Guys, last month I got this Forclaz 60L Hiking Rucksack/Backpack by Quechua and first impression was very impressive built quality !! Design looked good too and the space being 60L is more than enough to carry whatever I do for my trip to Himalayas.

The cushioning all around the back and lower back appeared good as I loaded it completely and walked around for a while. The best thing I liked is that it has adjustable back straps, so depending upon your comfort you can adjust it accordingly. There is one strap around chest as well. There are well cushioned stags/sticks to support your back as well and keep the bag linear enough.

It has 1 inner pocket, 3 pockets outside with 2 of them at sidewalls + 1 at the top & there is one small one on the belt as well. So, nice bit of external storage as well. There is one pole carrier too and down hooks as well to attach lower packs or something else may be. There is a horizontal flap inside to keep your things organized in it & since it has two zippers, it provides easy access to that lower compartment.

Well, I did check the Wildcraft version as well but it appeared much more costly in same capacity though it had string upfront as well as drawstring lock rather than the zipper in the Quechua. However, I really liked the build quality of Quechua alot when compared to it.

The disadvantage I see here is that it has a zipper and lacks the strings/loops upfront to attach other things with it which is somehow very much available in many rucksacks. If the upper zipper goes off, though they claim a 10 year durability / guarantee, you have your luggage all wide open. The other zipper though is also supported by a drawstring with a lock. So, it is the lower zipper that poses a bit a risk here 😉
Here are some of the pictures

Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Backside Cushioning…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Pole Carriers on the side…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Top View…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Drawstring with lock on top loading zipper…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Inner Pocket…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Side Pockets, there one on the other side too…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Belt Pocket…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Full view…
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack
Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack

It is priced at Rs 3499 and most of the time you will get some good deals for it over Internet. Just search for the right one for you. You can also buy it from Flipkart and some times there are very good offer from them. You can use the link below to buy them from Flipkart:


I will be able to suggest to go for it or not in terms of practical use once I use it ruggedly over couple of years. But, initial impression looks very solid choice to me. In case, you have also used it or using it or have some feedback or review around it or you have something else to share for rucksacks, please feel free to share here too. In the end, again here is the link of Flipkart from where you can buy it


I am Dheeraj Sharma - a traveler, techie, and Himalayan lover. Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of travelers every year plan memorable & budget-friendly trips to the Himalayas - Smartly, Safely, and responsibly.


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  2. Ram prasad on

    Hi dheeraj … I just bought forclaz 70L. It looks very spacious and serves for all purposes I suppose.. but my heart went for 60L because of design and attractiveness and colour. My mind is telling me to exchange for 60L.. I am very confused now.. what’s Ur suggestion?


    • Well, Ram, if it is not exciting you too much, I will suggest to keep 70L. Your mind should tell to keep 70L while your heart should tell to go for 60L due to attractiveness 😉 …

      Anyways only in case you plan to travel light mostly, go for 60L else stick to 70L only. I have both of them so saying it from the experience of using both 🙂

  3. Piyush Wakalkar on

    Hello dheeraj,mine query is about quechua forclaz 70 backpack. Earlier version used to have 2 support rods but new version which I recently bought has only one also thickness at the lower side of the bag is somewhat decreased. Would it substantiality affect the load carrying capacity and load balancing???

    • Piyush, I have used it extensively. So, far did not ind any difference. In fact the upper handle in the new one is much easier for me to carry arround while walking in plains.

    • Yogesh Sharma on

      Hi Piyush,

      All its done to reduce the weight of the bag, somehow they have managed to reduce the weight by reducing the weight of supported rods. I tryed it with full loaded on trek, it worth in the price range.

  4. Harish Shankara on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I’m planning to buy 65+10L backpack for my 12 days ladakh trip. Would this be sufficient along with another 30L backup for all clothes, and other accessories for this trip?

    Below is one of backpacks I’m considering to buy.


    • Hi Harish,

      Most of the time my 70L or 60L is totally sufficient along with my camera bag for all my trips. You just need to ensure you dont pack for a party and remove anything or everything that is not required.

  5. Hello ! Loved your review! I’m planning a Europe trip for a week. Just confused about the 60lt vs 70lt debate!

    Even if I did buy 70lt, would it be too heavy to carry? And if I don’t fill it entirely, would the length match up be comfortable?

    • Well, Rohan, if you want to carry just a single bag, then I will suggest that you go with 70L. I have both of them and now I mostly carry 70L on long trips and 60L on small trips.

  6. Hi.

    I need to get myself a tent, a pair of trekking boots and a backpack. You’ve written that I can contact you to get a better deal. Could you share the details. I’ll be going to my nearest decathlon store to make my choice this weekend. Thanks.

    • Tushar, it does not work anymore as there are many Decathlon stores available which gives the best deal than anything else 🙂

  7. Hello Dheeraj,

    Can you give me a suggestion for a travel backpack, around 40-45 L to travel in Europe for around 2-3 weeks. I was looking for something which is light comfortable (doing a lot of walking) and best with zippers. Would like to check in this at times.


