You can now make online booking of tickets for the helicopter services running on the Katra – Sanjichhat – Katra section for Mata Vaishno Devi. The return fare from Katra – Sanjichhat – Katra is Rs 2,010 and the one-way fare is Rs 1,005 (as of September 2018). After confirming the ticket online, you need to carry valid identity proof such as a PAN card, voter ID card, driving license, passport, etc.

I believe this will certainly help a lot more people (mainly physically challenged / unfit or old aged) to visit the holy place and surely is a welcome step by the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB). Thanks to them for the same as perhaps now my parents can also try to attempt this divine pilgrimage.

You can use the official website to book your online tickets for Helicopter services of Mata Vaishno Devi –

Updates – January 2022

  • The Vaishno Devi ticket fare is increased to Rs 1005/- one way and Rs 2010 return as of September 2018.
  • Cancellation of helicopter tickets is allowed now and it can be done till 7 days in advance and a 50% amount is refunded.
  • The reservation starts at 10.00 AM now instead of 00.00 hrs earlier.
  • Online Yatra parchi is now free of cost ( earlier it was at Rs 50/-) and about 15000 parchies are open for booking every day.
  • Online booking of helicopter services for Vaishno Devi opens up 60 days in advance at 10 AM and it can be done a minimum of 4 days in advance of the journey.
  • Pawan Hans will no more operate from 01.04.14, the contract is given to Himalayan Heli Services from 01.04.14 Global & Himalayan Heli Services will operate only.
Vaishno Devi Helicopter Services Official Website
Vaishno Devi Helicopter Services Official Website

Can I get current Vaishno Devi Helicopter Tickets at the counter?

Yes, you can purchase the current helicopter tickets of Vaishno Devi from the ticket counter at Katra. You need to have a valid photo ID proof for yourself and all members of your group to avail the current tickets.

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Now, Yatra’s registration slip (parchi) is mandatory to purchase the current Vaishno Devi helicopter tickets at the counter. Please do not fall for any touts or agents and note that the charges of helicopter tickets are Rs 1005 for one way and Rs 2010 for a return ticket. The rates are exclusive of any taxes which will be charged in addition to it.

You may encounter a lot of touts or agents trying to cheat you by charging more money for the Vaishno Devi helicopter tickets. DO NOT purchase such tickets as it is not allowed officially.

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Vaishno Devi Helicopter Tickets – Online Booking Process

Time needed: 1 hour

Below is the detailed step-by-step process of booking the Maa Vaishno Devi helicopter tickets online.

  1. User Registration on Maa Vaishno Devi Official Website

    Register by clicking the ‘New User Registration’ and provide all the details.
    Only one user registration is allowed. It is best to register from a network from which you are sure that no one else would have registered before. Otherwise, the website will not allow you to register. Use your mobile network maybe if nothing works.Vaishno Devi Helicopter Services | Registration

  2. Select flight DateTime and check availability

    After successful registration, select the date, route details, flight, and several passengers. Check the availability and start entering passenger details. One user can only book a maximum of 5 helicopter tickets from one credit card or debit card in a month.

  3. Enter passenger details carefully

    Make sure you submit the correct details, double-check before submitting the final step. Once, you submit the details they cannot be changed. Many people make mistakes, so I will recommend that you check all the details twice.

  4. Make the payment

    Enter the credit card or debit card details for processing the payment. On successful payment, you must take the printout of the reservation slip and note down the transaction ID. The transaction will start showing in the Successful transaction history of the home page.

  5. Check transaction status for any errors

    When you are making a reservation and a technical problem happens, make sure that you check the transaction status.
    a. If the transaction status is successful, then you do not need to do anything. Now, you can take the printout of your reservation using the re-print option.
    b. In the case of a failed transaction, you can retry a new reservation. If the amount has been deducted, you can send the email to ‘’ for the processing of a refund. You should provide the transaction details including tracking ID number / Trace number, user ID, and transaction date.
    c. You must send refund requests within 30 days of travel otherwise no refund will be issued.

  6. Take the printout of the Electronic Reservation Slip

    Once you make the online reservation, you should take the printout of the Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS). This will need to be presented with other required documents including an original credit card or debit card along with a valid photo ID address proof. Also, you must save the Transaction ID somewhere for all future references. If you cannot take the printout of the ERS, you can send an email to ‘’ within 48 hours of the transaction date.

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Services | Book Tickets Online
Vaishno Devi Helicopter Services | Book Tickets Online

Important Note – Vaishno Devi Helicopter Tickets

Please note that is the only official website of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB). You should use only this website for any online purchases including the purchase of helicopter tickets and SHOULD NOT use any other unofficial means to purchase the tickets. The above-mentioned rates in this article are official rates and only taxes are extra to be paid with it. SMVDSB does not have authorized any travel agent to sell helicopter tickets. Hence, you should not pay any other charges to an agent as it is not allowed officially to purchase tickets by other means.

