many boxes would be an idea number? Please advice. Thank you. Regards,

  4. Hi Dheeraj,
    Below is my research on schools near by Alchi, though i couldnt find the number of children studying here, what i found was devastating to me.

    P/S GAIRA -primary school founded in 1984 has library facility but there are no books

    and couple of schools where there is no library facility atall. M/s Saspol & P/S KURPUK SASPOL

    i would like to visit any of these schools where i can donate some books too to support the nurturing of the kids.

    would be grateful if you could please help me with the count of students in these schools specially P/S Gaira. m also trying to findout the numbers.

    • That is pretty sad and I will see what can be done for these places from our perspective. We are already setting up a library in Spiti Valley which will be live in September in Kaza. We will focus on these places in time to come. I will check with the numbers and get you.

      I feel you can carry some kits prepared for them may be in 15-20 numbers plus 5 as backups. Most schools do not have more than 30-35 small children, so you can keep yurself to small sections and donate books for the library.

  5. Hi Dheeraj,

    we planning to visit a school in Alchi, planning to distribute some chocolates, stationary, cloths (new)
    can you share the details as in the number of gifts to carry to distribute among the kids as i dont want any kid to be left out , or if possible share the name of school & contact person if possible

    Thanks in advance

    • Geeta, that is so very nice of you. What you can do is call up some guest house or hotel in alchi, monastery guest house may be and they should be able to help you out with the count or getting in touch with the local Alchi school. In case, you could not get it let me know I will see if I can source the number for you from somehwere.

      • HI Dheeraj,

        Please suggest which school to visit from below list:
        schools liabrary no of class standard
        P/S GAIRA 0 2 1 to 5
        P/S HIPTI 15 2 1 to 5
        P/S LARDO 20 2 1 to 5
        P/S KURPUK SASPOL – no 4 1 to 5
        Also unfortunately just now i noticed that i’ll be crossing Alchi on sunday, please guide how to go ahead with the plan of distributing gifts to the kids in the school, i am carrying plenty chocolates, stationary & some books for primary section

        Awaiting your revert

        • My preference would be P/S GAIRA where there are only 2 classes & no books in library
          please guide some contact for Gaira. whom to contact there on sunday for gift distribution

        • Hello Geeta,

          It will be best to just walk in to the village. Mostly villages are small and they can ask the villagers to send the school kids in the school and they will all be there in a flash. You can then easily distribute in the school. Just walk into the village and ask for the headmaster or any teacher of school. They will be quite helpful and will do everything to make students get together in school. Go for PS Gaira then in that case. Each one in the village will be able to help you out. We mostly do it this way only, so the method is tried and tested,.