  8. I have this one for a couple of years now and has been rock solid on my treks. The only drawback, it doesn’t have a place to keep the hydration bladder, which is a big let down for this otherwise awesome trek bag

    • I agree Ankit but for the cost it comes, completely worth 😀 … And with little adjustments and custom solutions you can easily place it as well.

  9. Siddharth on

    I am thinking of buying this or Lowepro photo hatchback 22L AW. My main use for bag will be carrying DSLR and 1-2 lens maximum and minor accessories. The trips/hikes i plan to take my camera is for small time hikes like Lohagadh trip or matheran. I was almost decided on Lowepro but then i saw this and it seems to be better as a backpack and cheaper, However if i were to buy this…will i be able to handle and carry my dslr safely in this bag(quechua) ? any advice welcome…have to have the bag before 15th July preferably.

    • Siddharth, no brother, it is not a camera bag and there will not be any padding in it. I own a Lowepro Pro Runner 200 for last 5 years or so and it has served me very well. Currently, it is on sale too at Flipkart, you can check it:

      • Siddharth on

        I have thought of taking the Lowepro now. My hiking needs are not so harsh anyway. However, this photo hatchback model has no side access to camera…otherwise i am settled on it. The pro runner 200 is nice but way too small. I have a pentax shoulder bag for cameras already.
        Any other options for a similar backpack with side hatch opening for camera

  10. Yogesh sharma on


    I have buyed a forclaz 70 backpack from decathlon noida for Rs 3499 today finally, i have booked forclaz 60 backpack from ebay last week for same price, after watching that they have a one peice left, next day i got a call from 3rd party seller that they really dont have the bag and it now out of stock, my money was freeze with ebay more than a week , without any reason due to there policies

    The best price on any website was Rs 3499 was available for forclaz 60 backpack. Decathlon has gave my 70 in same price after a employee discount provided by a decathlon employee .

    • Ashish Agrawal on

      Hey Yogesh / Dheeraj

      I am too looking for Forclaz 70 backpack but online stores are quoting around 7 to 8 k. Wondering which model you guys bought? (Kindly elighten) Infact, fellow travellers on bcmtouring/Indiamike have given links of Quechua 70 litres gray back pack @ 2599 & so no untill last year. But they all seem to be out of stock currently.
      There is no Decathlon store here in surat, no point in travelling to a another city just to buy a backpack. I want to use the backpack for multipurposes including routine travel (just carry one bag on your shoulders)…. wondering if 70 litres is big for me, considering my height is 5.4′? Yogesh / Dheeraj…If you guys live in Noida, would you mind inquiring from the Decathlon stores abt the same 70 litres backpack @ 3499….I would be coming down to delhi for few hours & fetch it from there.

        • Ashish Agrawal on

          infact I am looking for the older version, which has been time tested by tourist all over. Its not available online anymore. So wondering if its still available in stores. Secondly the newer versions height for 60 L bag is 69 cm vs the old ones at 69 cm. The older version looks pretty sturdy, except that except the new version does not have a lower zip & can be opened from both top as well as center. Dheeraj have a look at the new one…i.e the way they open ….

          what do you think, functionality wise is the older version better? Does the newer ones address the drawbacks of older version?

        • Ashish, yeah that version is not available anymore and not even in store here in Noida. Old can also be opened from top and center. I now have both, 60 Ltr above and I bought the 70 Ltrs one new model too to cater whole need of my family tours 😉 … The new only so far looks impressive to me as they have improved on the old design. I am yet to you though. I will be going on a trip from 10-14th July and then I will be able to update you about its usage in comparison to the older one.

        • Ashish Agrawal on

          I too have decided to go for newer version, as the store guys says there have been improvements on design & fabric front. I still confused whether to opt for 50 ltr vs 60 ltr vs 70 ltr. Mind says 70 litres as it can perfectly cater to family holiday needs, as it has to be on shoulders for limited time. But when the purpose of trekking arises, torso length comes into picture. My torso length is 20 inches, so I need to buy the one that fits this length. Now I am clueless whether the newer version can adjust the height of the bag OR its fixed. The total length of 50 ltr, 60 ltr is 62 cm & 69 cm respectively. Still confused???? Any inputs on the same? Dheeraj I am too leaving for Kumaon on 3rd July (ramgarh & pangot) & will be back then, hopefully will have reviews from you on the new one.

        • Ashish, strap heights is adjustable in both the old and new version. I had 60 Ltrs and couple of trips after I started regretting it to have 60 Ltrs and why not I bought 70 ones as I always had to carry one extra bag with me. One I always carry for short trips. So that made me carry 3 bags + one camera bag which is again a backpack. So, all in all I had to carry 4 bags with me. Now, I can carry three bags for long trip and two bags only for short trip as camera bag can easily fit into the lower compartment of this bag 🙂

          I will share the usage reviews anyways soon I am back from the trip.

        • Ashish Agrawal on

          in continuation….do you actually see lot of changes in old VS new…coz I still found the old one online….can save abt 800 bucks on the same…Were there some known issues that have been addressed in the newer one? Is fabric / zippers better in new one OR just the cosmetic changes to bring some something new (marketing gimmick)

        • Ashish Agrawal on

          Hi Dheeraj…hope you are back from your trip & can enlighten about the differences in both old vs new Forclaz rucksack, in detail. I have been waiting for your feedback, so that I can take a call if its really worth buying the old one OR the newer one is really better.

