Last week, I got a chance to look into the updated Cleartrip Mobile App Review on my phone and wanted to share the experience with you all what I felt going through it and overall feel + experience of this mobile app.

Interface, Navigation & Experience

Overall the interface is quite well designed, neat and clean. No obtrusive looking pages or controls, all controls are placed just at the right places mostly. The interface is divided into four tabs as Flights, Hotels, Trips and More (hosting misc. details include account level)

There is this Offers button at the left top that just opens in a pop up though I felt had it been in the app experience, may have helped. You can run through the tabs and reach quickly where ever you want be it Flights, Hotels, Trains, saved trips. Hotels also I found quite easy to navigate and filter based on needs. There is a map based pinned layout as well that helps you spot nearby hotels though with so many hotels around, you have to deep dive into zoom level to really make some sense of it. Rest very easy to use interface in terms of refining your searches, impressed by the way they have used the available space in that section.




Coming onto functionality, well you can search and book flights in a pretty straightforward and few clicks way. Rest of the process of booking the flight is quite simple and wizard based.





In the Hotels tab, apart from looking into the hotels, availability, their prices and bookings, you can also search about weekend getaways nearby few major cities of India that looked impressive as well. There is a KM and time based search of weekend getaways too which I found a nice concept but in countries like ours mostly misleading due to high amount of traffic and in case it is a hill station, time is quite misleading, so I try to avoid it. However, at times it took ages to load the nearby places and couple of times did not load anything.

Do not forget that hotel searches in the Cleartrip is now integrated with Trip Advisor ratings which will help one ensure that if you are picking the rightly rated hotel or not and you can always sort the searches with these ratings. So, quite handy I would say for someone like me, who either book on the spot or when it comes to booking over phone does open Trip Advisor for reviews. This makes it possible under one hood. You can also refine results based on the destination type as well.









Earlier when I installed, trains were not part but it is good to see that trains have also made it into the app. You can search and book trains, quickly check train calendar for your city and also get quick status on the train you are booked. I thought the best part is to even link your IRCTC account itself. Though I am not much of a train users, some chaps in my office who often travel with trains were quite pleased with the details put into app and integration with the IRCTC account too, subject to IRCTC server availabilities 🙂





Trips tab hosts all the collection of trips which are booked through Cleartrip, giving an easy and quick access to such trips while you are on the move and looking for the details Finally, More section does not have much apart from your profile details, your stored card and wallet details, and your trips in case you have planned and saved your travel plans through the Cleartrip website.





In the end, I found it quite a handy app to carry on my mobile though I am not such an app freak who can carry dozens of app in the phone. Since, I liked it and I travel often, I would like to continue experience of this little app for a quick tap into on the go travel needs. I will continue to add in more comments here as I continue to use as well as explore more and more of this app.

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