Writing the review for Habib Guest House – Hunder, Nubra Valley was long due on me despite several reminders set on the phone as well as by people. It has been a while I have shared any review with folks at Devil on Wheels. However, finally, today, I will break the shackles and share the much held up review of a homely stay in Nubra Valley, Ladakh – Habib Guest House.

Habib Guest House in Nubra Valley - Detailed Review
Habib Guest House in Nubra Valley – Detailed Review

If you are looking for a luxury room with the finest of linens and most comfortable king-size beds, well, then stop reading any further. This guest house may not be for you. However, in case you are looking forward to an average, clean, economical, basic yet homely stay in Hunder, Nubra Valley, then please continue to read this article review of Habib Guest House to know more details about it.

Complete review of Habib Guest House – Hunder, Nubra Valley

Well, below, you will find the detailed review of Habib Guest House, which can help you decide whether this suits your needs or you would like to explore more options to stay in Nubra Valley. I hope it helps you plan your trip to Nubra Valley.

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First and foremost, as my trademark saying goes, pictures are better than a thousand words. All these pictures credit goes to Victor bhai from his travelogue in DwD Community: Freeze – e – Ladakh – A Travelogue of Winter Ladakh. Thanks to him for sharing his reviews of this place along with the pictures with all of us.

Habib Guest House - Hunder, Nubra Valley
Habib Guest House – Hunder, Nubra Valley (Photo Credits: Victor bhai)
Rooms at Habib Guest House
Rooms at Habib Guest House (Photo Credits: Victor bhai)
Rooms at Habib Guest House
Rooms at Habib Guest House (Photo Credits: Victor bhai)
House Near Habib Guest House
House Near Habib Guest House (Photo Credits: Victor bhai)

Price & Bookings

You can get in touch with Mr. Rehman at 09469736543, 01980-221039, 01980-200344 for the booking at Habib Guest House.

The price ranges from Rs 800-1000 per person with breakfast and dinner based on the season and time you are traveling. Rs 1600-2000 with breakfast and dinner for two people is a good deal, IMO 🙂 … You can refer Discover with Dheeraj, and I am sure whatever best price Mr. Rehman can offer you, will be given to you.

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Parking has to be done on road mostly but 2-3 cars can be parked inside the gate. Anyways, you will find a safe place somewhere near the guest house to park your car.

DoW Member’s Experiences at Habib Guest House Hunder

Aashish writes, although we wanted to stay at Snow Leopard, Rigzin suggested Habib Guest House in Hunder and instantly booked it for us by calling Mr. Rahman, the owner of Habib Guest House. It turned out to be a good move as Habib Guest House was full by evening, and some guests had to turn back to find accommodation elsewhere.

We had four beds in our room at Habib Guest House, which was pretty basic. The washroom was nice with a western toilet and running water. There was a geyser installed and subject to electricity; you can have running hot water too.

The food was basic homemade food but was very tasty. Mr. Rahman is a great host and sure knows how to serve his guests. He added some fresh fruits for dessert, which was a nice touch. The rooms were warm and comfortable. Electricity supply was standard, 7-11 pm.

We paid 800 for the room (negotiated by Rigzin) and 150 per person for dinner, which was well worth it. I’d easily recommend Habib Guest House in Nubra with a caveat: don’t expect much from the room, though coupled with Mr. Rahman’s warm service and food, it is completely worth the price on any Leh Ladakh trip.

Seema writes, Habib Guest House at Hunder, Nubra valley is a nice and decent place to stay with clean rooms, bathroom, and hot water. Price Range: Rs 1500 for a double bedroom with dinner and breakfast for two. Rigzin arranged our transportation, and he had told us to go to this place blindly, and he will take responsibility that the homestay, food, everything will be good.

When he said that, we were skeptical should we stay here? But when we reached Nubra, there was a hell lot of billboards at one junction with the list of homestays. We decided to go with Habib Guest House no matter what; when we entered the Habib Guest House locality, we just fell in love with this place.

The rooms were average, we had hot water all the time. Dinner and Breakfast were included in the room rent; food was awesome. The Butter Tea, I got to taste here for the first time in Leh. Lovely home-cooked food. The only drawback with this place was the flies, which we found in all other places later on. Connectivity: Only BSNL worked here without internet, though GPRS would be displayed 🙂

Chitra writes, we covered Hunder, Diskit, Turtuk, and Sumur in a 3-day trip. The Diskit Valleys and the route to Turtuk felt like a dream. A mild sandstorm was blowing all over the deep Diskit valleys adding to its intrigue. We stayed at Habib Guest House at Hundar. Very Clean room with an attached bath. Excellent Food and great hosts. Cost us about Rs. 600 per night w/o food.