Cancellation Policy of Vaishno Devi Helicopter Tickets

  • You can cancel the helicopter tickets booked online using the official website only. You cannot request the cancellations over the counter or other means.
  • You will get 70% of the fare in return and 30% gets deducted against processing charges.
  • You can cancel your helicopter tickets up to 4 days in advance before the scheduled date of travel.
  • The amount will get refunded to the same account through which you did the transaction.
  • In case of cancellation of the helicopter flights from Katra to Sanjichhat or Sanjichhat to Katra due to bad weather or other technical reasons, a full refund will be made to you. In such a case, pilgrims should submit their online Helicopter ticket to the respective helicopter operator.

Important Questions – Vaishno Devi Helicopter Tickets

Q1. What documents are required for Vaishno Devi helicopter tickets?

You should carry the original Credit Card or Debit card with which you have purchased the helicopter tickets for Vaishno Devi yatra. In the absence of the original credit card or debit card, you will be denied boarding without any refund.
In addition, you must carry an original valid Photo ID and Address Proof for yourself and everyone in your group, without which boarding will be denied. The documents which are accepted are Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, Voters ID or PAN card, or any Credit Card with Photo.

Q2. How much time a does helicopter take from Katra to Sanjichhat?

The helicopter ride takes just 8-10 minutes from Katra to Sanjichhat and a similar time it takes to return from Sanjichhat to Katra.

Q3. Do I need to purchase a helicopter ticket for my child?

Children below two years of age are allowed to ride free provided they are carried in the lap of the parents. In case of a dispute, you may be required to present a copy of your child’s birth certificate. So, do carry it with you.

Q4. When should I reach the helipad to board the flight?

You should reach at least 1 hr before the departure of your helicopter flight to Katra or Sanjichhat. If you do not reach in time, you may be marked as NO SHOW and no refund will be issued in such a case.

Q5. How far is Katra helipad from Katra bus stand?

The helipad is about 2 KMs away from the Katra bus stand. You can either walk/hike or take a local auto/taxi to reach the Helipad and board your flight.

Q6. How far is Bhawan from Sanjichhat helipad?

Vaishno Devi Bhawan is about 2.5 KMs from the Sanjicchat helipad. The gradient of the walk is low and simple, you will easily reach Bhawan in an hr or so from the Sanjichhat helipad.

Q7. How many passengers travel in the Vaishno Devi Helicopter Service?

The helicopter will carry 5-6 passengers in one flight.

Q8. Can the helicopter flight be canceled?

Yes, the Vaishno Devi helicopter flights are subject to weather, visibility, and flying conditions. If it is unsafe to travel or fly, the flights will be canceled. A full refund of tickets will be issued in such a case.

Q2. Where can I send a complaint or suggestion about the Maa Vaishno Devi Helicopter tickets process?

You can send an email to ‘’ for any complaints or suggestions on the Vaishno Devi helicopter tickets process.
You can also send your complaints or suggestions by mail post to the following address:
Deputy Chief Executive Officer,
In-Charge Operations Wing,
Office of the Chief Executive Officer,
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board,
Katra District Reasi J&K, PIN – 182301

Read More Below:

Briefing Governor NN Vohra, who is the Chairman of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, RK Goyal, CEO of the shrine board, said after pursuing a transparent bidding process the one-way passenger fare for the helicopter travel between Katra and Sanjichhat had come down from Rs 1,225 per passenger to Rs 699 per passenger from April 1 this year.

Expressing satisfaction over the significant reduction in the helicopter fares, the Governor hoped that a large number of senior citizens and physically challenged pilgrims would get an opportunity to avail of this facility, considering that the helicopter service was now available at a reasonable price. He called for effective day-to-day monitoring of the helicopter operations.

Goyal stated that for the convenience of the pilgrims the board had further streamlined the procedure for ticketing of the helicopter services on the Katra-Sanjichhat-Katra sector.

He added that the passengers, who wished to avail of the helicopter services, could log on to the shrine board’s website ( and confirm an e-ticket after making the required payment.

The Yatris could also avail of the online ticketing facility through the website of the two helicopter operators, viz, Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd ( ) and Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd ( ).

Dr Mandeep Bhandari, Additional CEO of the board, clarified that a pilgrim possessing an e-ticket must carry a valid proof of his or her identity like a passport, PAN card, voter ID card, driving license etc., which bore the name and other particulars of the pilgrim to secure a hassle-free access to the heliports at Katra and Sanjichhat.

He advised all pilgrims, who intended to avail of the helicopter services, to secure a confirmed ticket before finalizing their travel plans.

Source: e-ticketing for helicopter services to Sanjichhat begins


I am really happy to see how online services by the various departments are getting better every passing year. Similar examples can be seen by both Kullu Administration for launching the mobile app to issue Rohtang Pass permit and Leh Administration to completely make the Ladakh Inner Line Permits process online which helps thousands of tourists every year.

