The Journey so far…

It was another cold night in Barot but this day we had an extra quilt with us that helped us fight it. We had to reach Chindi today and we wanted to go slow considering Junior might need sufficient breaks to control his motion sickness. So, we started early in the day and left Barot at 8 AM without breakfast 😀 … We had ample of things to eat and also planned to stop by some local road side dhabha so decided to skip it. You can read the complete review of our stay at Barot in the article in DwD Community: River View Homestay at Barot

Early morning views outside River View Homestay
Early morning views outside River View Homestay
River View Homestay in Barot
River View Homestay in Barot, Himachal
Day 3 | Barot – Mandi – Sundernagar – Jaidevi – Rohanda – Chindi

The 25 KMs drive in day time from Barot towards Tikkan – Jhatingri – Ghatasani looked lovely and quite peaceful. However, you need to beware of blind curves as being local roads, they are narrow and the pick-ups/campers usually drive very fast over there without blowing any horns on curves. So, you better be safe than egoistic 😉 … The mist in the mountains looked fabulous and the hilltop views from Jhatingri was worth stopping by and being oozed upon. We parked aside and on the right stood snow capped views and below a valley filled with floating mist, definitely a morning treat to eyes…

Early Morning Views – Barot Village
Early Morning Views - Barot Village, Himachal
Tikkan Village
Tikkan Village, Himachal
A Misty view of valley down as seen from Jhatingiri
A Misty view of valley down as seen from Jhatingiri, Himachal
Snow Kissed Peaks as seen near Ghatasani
Snow Kissed Peaks as seen near Ghatasani, Himachal
More views as seen near Ghatasani
More views as seen near Ghatasani, Himachal

We descended to Ghatasani and the drive again took about same time but then we cruised on Mandi – Pathankot Highway hoping to have some breakfast at Ner Chowk or Chail Chowk ahead of Mandi. Junior was enjoying till now but half way to Mandi started crying again due to stomach ache and we knew that he was still facing issues with motion sickness. Mind you I was driving slow on this day as we had ample of time to reach Chindi. I refrained myself not over shooting 30 KMPH especially on curves which is usually the reason for motion sickness. Unfortunately, he was still suffering and now we started to feel sad too, finally he threw out as we reached Ner Chowk 😥 😥 … Me and my wife were a bit sad seeing all this but now we did not have any choice but to reach Chindi may be more slowly and steadily…

In between sadness, I missed the left cut to Chail Chowk from Ner Chowk but then after about 5 KMs further ahead and just before Sundernagar there is another left turn that goes to Rohanda through Jaidevi So, we took that route in order to reach Chindi. Meanwhile my wife made Junior slept and I kept driving for next 4 Hrs in order to reach Chindi which is about 46 KMs from Rohanda and 168 KMs from Barot. The whole drive which is through the thick jungles and small hamlets with valley views below, was quite beautiful and very very peaceful apart from the noise of suspension from my car 😉 … In 2.5 Hrs we reached Rohanda where there are couple of treks that goes and you can even do Kamrunag Lake trek from there. There is a picture of Lord Hanuman on a big rock at Rohanda which I missed to click :(… The views were lovely throughout and if you are seriously looking for a secluded drive it is worth the effort spent.

The views as seen on the way to Chindi
The views as seen on the way to Chindi, Himachal

The views as seen on the way to Chindi, Himachal

The views as seen on the way to Chindi, Himachal

The views as seen on the way to Chindi, Himachal
Family relaxing on the way to Chindi
Family relaxing on the way to Chindi
All set for the final leg to Chindi from Rohanda
All set for the final leg to Chindi from Rohanda, Himachal
Roads leading to Chindi from Rohanda
Roads leading to Chindi from Rohanda, Himachal

We reached a Y-Fork where the straight went to Karsog and the right U-Turn going to Tattapani – Naldhera Chindi was just 6 KMs from there but was not mentioned anywhere and assuming that Chindi to be closer to Karsog I took the straight road only to find later from a local villager that I should have taken the main road to Shimla via Tattapani – Naldhera. However, a villager told that there will be another road that will come ahead which will lead us to Chindi from where it is just 2 KMs only. Karsog was still 22 KMs and the whole wrong turn did cost us 9 KMs more of a journey… Junior woke up in between and as we kept stopping here and there so he remained fine after morning nausea. However, we were quite hungry by the time we reached it was 2.30 and we immediately checked in to HPTDC Hotel Mamleshwar at Chindi in a semi deluxe room costing Rs 1100 (after winter discount Rs 770) which was quite decent for us. The hotel is situated right on the main road itself leading you to or from Naldhera – Tattapani – Mashorba, just hidden behind woods. You can read the complete review of our stay at Chindi in the article in DwD Community: HPTDC The Mamleshwar, Chindi.

Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi

Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
Outside Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
Outside Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi

Outside Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
Inside Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
Inside Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
Rooms at Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
Rooms at Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
A little Background on Chindi

Chindi is located in Karsog Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 94 KMs from Shimla and 467 KMs from Delhi via Shimla – Mashorba – Naldhera – Tattapani route (SH-13). The place is surrounded with loads of apple orchards, with wood of pine & deodars around. There are many temples that is in vicinity of Chindi and can be check out like Shikari Devi, Mahunag, Palinag, a sacred Bheem Rock, etc.. Picture below will provide the entire list of sight seeing places around Chindi. If you are looking out for a peaceful long weekend vacation near Delhi, Chindi is a place worth trying out.

Local Sightseeing Places around Chindi
Local Sightseeing Places around Chindi

At Chindi, the calmness surrounding you is something that cannot be compared enough. The solitude you get with the numerous walks around in the woods and orchards (though not laden as the season is July – August) behind the hotel is good enough to rejuvenate your body and soul in Himalayas. Chindi also gets snowfall in the month of January and February, so if you are planning to look out a new place to find snow near Delhi, you can surely hit the road to Chindi in that case. The thick forests and apple orchards filled with calmness is the USP of Chind. So, the best time to visit Chindi is July – August when apple orchards are fully loaded.

Now coming back to the story, the lunch was served in no time as we stretched our bodies after the long drive and especially the Junior who got a room like a play ground to run around when compared to the cage he had been put into. The food as expected was average as per the standards of the HPTDC, quite eatable enough and fresh anyhow. Though taste wise they are similar all over in Himachal 🙂 … We were hungry so the taste was on least priority for us as the lunch just came and just got finished :D… Then we relaxed a bit which was followed by walks around the hotel, in the complex, Junior played with a ball in the lawn and finally a walk towards the village till the time of sunset which had lovely golden colors falling behind the misty mountains in front of us. The flying foxes and monkeys are very common sight here. You can spot Flying foxes even in the Hotel Mamleshwar and you can hear strange sounds around as the dusk light falls down. I spotted one too as one lived just on the tree in the hotel itself but since it was quite dark could not click any picture 🙁 🙁 … However, when I asked what that strange animal is, the caretaker told me it is flying fox and quite common up here.

Junior Relaxing in the Garden of Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi
Junior Relaxing in the Garden of Hotel Mamleshwar, Chindi - Himachal
Apple Orchards
Apple Orchards at Chindi, Himachal

Apple Orchards at Chindi, Himachal
A Golden Sunset at Chindi, Himachal
A Golden Sunset at Chindi, Himachal

Well, it was quite a nice day for us apart from that one hour where we felt bad taking the Junior with us. In the night we opted for French fries and soups only as wanted to stay light over stomach. Both were fine to taste and finally after playing with Junior for next couple of hours we retired the day for a good night sleep.

Stay tuned for the next update…


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  2. Hi Dheeraj,

    Which place is best Barot or Chindi.

    I visited barot last summer and want to go over there again as that place is very peaceful and calm. Now need your help to find out whether chindi is as much peaceful as barot?

    Also how is Tirthan valley.


    • Alvin, I will recommend Tirthan Valley over Chindi anyday. Chindi is a calm / secluded place where you can go to enjoy peace but does not offer much and in summers it might be a bit warm too. Tirthan Valley, on the other hand, offers similar or a bit better experience than Barot.

  3. Joy Mohanty on

    Hi Dheeraj, great to go through your blog, am now following you on twitter. Planning to visit chindi on the 2nd oct weekend. Place looks secluded and cut off. Just what we want. Can one see the Himalayas from there. Any good views?

    • Joy, you can drive around Karsog and towards Rohanda and you will get ample of good views as you can see in this picture. There are distant views of Higher Himalayas visible on that route too. You will love your stay at Chindi !!

  4. Ranjit Banerjee on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    needed to know the current road condition from mandi to chindi and chindi to shimla and the best route option. we are a group of Harley’s so i need to know if the road is fit for these bikes. we are going 13th – 15th august. would be most grateful for your help and advise.

    • Hello Ranjit,

      The roads will not be best in shape at this time of the year with rains battering them, especially the in roads from Mandi to Chindi. The road conditions there will be average types with some pot holes here and there. However, bike should be able to dodge them. Chindi to Shimla, is much more versed and robust, so there it might not be much of an issue.


  5. Yadvinder Bharti on

    Hi Dheeraj Bhai! Descriptive n informative write up as usual. I m planning for Chindi on Friday if whether permits. Plz give your suggestions for the trip. We will be going on my Thunderbird. Plz give Hotel Mamleshwar contact no. as the no. on HPTDC website is incorrect.incorrect. Thanx

    • Thank you and yeah, Chindi will be real nice place to visit. Regarding contact, I need to search over the bills from them. You can check with any HPTDC office though as well. I will try to find today and post the number.