        • Ashish, I loved the new model as compared to the older one as it was easily accessible upfront plus the side pockets are also quite handy and bigger than the older one, or may be easy to access. Rest look wise after filling the material, older one seems much pretty 🙂 … Then upper part is now a drawstring while in the older one it is zip, so in case zip cannot close sometimes you have to take out the material and drop them while here since it is drawstring, you can lock it where it can go max and leave rest of the part as is. Helped me fit my shoes inside it along with sleeping bag which never happened before in the previous one.

  11. veerendra501 on

    Hi Dheeraj! Can you suggest any waterproof rucksacks for Himalayan hiking and trekking? and what about wildcraft rucksack models? Thanks in advance

    • Veerandra, there are waterproof covers available for these rucksacks as well which will be much more cheaper in comparison to all water proof rucksack. I like the quality of built and other things for Quechua more than wildcraft but that is my personal opinion only. I am ruggedly using it for a while now and the quality is still superb.

  12. Hi Dheeraj,

    For 8-10 days of trek to Leh Laddakh via Srinagar what should be the rucksack capacity? 50-60-70 ltr?

    Also do we need to carry water bottles or sipper to remain hydrated all the time in Aug’14?


    • Ravie, I will suggest you to buy 70 Ltrs one as then it is like one bag that can serve alot of trips and you can easily put your sleeping bag too instead of carrying multiple items. I did a mistake and went for 60 Ltrs but now realize that should have gone for 70L. Also, do carry the sippers as you have to remain hydrated in Ladakh for better acclimatization

  13. Quechua Forclaz 60 Rucksack are very impressive by design, by quality and buy comfort level while trek to Himalayas

  14. hii dheeraj sir,ths s ruhail……where can I get ths bag..( Quechua
    Forclaz 60 Rucksack).. in Delhi…lastly when is dow meeting gng to be held…..just update it n advance…….thank u…

  15. Around 12 yrs back, there was a person selling made to order travel gear with astounding built quality, at Chirag Delhi. His shop was immediately at the right side (inside some gulley) after crossing the chirag Delhi flyover, when you are coming from IIT side (outer ring road). Experienced student mountaineers use to swear by the product’s quality. I still have his ruck sack and sleeping back. Unfortunately, the tag print has disappeared.I hope some devil finds his location, as I do not stay in Delhi.

  16. deejTHtraveller on

    i have seen it at decathlon (if i am not wrong). Loved the built and design, have heard positive reviews from folks too. Thanks for your review 🙂

    • Yes, it is there at Decathlon. Before you buy try the trick what Ankur has suggested above, even sports365 has similar offers on first buy. It will cost you around 2000-2200 😉

      • Nice bag, I saw it at Decathlon, Bangalore. Price was 2299+tax (after discount). Decathlon shop is opened for public now (I think they opened few months ago for public). Earlier it was opened only for members. They have got great equipments for trekking/ hiking. I have Quechua Forclaz 500 & Quechua Arpenaz 100 Novadry shoes. Both are very good!

        • O yes, I use Quechua Forclaz 500 for all my trips too and using them for past 3 years or so now. They are just amazing. I have a good collections from them for all my travel needs and in fact DoW Warmers for our club is also from Quechua.

  17. Satinderpal Siingh on

    where is this bag available in mumbai or do we need to order online & what is the cost

    • Satinder, sorry I am not aware of any shop in Mumbai but I got that online only. It was available for 3200 types, if you can get some deal, you will get it for less.

    • You’ll get the best deal at from where I ordered it a few days ago. Rs. 2450 is the listed price there + you get an additional 15% off if it’s your first order on the website. So that makes it Rs. 2071! 😀

  18. desi Traveler on

    I realized importance of a good backpack recently when I went on a trek in June after a long time. A good back pack is a MUST.

    • Seriously, I really missed on al my trips and finally when I traveled with a friend who had it, I realized how organized and convenient it is to have one. I used to go with strollers till now 😉

  19. I was looking for a review for this bag since long, couldn’t find one. Finally, ordered mine yesterday. And today I see this! Awaiting the delivery now. 🙂

    BTW, why is the ‘Conclusion’ part empty?

    • Ankur, thanks brother, you will surely love it, I am sure. The only concern is that zipper but just got a comment by someone using for past two years without any issue at all. We will not go wrong with it as per my gut feeling 😀 … Conclusion, just added!! Guess some technical glitch 😀

    • Not completely but to some extent and light drizzle, it is fine. However, the waterproof covers are available for it and can be bought separately.

    • Vipin, yes to some extent it is waterproof for light drizzle and all but may be for heavy rains. There are separate rain covers available however for it.

        • Lol 😀 … Even I bought LOWEPRO PRO RUNNER 200 AW DSLR couple of years back!! Costed almost double of it and now I think it is almost 3 times of it with size 1/4th almost 😀