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I will be happy to answer your questions in the comments section below. Though about 2000 comments already on this article have most details in them, so maybe try to search the page before asking the same question.

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Jai Mata Di !!


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  2. Ankit kumar on

    Hi, I had booked a helicopter ticket for 26 november 2018 what I happen if I arrive late at helipad my travel time is 15:29 is they allow me to travel if I arrive late at helipad from katra to sanjichat

  3. Pooja Chaubey on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We want to book helicopter services for 25th Oct 2018 for 6 adults, 1 toddler and 1 child. The official site tickets are full but return tickets from Sanjichhat to Katra is available online. Should we book that and keep it. So that one way we may take a horse, palki etc and return we take the helicopter service. My concern is what if we dont reach the scheduled time to Helipad as printed on the ticket? what should we do?

  4. Usha aggarwal on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    I am traveling to Bhawan on 19thSep next week with my mom and kid. I have booked helicopter both side on same day. Do we get VIP pass with return tickets of chopper? What else do I need to do compulsorily apart from chopper bookings? (Hotel etc are done). Kindly reply. Much thanks

    • Yes Usha, with return tickets you get the VIP pass for darshan as you have to come back in stipulate 3-4 hrs time window. There isn’t anything else that you will have to book in advance.

      Jai Mata Di !!

  5. Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning to go to Vaishno Devi in Oct. But we were able to book just 3 tickets from Katra – Sanjhichat. My husband, mine and my son’s tickets have been booked except my daughter who is just 7 years old. Can I send my daughter in my place i.e. on my ticket with her father and brother. She cant go alone but I can. So my question is – Is it possible to send a kid on your ticket?

    • Jai Mata Di, Radhika !!

      I feel there should be a solution to it, may be they will allow you to carry one kid in lap assuming your son is small or may be they will allow the swap. In any case you can leave your ticket and opt to walk with her


    Jai Mada Di !

    Sir, i’m traveling on 17th July 2018. But, i’m not able to book helicopter tickets. Tickets are available but every time i’m trying to book tickets, its showing failed transaction.

    Please help.

    Nitin Arora

  7. vishal shukla on


    Pls advise I have five failed transactions for for helicopter booking from idbi debit card ,how do I make a successful transaction.

  8. I have a query.
    I booked my tickets for helicopter. But i didnt write my middle name while booking even though it is in my passport which i”ll be using as ID Proof. will it create a big problem? how to solve. please help.

  9. Chitresh Vohra on

    Dear Sir,

    I have booked 5 tickets of helicopter from one id today by using shrine board website but out of those 5 , i mistakenly mentioned wrong aadhar card number in one.
    I was in a hurry so mistake happened and beside my sister’s aadhar card details i wrongly mentioned my father’s aadhar card number.
    So please tell will there be any problem.


    I’m going to vaishno devi on 8 July .
    I have 2 days , can I go to sach pass and come back to pathankot .
    In this time.
    I’m very excited after seeing the images and reading the article.

    • Anchit, in jut two days it wont be possible. If you had three day you could have reached Bairagarh on Day 1, Day 2 visit Sach Pass and back to Chamba or Dalhousie and Day 3 return.

  11. Hello Dheeraj,

    1. Can you please tell me the Hemis festival dates ? Where does it takes place and Monastry name ?

    2. Would Permit for siachin base camp for solo traveller is issued or there should be two people compulsorily to get it and how and where to get it and what about the road condition to travel solo ? Is it Safe to travel alone and frequency of traffic ? Do we need any contact of Military people to visit there ?

    3. Suchetgarh Indo-Pak Border out Post ( RS Pura sector, Jammu ) timings, as well buses timings and services to reach there ?

    4. Is it safe to travel Kashmir and ladakh in July ie from srinagar to manali as it’s monsoon and chances of heavy rainfall is more. Your advise please ?

    I am doing katra and amarnath yatra as well and Everything is booked and I can’t change plans now so !! 🙁

    • Hi Deepu,

      My replies are below:

      1. Hemis Festival is scheduled for 3 July and 4th July this year. It is called Hemis Monastery.
      2. I do not think that you will be able to get permit for Siachen Base Camp unless you have some contacts in the army who are ready to help you
      3. Sorry on this front.
      4. Up to mid July it is still fine as monsoon has not still reached and Ladakh anyways is rainshadow region.

      • Great work by you ! Really appreciate it !!
        Thanks a lot for the information Dheeraj.
        Is Hemis monastry in Leh or somewhere little far from Leh !?

        Thanks much for all your info !!

      • One more Dheeraj,

        Do you know any budgeted single rooms as I am solo traveller, in Drass/Kargil ? Where you suggest to stay either in Drass or Kargil ?

        • Aaman Guest House (just 3-4 kms after entering Kargil check post), it was a homestay and stay and food was awesome.
          Daspa Guest House (confused it with other) near bypass bridge. Name: Mr. Gulam Mohammed; Mob: 09469730240. 
          Paradise Guest House in Kargil is a decent place to stay