Anirban writes, Located in a beautiful place. Rehman Sahab and his family members run this guest house. Irfan is the boy who will take care of all your needs. The rooms are spacious and clean. Wi-Fi, delicious food and all in a nominal charge.

Preeti writes, Got some Garma Garam tea followed by a delicious light dinner. The rooms were quite spacious and economical. Don’t remember the cost, though. The location of Habib guest house was truly awesome. The sand dunes by the side, mountains in front and trees around. It was so silent there, far off from this daily city noise that one could hear one’s heartbeat or rather inner voice.

Victor bhai writes, Mr. Rehman is a gem of a person, humble and down to earth! Business is the last thing he thinks about. He tries to make one’s stay as comfortable as possible, even in such extreme temperatures. We wanted to see the famous sand dunes and the Double humped camel! Mr. Rehman arranged camels for us (In winters camels are not readily available )

Heard a lot about Mr. Rehman, the owner of Habib Guest House and after meeting him, I was convinced that why people praise him.
He is a gem of a person with excellent services. He and his family try their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible even in minus temperatures.

Habib Guest House is opened throughout the year.
Rooms – are heated with wood and kerosene and It is really helpful for a comfortable sleep even when the outside temp dips to – 20 deg C.
Food – local veg food, which is best relished sitting in their warm kitchen.
Hot water is given in bucket as there is a shortage of water in Winters.
(Hats off to them because for this, they get up early in the morning when the temp. is in minus degree C and heat water using wood. They go in the afternoon to collect water in cans and store them for next day use)

Medical Help

Deskit village which is the headquarters of Nubra Valley has a hospital where you will be able to get basic medical aid and treatment.

Phone Signals at Nubra Valley – Ladakh

BSNL Postpaid Connection does work like a charm in most parts of Nubra Valley with some loss of signal at few places though. The Internet may or may not be working but will only be limited to GPRS always. You must check these tips for mobile connectivity in Ladakh.


You will not find any ATMs in Nubra Valley and hence, it is always better to carry cash from Leh (the only place where you find ATM in Ladakh) itself.

Petrol Pump

Deskit is about 7-8 KMs from Hunder and has petrol, which remains mostly functional now starting from 2016. Earlier it used to be working only a few lucky days in summers but not it is even operational in winters mostly unless your luck runs out 😉

Activities and Attraction In-Around Habib Guest House

Hunder is known for its white sand dunes in Nubra Valley. So, the sand dunes and double-humped camel ride is just stone’s throw distance away from Habib Guest House. The sunset over the white sand dunes is worth the watch as you walk from Habib Guest House over to it.

You can make a day trip to Turtuk and explore Deskit Monastery anyhow from Hunder.


If you are not into much of luxury comfort and looking for a decent, average, clean, economical place for a stay in Hunder, Nubra Valley then you will not go wrong with Habib Guest House 🙂 🙂 …

Since it also runs in winters, well it is highly recommended that while making a trip to Ladakh in winters, you call up Mr. Rehman and book this homely stay for your trip to Nubra Valley in Ladakh.

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I hope that as more and more people visit Nubra Valley, Habib Guest House continues to provide homely food, warm hospitality, and amazing services to the people traveling to this part of Himalayas. In case, you have been to Habib Guest House, please share your experience with us and help other fellow travelers make the right choice 🙂

If you know your friends or family are planning a trip to Ladakh, do share this article with them to help them make a memorable trip.

Habib Guest House Review

6.4 Worth the Price

Habib Guest House is one of the average, small family run guest house in the heart of Nubra Valley, Hunder. You will feel the local culture with family presence and enjoy the hospitality of a local Ladakh family at its best. If you are one of those who love living local lives when you travel, Habib Guest House will surely charm you with its authentic and local ladakhi experience. Do not expect much of comfort and luxury.

  • Value for Money Spent 7
  • Cleanliness / Hygiene 6.5
  • Comfort & Spacious 5
  • Service & Hospitality 7
  • Food Quality & Taste 6.5
  • Location 6.5
  • User Ratings (9 Votes) 5.1

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    I am trying to call Mr. Habib for booking but it is impossible to reach him. Is there any other way to contact him?

    • Sorry, I am not aware of it. The connections in Ladakh are not so good. So, please try after few days and see if the connectivity is restored. Try to see if he is on whatsapp and leave a message there.

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    Hi, We four friends(Ladies) are traveling to Nubra valley on 17th August. Is Habib Guesthouse will be safe for us?