From Devil to Discovery: Introducing ‘Discover with Dheeraj’!

Dear amazing travelers, adventurers, and fellow wanderers,

After 14.5+ incredible years of thrilling journeys, heartfelt connections, and unforgettable adventures,” I’m thrilled to unveil the next chapter of our travel saga: “Discover with Dheeraj”!

“Devil On Wheels” IS NOW “Discover with Dheeraj”

Why the change, you ask? Let me tell you five good reasons:

  1. Personal Appeal: I want to bring you even closer to my world of exploration and discovery, with my name instead of a random devil 🙂
  2. Fresh Restart: It’s time for a rejuvenating new image, filled with endless possibilities and boundless excitement.
  3. Alignment with my YouTube Channel: Let’s sync this blog up with my personal YouTube channel, where you’ll find even more personalized travel experiences from yours truly, Dheeraj Sharma!
  4. Positive Vibes Only: Out with the old perceptions! “Devil” has raised eyebrows in the past when many of you have questioned me “Why Devil in the name when you do an Angel-like work?”. So, now “Discover” will spread nothing but joy and wonder.
  5. Expanding Horizons: From the majestic Himalayas to the vast landscapes of the USA and beyond, we’re embarking on a global journey together!

No change in the mission or content quality

And here’s the best part: NOTHING CHANGES in my commitment to you. Expect the same quality information, the same passion to help travelers and local Himalayan people, and the same dedication to making your trips unforgettable with ALWAYS FREE information available on this blog without any commercial interest…

I will continue to help you plan memorable, safe & responsible trips to the Himalayas.

Community Forums & Merchandise Store

Well, both DoW Community Forums and DoW Store have also been shut down. In the world of social media, I feel that there are much better ways to connect and help each other.

Managing the forum spam and upgrading its software, migration, infrastructure maintenance, etc.. was becoming a nightmare for me. Similarly, the story was with the merchandise store as well. Hence, I have decided to shut the forums forever and move the merchandise store to my YouTube channel sometime soon.

You can always reach out to me on my personal YouTube channel or Instagram account where we can discuss your questions/doubts on anything related to Himalayan travel. I will be happy to answer them over YouTube Comments or Instagram DMs.

You will get the fastest replies on the YouTube comments because that is where I mostly hang out now… I check my Instagram Messages every 2-3 days, so expect a delayed response there.

Connect on my YouTube Channel – Dheeraj Sharma

Connect with me on the YouTube Channel

To the new beginnings!

So, buckle up, my dear friends, because the adventure is just beginning! ✨

Thank you for being a part of this incredible ride. Let’s “Discover with Dheeraj” and make every moment count!

With boundless excitement and endless gratitude,

Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma - Discover with Dheeraj
Dheeraj Sharma – Discover with Dheeraj