Hiking or trekking is an adventure sport that is for the brave-hearted folks. There is always a rush of adrenalin, which pushes you into creating benchmarks for yourself. Always having an eye on the next big rush, the adventurous soul knows quite well that an adventure will go well only if you plan it well.

Of course, such dreams are not easy to knit and require meticulous work, which also involves your gear. By this, we mean the clothes you choose to wear especially your jackets, while on top of the list of priorities for a trekker has to be his/her shoes!

Good Budget Winter Jackets under Rs 5000

A good jacket is rare to find, simply because there are so many options these days that we are often confused. But the thing to remember here is that a good jacket is an investment, it is there to stay with you through some rough winters.

Now, we know that winter has come to a close this year, but the good news is that the winter clearance sale is on in most places. This discount means that a little bit of hunting will lead you to lay your hands on some beautiful jackets at a reasonable price. Well, lucky for you, we have done the hunt on your behalf and brought you some stunning winter jackets to buy for the next year.

Oh yes, that's me on my winter trip to Spiti Valley ;)
Oh yes, that’s me on my winter trip to Spiti Valley 😉

1. Columbia Powder Lite Outdoor & Hiking Red Quilted Jacket

A quilted jacket is always a great winter product, especially when it is coming from a brand such as Columbia. The jacket is an innovative one, which is made of Omni-heat synthetic insulation and a breathable outer shell. This layer helps the jacket a feeling of lightness, and it allows heat retention.

The jacket is red and is perfect for winter. Its thermal reflective lining allows added warmth, which is great for winter. The jacket also has a hood that will protect you from the wind. Priced at 4400 INR, this red color hip-length jacket is an amazing buy for the winter months.

2. Puma Rbr Vent Navy Blue Bomber Jacket

Priced at 4860 INR, Puma Rbr Vent Navy Blue Bomber Jacket is for all those are fans of the Red Bull racing team. Even if you aren’t, this jacket would be the right place to try. The jacket from PUMA is just what you need to keep yourself warm in the winter months.

With incredible stitching and good style, it is one of those jackets that look good and do the job at the same time. The jacket also comes with a drawstring hood and has abstract print all over it. You have zip in the front that allows you to close the jacket and save yourself from the howling cold wind. It is navy blue and comes in a regular fit.

3. Dorothy Perkins Peach Solid Winter Jacket

This oversized beauty is just what women would want on a cold day. The jacket is peach in color, and with fur detailing. The coat from Dorothy Perkins is made from acrylic blend fabric, and you can wear it with most clothes. The jacket is thigh length and has long sleeves, while it is important to remember that the whole thing is crafted with fur. The jacket is priced at Rs 3834.

4. Mango Brown Solid Winter Jacket

A stylish addition to your wardrobe, this brown winter jacket from Mango is surely going to raise some temperature in the cold winter months. The women’s jacket from Mango promises to be a long-lasting one and just the right choice for winter wear. Chain it up, and you save yourself from the harsh winter cold.

But we suspect this is not going to help in extreme temperatures, so be careful. The jacket is made from polyurethane, and has frontal zip, while the neck is buttoned and in Mandarin style. Priced at 4794 INR, you surely want to try this one.

Enjoying the cold weather in Spiti
Enjoying the cold weather in Spiti

5. Ed Hardy Black Printed Bomber Jacket

This classic jacket by Ed Hardy is currently discounted, and you have the chance to get it here on jabong.com. The jacket is a quilted one, with camo print on it, while it also shows off a classic crew neck and full sleeves.

You have a zipper in the front, and two side pockets to save your hands from the cold. Crafted from polyester fabric, it is lightweight and can be worn with almost anything, if you can carry it off well. The jacket is black and comes for 3285 INR.


It is especially important to be aware of how you’ve taken care of – and while in the hills, the shoes and the jackets make up for the majority of your care. Invest wisely and choose the best option for you – and remember, its the comfort and the support the product offers not how it looks (although, bonus points for looking cute while being supported!)

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So now that we have laid down the very best, we hope you can decide which one you want to buy! Do let us know if you’ve used any of the products above, and if so, what are your reviews! Also, any particular jackets/ shoes we might have missed, and you think they deserve a place on the list – to tell us!


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